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Discussion in 'TCG News & Gossip Discussion' started by PokeMeBob, Aug 18, 2007.

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  1. PokeMeBob

    PokeMeBob New Member

    Never mind...my error, not the cards'.

    During our prerelease today I noticed several MT cards (non-holo, holo, and RH) that have an open (no energy type) symbol for attack cost. Here's the list of what I've seen so far:

    #7 Celebi (holo, RH) - green circle for Sprouting
    #15 Raichu (holo, RH) - yellow circle for Elecromagnetic Induction
    #42 Chingling (non-holo, RH) - gray circle for Inviting Bell
    #47 Dunsparce (non-holo, RH) - gray circle for Snake Hook
    #52 Happiny (non-holo, RH) - gray circle for Lively
    #77 Chikorita (non-holo, RH) - green circle for Sleep Scent
    #79 Cyndaquil - gray circle for Tackle
    #88 Magby - gray circle for Scorch
    #90 Murkrow (non-holo, RH) - gray circle for Swarm
    #93 Pichu - gray circle for Chupi
    #101 Snover - gray circle for Curiosity
    #106 Totodile - gray circle for Bite

    I'd like to think this is a limited error, but it appears these misprints are on all the above-named cards. Anyone have some of the above with the CORRECT printing?
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  2. Mew

    Mew Active Member

    They are correct.
    They mean that the attack costs no energy! It's a new machanic PCL put into the game staring with D&P.
  3. supertyranitar

    supertyranitar New Member

    Those are actually correct, because, if I remember correctly, things from the first DP set had that same sort of coloring in a sense (like Piplup had blue on it for it's energy-less attack). However, there are some misprints, and those are simply cards that have some of the borders cut off (noticed this at the PR I went to.)
  4. PokeMeBob

    PokeMeBob New Member

    Thanks guys. I've been informed of my error. That's what I get for looking at the set for the first time while sorting my kids' cards, and not thinking about the new rules. Come to think of it, I haven't really looked at the first D&P cards either.

    Who knew you had to turn on the rulings part of your brain while mindlessly sorting cards?!?:redface:
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  5. Rocketman

    Rocketman New Member

    That's what you get for hanging in the batcave too long!
  6. PokeDaddy

    PokeDaddy New Member

    Hail the Lord of the Bat Cave. The Lord does not need to know all cause he has people who do!

    Next year: Celebrity Death Match..........

    Bat Cave vs the Hive!
  7. PokeMeBob

    PokeMeBob New Member

    It's that upside down thing that must be getting to me.
  8. Benlugia

    Benlugia Gallery Contributor

    hahaha. gotta love bob.
  9. mumsascrappa

    mumsascrappa Active Member

    :lol: Hey....Bob....learn something new every day! :smile:
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