Do your friends know you play Pokeyman?

Discussion in 'TCG News & Gossip Discussion' started by davidy321, May 23, 2008.

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  1. davidy321

    davidy321 New Member

    Firstly, I'd like the point out that in no way am I trying to imply that I think playing Pokemon should be kept a 'secret'. Personally my friends all know, and anyone who doesn't know, is not in that position because of me intentionally hiding it.

    Just curious to hear what sort of opinion others have on this? I know people who are 'ashamed' etc. I guess it largely varies based on countries or even areas.

  2. Heatherdu

    Heatherdu New Member

    Almost anyone that knows my family knows that we (and I do mean all 4 of us) play Pokemon. I'm famous at my boys' school because of it! I'm a Mom that not only understands the Pokemon lingo that the kids use but I play and can answer questions, suggest cards, and even periodically teach classes. I'm sure a few parents think it is odd but when anyone asks me about it I happily admit that I play and enjoy it and share ways that it has been a great experience for each of us individually and as a family. When I find the time, I want to offer a class at the school for the PARENTS!

    I can relate to Seniors and young Masters though who may feel ashemed to tell people because it is viewed as a child's game. Back when I was in high school (ages and ages ago) I was in a club that played D&D, etc. and some of the people not involved in it had a negative view of it. You know what, enjoy what you enjoy and do not worry about what other's think. If someone genuinely asks you about it though, explain that it is a game played by all ages with tournaments and scholarships and nice people.
  3. bullados

    bullados <a href="

    Everybody in the college that knows me knows that I play.

    Nobody really cares.
  4. Phazon Elite

    Phazon Elite New Member

    I think this barely slips under the "acceptable post" bar.

    Pretty much everyone, including my girlfriend and job interviewers, knows that I play Pokemon. Luckily, I'm very, very, very hot, so it balances out fairly well. I usually throw a few winks in whenever I talk to sexy ladies about Pokemon. Then, I introduce them to my girlfriend, and they challenge her to a catfight, claiming that I am the best man-human they have ever laid their woman-eyes on. This provides me with fantastic entertainment for the evening.

    So, yes, if you want your girlfriend to have catfights on cue (and there's nothing hotter than two women fighting over you), talk to other women about Pokemon. Never fails*.

    . . . I wish I knew why . . .

    *Did you know the word "gullible" is not in the dictionary? No, seriously, look it up. It applies to you.

    TODDakaESTEBAN New Member

    everyone i'm frinds with and most aquaintences i've made know i play, i was never embarassed about it, it kind of even became trendy amonst the groups of people who copy the few original yet cool kids, but now that i'm not there and neither are my girlfriend and slightly less cool friend adam, it seems like the poser tribes have lost interest, they were all fashion anyway and never knew how to play cometitively

    after you get to high school people don't really care about stupid stuff like that anymore, i mean maybe amongst freshmen, but i suppose noone would have made fun of me for anything i did in high school, because i was quite the impressive boxer, and i constantly went out of my way trying to shock people into starting fights with me, but noone ever did,

    i'll put it this way, if people already make fun of you or bully you then they would probably make fun of you for pokemon, but if you have lots of friends and your pretty well adjusted, your not going to gain any enemies by letting your friends or anyone esle know you play
    Last edited: May 23, 2008
  6. Jason

    Jason New Member

    everyone knows that i play pokemon... :)
  7. davidy321

    davidy321 New Member

    That really is so so awesome!
    I really do admire that.

    For me, the only people who don't believe me about the strategy (and not just stupid childish games) of Pokemon are those are who truthfully too -lacking of intelligence- for me to care about anyway. As bad as that sounds...
  8. JandPDS

    JandPDS New Member

    Everyone in my family and my wifes family knows that we play Pokemon. In fact it is my father-in-laws fault that we even started playing to begin with. After 10 years I finally got my mother to play a game earlier this year, and she actully said that she enjoyed it, and that it was may more challenging then she had imagined that it would have been.
  9. Adam Garcia

    Adam Garcia New Member

    everyone in my school knows i play. Sure they got a good laugh at it but over time it doesnt really matter
  10. Cyrus

    Cyrus Iron Chef - Master Emeritus

    Quite a few of my friends know that I play, and find it to be trendy (in one of those scene-esque ways), mildly nerdy, or profitable (they always cite the prizes...). A vast majority of the people I know, though, just accept it for what it is: a misunderstood hobby.
    Last edited: May 23, 2008
  11. Psyco Pedestrian

    Psyco Pedestrian New Member

    Yeah, they do know. Pokemon are my friends. Just kidding, just a few know.
  12. homeofmew

    homeofmew Active Member

    Everyone knows I play even the MTG people XD
  13. Prof Clay

    Prof Clay New Member

    Even my students know...they like to try and make the easy joke about it all the time. I just fail them to shut them up :biggrin:.
  14. ChaosKnuckles

    ChaosKnuckles New Member

    My friends play. Other people though try make fun of it, but they stop after they relise you don't care what they think. I still try to keep it as private as possible though.
  15. KaMewie

    KaMewie New Member

    Uh, my close friends and my pokemon buds do know that I play. But my close friends like to tease me about my crush for pokemon. Ah well, it's fun. New people that I meet, or just normal people that I know and occasionally talk to, well I keep it a secret. I find it really, REALLY embarrassing.

  16. SD PokeMom

    SD PokeMom Mod Supervisor Staff Member

    it's all in your attitude: if you feel it's something to hide and be embarrassed about, others will pick up on that and react accordingly.

    for example: i have two league players...seniors in HS, on the varsity football team. both of them had the fact that they play pokemon in their bios in the programs sold at the football games throughout the season...:thumb:

    people who are your friends won't care; playing pokemon will be just a single part of the complex tapestry that makes up your particular personality and makes you 'you'. people who DO make an issue of it...that says more about THEM than you imho.

  17. toxictaipan

    toxictaipan New Member

    That's way the Prof. Clay!!!:thumb:

    Well, I'm home schooled and play no sports or anything like that. ALL of my friends are based around Pokemon!
    Well, all except one. And she knows too, so yeah, all of my friends know.

    I have the perfect quote for this too...

    "Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind."~Dr. Seuss

    I don't really care if anyone know that I play Pokemon. If they don't like it, they can kiss meh... errr "rump."
    Last edited: May 23, 2008
  18. DarthPika

    DarthPika New Member

    Everyone I know knows that I play. If someone ever laughs at it, I simply mention what the first place prize for nationals is. Shuts them up every time. lol
  19. Aggy&Co.

    Aggy&Co. Member

    I don't hide it but I don't advertise it either. Close friends know I play and I follow Darth Pika, I just mention the amount of product and cash my girls have won and it shuts them up. All my kids friends know they play and I will talk very proudly regarding their win loss record as well.
  20. afstandopleren

    afstandopleren New Member

    Yup, almost everyone I know, knows I am completeley into Pokemon.
    And I am proud of it.
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