does anyone know how much these cards are worth?

Discussion in 'Trading Post' started by husnein, Aug 27, 2003.

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  1. husnein

    husnein New Member

    brocks nintales(holo)=gym chall
    erikas venasaur(holo)=gym chall
    sabrinas gengar=gym chall
    electabuzz ex(holo)=ex rubysapphire
    brock(holo)=gym chall
    koga(holo)=gym chall
  2. adrianmew2

    adrianmew2 New Member

    the gym challenge cards are not usable. The only ones that are valuable arethe ditto($5.99) and the Electabuzz ex ($3.99). Maybe a collector would buy you the gym challenge card.
  3. GoldenZnok170

    GoldenZnok170 New Member

    I wouldn't call them 'not usable'. First of all I know people who play at local pokemon tournaments where they do allow all WotC cards. Besides it's also possible to play the game outside of tournaments, where you can apply your own format rules.
    Second, the pokemon TCG isn't made for gameplay only. Otherwise there wouldn't have to be artwork on the cards. And rarity and promo cards would lose a lot of their purpose too. There are a lot of collectors out there, so I don't think you can say that certain cards are 'not usable'.

    About the value, in my experience it's different in every area. In my town people are willing to pay a lot more for an 'ex' card than it's actually worth, just because it looks rare and is sparkly.
    I think the best place to find out the value of a certain card is Ebay.
    But I wouldn't trust price guides in magazines or websites. They usually rate a card much higher than people are actually willing to pay for it.

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