Does Chaos gym works on supporters the same way it works on other trainers ?

Discussion in 'Cards: Strategy and Rulings Discussion' started by Omega Ant, Aug 24, 2003.

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  1. Omega Ant

    Omega Ant New Member

    Let me explain , part of the card text says that if the trainer used isn't put into play then the other player may use the trainer .

    Supporters rule (written on every supporter ) : You can play only one supporter each turn . WHEN YOU PLAY THIS CARD PUT IT NEXT TO YOUR ACTIVE POKEMON . When your turn ends , discard this card .

    Here's Chaos Gym text : Whenever a player plays a Trainer card other than a Stadium card, he or she flips a coin. If heads, that player plays that card normally. If tails, the player can't play that card. If the card isn't put into play, the player's opponent may use that card instead, if he or she does everything required in order to play that card (like discarding cards). Either way, the card goes to its owner's discard pile.

    So , does placing a card on the field counts as putting it in play ? If so then does it mean that playing supporters will not allow the other player use that trainer ?

    (BTW :eek: , with no connection to supporter . Can the other player use the trainer played even though the player who actually played the trainer flipped heads ? after all it seem that the part talking about having the other player play the trainer doesn't have to do anything with the coin flipping part .)
  2. NoPoke

    NoPoke Active Member

    No it is not being put into play even though you are placing the card beside your active. FWIW I often play Professor Elm this way as an additional reminder not to play any further trainers.

    Not sure what you mean here... If I play a supporter and then play Chaos Gym I am still not allowed to play another supporter. The presence or absence of Chaos Gym doesn't affect the supporter rule.

    With Chaos Gym already in play. If I attempt to play a supporter and fail the flip then I can attempt to play another supporter. The supporter rule only prevents my playing a second Supporter after I have SUCCESSFULLY played a supporter this turn.

    With Chaos Gym in play if my opponent chooses to use my (failed flip) supporter then that opponent cannot use a subsequent failed flip supporter this turn.

  3. Omega Ant

    Omega Ant New Member

    OK , I understand almost everything .
    Does a player have to flip tails in order for his opponent to use that trainer ?
  4. dkates

    dkates New Member

    Yes. Heads, the player who puts it down uses it. Tails and put into play (put on the Bench or attached to a Pokemon), it's discarded. Tails and not put into play, opponent chooses whether he/she uses it or it's discarded. This is one of only two cards I know of that lets a player use his opponent's Trainers -- the other is Sabrina's Psychic Control.
  5. Omega Ant

    Omega Ant New Member

    Ah thanks (both of you). I don't have any more questions regarding chaos gym . :)

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