DP Combo: Magnezone and Steelix

Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by zapatosunidos, Nov 7, 2007.

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  1. zapatosunidos

    zapatosunidos New Member

    I really would like some advice on how to make this combo work consistently. First, some facts:

    - I am not playing in tournaments, only my 7-year-old son
    - The only metagame is that he is playing Electivire/Ampharos right now but loves water Pokemon
    - I don't want to destroy him, but I want to discover what this game is really about
    - I want to teach him how to execute serious strategies, and that involves beating him frequently

    The main problem I am having is getting the duo powered up consistently. It is working significantly better since the first modifications. Here is the current deck:

    3-2-3 Magnezone (DP)
    2-2 Steelix (DP)
    4-4 Furret (SW)

    20 Pokemon

    3 Rare Candy
    4 Roseanne's Research
    3 Bebe's Search
    3 Professor Oak's Visit
    3 Pokedex
    4 Dusk Ball
    2 Warp Point
    2 Night Maintenance

    24 Trainers

    4 Scramble
    4 Special Metal
    8 Metal

    16 Energy

    The strategy is to start with Sentret and power him up. His first attack is a built-in Pokedex, which starts off what I have been calling "the Furret Engine." Three cards in the deck put cards on the bottom: Sentret, POV, and Pokedex; the card should be a Pokemon if you have a Dusk Ball in your hand.

    T2 you can evolve to Furret, energy drop again, and either run Keen Eye if you are safe, or Baton Pass if you need to get out of there. Baton Pass lets you hit for 40, and hand off lead position and the energy to either a Steelix or Magnezone that you have hopefully been able to develop. Keeping Furret in the pole position until the bitter end is key, but you don't want him to get donked and take the energy with him.

    The main attack strategy is to hit him with the Steelix big hammer for 100, then rotate in Magnezone with the body on the next turn, hitting for 80. Repeat.

    Thanks in advance for your help!
    Last edited: Nov 23, 2007
  2. Lucario EX

    Lucario EX Moderator<br>Fanfic Contest Host

    Burmy can only attach energy to itself when it's active.
  3. Flareon

    Flareon New Member

    My love for Magnezone started when I was thinking about this combo... eventually I realized Steelix was not even necessary, and just based my deck on Magnezone.

    If you still want to play the deck, of course you would drop the Burmy/Energy Switch combo, since like Lucario EX pointed out, it won't work. With the free space I would suggest adding in a starter like Stantler and I guess a few more draw cards, or something to fight against Fire Pokemon. GL with the deck.
  4. zapatosunidos

    zapatosunidos New Member

    Ah! Poke-Powers only work when active? I did not know that. It will definitely change my game, you know, playing by the rules. So, what about starting with Burmy? Can it be made to work if I put in more?
  5. japple52

    japple52 New Member

    zapatosunidos -

    Some suggestions:

    +4-4 Wormadam - Trash Cloak
    +3 Dialga DP or Stantler SW
    -3-3 Steelix
    +3 Strength Charm DF
    +3 Buffer Piece DF
    +2 Roseanne's Research
    -4 Mr. Stone's Project
    -4 Energy Switch

    If you really want to use Steelix, then I'd suggest the following:

    +4 Stabtler SW or Mawhile CG (This will help you with set-up)
    -2 Burmy Trash Cloak SW
    +3 Roseanne's Research SW
    +3 Plus Powers DP
    -4 Mr. Stone's Project
    -4 Energy Switch

    I hope this helps,
  6. Gatsu

    Gatsu New Member

    Try swampert EX fromm Crystal guardians.

    it works great with magnezone!
  7. Rambo1000

    Rambo1000 New Member

    burmy's does, but not all powers only work when active. usually there will be something that lets you know if it needs to be active or not.
  8. Blassari

    Blassari New Member

    But Holon Circle is MUST! And some Windstorms, if ya Opponent doesn't attack...
  9. Prime

    Prime Content Developer<br>Blog Admin<br>Contest Host

    Since the original poster of this thread posted a decklist, I moved it to the deck help section.
  10. Lucario EX

    Lucario EX Moderator<br>Fanfic Contest Host

    -2 Burmy Trash Cloak
    -4 Energy Switch
    -2 DRE

    +4 Sentret
    +4 Furret

    Try this, maybe?
  11. redostrike

    redostrike New Member

    I've also tride this deck whit ninetales. If you do this you could put in holon wp to get your steelsnake to the bench (cause you would play psy energy though the ninetales does not need it) What i did was played 4 tvreporter and 2 holon adventurer. What you need to do is to get ninetales asap use a tv reporter a holon adventurer or a mentor (wich you play 3 times) and discard an energy then when your ninetales is hit whit a lot of damage use the voulentier power. Then you thin your deck and you can use the trick tale attack to get energy on your steelix. Trust me this is not a great deck to play on tourney's.

    I also tried this whit swampy the problem is if you use it's power the you lose your turn. Atm losing one turn is huge whit all those turn 2 decks around. What you could do is play holon circile but then you would need to have consistancy whit draw/search/setup. I wil try (later today) to create this deck and give you a decklist. (if i have the time) anyway good look. I hope this helps.

    PS: As i come to think of now you could run steelix whit eggxecutor (mt) (2stage one pokemon) start whit eggs, evolve attach 2 gras to steelix attach one metal from your hand to steelix.
  12. zapatosunidos

    zapatosunidos New Member

    I have made modifications to the original post after trying some of the variations suggested. It is working much better. Anybody else have ideas on how to speed this up or make it more consistent?
  13. Prize_Card

    Prize_Card New Member

    I like the idea, heres my changes.

    - 2 rosanne's (it only grabs 1 or 2 basics.)
    - 3 bebes search (Why use bebes search, it makes you loose a resource and put it back into your deck)
    - 3 pokedex (good basic card, but theres better things to play in this deck.)
    - 4 dusk balls (this is taking up a lot of space, and it is risky, cause some of the time you wont find the pokemon you need.)
    - 1 scramble (4 is a little overboard, 3 should be fine, you don't want a lot of scrabmles in your hand when your up in prizes all the time.)

    + 1 holon mentor (this allows you to get more bench pokemon which lets you set up quicker!)
    + 4 celios (its like bebes, but it doesnt make you loose any thing that you might need in your hand, also does the same thing for you in this deck.)
    + 1-1 line of steelix (increasing the line of pokemon will make it easier to draw into, and faster to set up.)
    + 2 double rainbow energy (helps you attack with steelix, and when you need 2 energy just throw a DRE on and there you go, plus it lets you do this combo: Furret baton pass to steelix, then next turn attach a dre and hit for 100.)
    + 2 stevens advice (this card is just good all around, it gives you 3-6 cards all the time, and is a great recovery card.)
    + 2 TecH (these last 2 slots should be used for counters against decks that are heavily played in your area, stadiums, tools, windstorms,)

    With these changes hopefully the deck should be running a lot smoother, hope I helped. Thanks and good luck!
  14. (TYranitarFReak)

    (TYranitarFReak) New Member

    I would really recommend DREs in here. Scrambles dont last forever, and sometimes u might even find urself leading the prize trade.
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