DP-ON Arithmetic - help still needed - list updated

Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by jamesloveemma, Jun 30, 2008.

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  1. jamesloveemma

    jamesloveemma New Member

    Hi, this is my DP-ON arithmetic deck, i really need your views and ratings on this, ive tried this out against mates and won 5 games and lost 0, the decks i beat were;

    Speed Torterra

    my fastest win was T2 Banette - Ghost head vs eevee.

    Pokemon (18)

    x2 Cresselia Lv.X - GE :psychic:
    x2 Cresselia - MD :psychic:
    x4 Banette - SW :psychic:
    x4 Shuppet - SW :psychic:
    x2 Lunatone - GE :fighting:
    x2 Claydol - GE :fighting:
    x2 Baltoy - GE :fighting:

    Trainer/Supporter/Stadium (29)

    x4 Quick Ball
    x4 Team Galactics Mars
    x3 Night Maintenance
    x3 Bebe's Search
    x3 Warp Point
    x3 Rosannes Research
    x3 Professor Rowan
    x2 Professor Oaks Visit
    x2 Moonlight Stadium
    x2 Lake Boundary

    Energy (13) :colorless:

    x9 Psycic :psychic:
    x4 call energy :colorless:


    Start with shupett/Cresselia, if shupett thats good as i can build up T2 banette and use spiteful pain. If cresselia i can use Future Sight to get 5 cards ready for next turn - Hopefully a draw card (POV/TGM) to get more useful cards in my hand such as cressy lvx,1 psycic energy and moonlight stadium. then the idea is to get cressy lvx in play and use moonlight to retreat to get out banette, if any damage counters are in play use full moon dance to spread damage and banette to do 80. lake boundary is there to beat gardy x and can use cressy x to attack for 40/80 for the final K.O to take last 1/2 prizes. claydol is here for draw power and to put non needed cards back into my deck. night maintenece to get back energy, cresselia, lvx and shuppet. lunatone to discard banette and fighting energy incase i start with baltoy and get claydol out before any more pokemon are on my bench.

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  2. zthunderz2

    zthunderz2 New Member

    you do not have any solrock
  3. charchar

    charchar New Member

    u dont need solrock, the dp-on thing, arthmethic isnt as good as it was becuase i mean its just not good anymore. it works but not the best. isnt this deck supposed to run gyarados? no tgm no quick ball. 4 bebes. no rowan. 3 boundary. some pluspowers.
  4. jamesloveemma

    jamesloveemma New Member

    this is made from what ive got and it runs very smoothly and very well, as you saaid no need for solrock as i want to only discard banette. why would i need plus power as this does enough damage as it is. can you please rate this and your comments are appreciated.

    Keep them coming everyone
  5. Banette EX

    Banette EX New Member

    It runs Gyarados and is a tank in the deck to counter Fire. Since water is gonna be big you want to play Luxray.
  6. jamesloveemma

    jamesloveemma New Member

    dnt have any luxray, wouldnt steel be better incase of glaceon decks??
  7. furrymuskrat03

    furrymuskrat03 New Member

    or fire for decks such as leafy. there arent much, but they are deadly
  8. jamesloveemma

    jamesloveemma New Member

    i think that glaceon will be used more though because of its ability to stop all powers or bodys whichever one it is,

    anyone gonna rate ???
  9. sandy4123

    sandy4123 New Member

    how does this deck play against honchkrow? also there is no way you can defeat a G&G. well atleast mine since i use some darks.
  10. jamesloveemma

    jamesloveemma New Member

    i dont know, not that many dark decks are played where i live i have only played a gardevior/umbreon deck and it worked really well and i won, but honchkrow im not too sure as banette is weak to dark... might have to try and find someone just with that deck and play them and then ill let you know...


    help still needed
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