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Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by xchasex, Jul 14, 2008.

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  1. xchasex

    xchasex New Member

    (I haven't factored in Legends Awakened cards yet, I can fix that after the release)

    Pokemon: 17
    3-2-3-1 Garchomp/Lv.X
    2-2 Claydol
    1 Kabutops MD
    1 Ampharos SW
    2 Lunatone

    Trainers: 22
    4 Felicity's Drawing
    4 PlusPower
    4 Bebe's Search
    4 Rare Candy
    4 Roseanne's Research
    2 Premier Ball

    Energy: 21
    4 Psychic
    4 Lightning
    3 Fire
    2 Fighting
    2 Water
    2 Grass
    2 Dark
    2 Steel

    Strategy: Try and get Garchomp out fast with the appropriate energies to use its power. Use Garchomp Lv.X mid-to late game to restore dead Garchomps or Stage 2 techs that were discarded by Felicity's etc..

    Other potential pokemon: Lunatone, Gallade, Gardevoir, Dusknoir, Claydol, Chatot, Phione
    Other options: 2-2 Garchomp/Lv.X more restore based setup.
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  2. ChaosKnuckles

    ChaosKnuckles New Member

    -2-2 Furret for 2-2 Claydol. If your going to play 0-0-1 techs I would use Dusknior and Gallade.
  3. sandy4123

    sandy4123 New Member

    take out the togekiss line and add claydol for consistency.
  4. rerisenphoenix

    rerisenphoenix New Member

    Please post a strategy or I'll have to close your thread. Thanks
  5. zthunderz2

    zthunderz2 New Member

    take out the togekiss and the furret
    put in Claydol, Gallade, Dusknoir, and maybe a Bastiodon
    keep Kabutops and Ampharos
    they work well with Garchomps power
  6. xchasex

    xchasex New Member

    Breif strategy added. So everyone thinks Claydol is better, I figured that would happen but I wanted to see what people would say about furret haha. I will probably keep Ampharos and Kabutops for damage spreading. But I can add some more of the other pokemon in over togekiss. But if I do that and it relies more on restore should I do 2-2 CHomp/Lv.X or keep it 3-1
  7. glaceon_master

    glaceon_master New Member

    take out the furret line and a togekiss line
    and put in a flygon SW
    and agalalde XD lol maybe work?
  8. Taylor45

    Taylor45 New Member

    ampharos is a good idea but i'd keep that as your only tech
    you dont wanna use restore much

    what are you starting with??
    id keep togekiss but 2-2 furret isnt going to help you much - switch it with claydol

    -1 Psy Energy
    +1 Electric Energy [empoleon is very popular]
  9. Ryuzaki

    Ryuzaki New Member

    Furret out Togekiss out and maybe play Drifblim. Energies I would play this line or something similar (this may even be too much):

    4 Lightning (Kingdra, Empoleon)
    4 Psychic (Mesprit, Azelf, Uxie, Mewtwo, Gardevoir)
    3 Fire (Shaymin, Leafeon, Magnezone)
    2 Darkness (Dusknoir)
    1 Grass
    1 Water
    1 Fighting
    1 Metal

    You also want Bubble-Coat for the mirror match.
  10. xchasex

    xchasex New Member

    Deck list updated.
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