dragon charmander set needed and holo salemence

Discussion in 'Trading Post' started by pokemasta, Feb 7, 2004.

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  1. pokemasta

    pokemasta New Member

    hey hey send me the pokemasta a list of ur wants and what u have and i'll get back to you on it. don't be afraid to ask i have a lot of cards including crystal and ex pokemon
  2. CrimsonWarrior26

    CrimsonWarrior26 New Member

    Heres a deal I'm willing to do.

    I'll give you
    1 Salamence Holo
    1 Crawdaunt Holo RH
    1 Golem Holo
    2 Torkoal Holo
    2 Crawdaunt
    1 Dragonair
    1 Girafarig RH
    2 Magneton rare
    2 Ninjask rare
    2 Salamence
    1 Shelgon rare
    1 Skarmory
    2 Vibrava rare
    1 Gyarados RH
    1 Gyarados
    2 Bagon promo ( Scrye )

    All are from Dragon

    1 Blaziken Holo
    1 Swampert Holo
    3 Oracle
    2 Poke'Navigator
    2 Holo Delcaty
    2 Promo Combusken
    3 Prof. Oak's Research
    2 Fastball

    E-mail me at [email protected] so we can work out all the Technical stuff
  3. pokemonfan123

    pokemonfan123 New Member

    i want 3 oaks research 1 fisherman 4 delcatty and 4 raquaza and a latias definet

    if u want some cards u can rite me back do u want charmander or something i have most of all dragons
  4. Victor

    Victor New Member

    hello, i want

    Charizard (Dragon) X2
    Charmeleon (Dragon) X2
    Charmander (Dragon) X2
    Venusaur Holo (Expedition)
    Shiftry Holo (EX Sandstorm) X3
    Sceptile Holo (EXRuby&Sapphire) X2
    Poliwrath (Skyridge) X3
    Poliwrath (Expedition) X1
    Politoed (Skyridge) X1
    Swampert Holo (EXRuby&Sapphire) X3
    Kingdra EX (EXDragon) X5
    Salamance Holo (EXDRAGON) X4
    Gardevoir EX (EXSandstorm) X3
    Gardevoir (EXRuby&Sapphire) X3
    Wynaut (Exsandstorm) X3
    AggronEX (ExSandstorm) X2
    Fisherman(Skyridge) X10
    Oracle (Skyridge) X12
    Proffesor Oak's Research (Expedition) X14
    Proffesor Elm'S Training Method (EXpedition) X15
    Pokemon Fan Club (Aquapolis) X14
    Town Volunteers (Aquapolis) X16
    Rare Candy (ExSAndstorm) X15
    Pokemon Nurse (Expedition) X10
    Warp Point (Expedition) X10
    Switch (ExRuby&Sapphire or Expedition) X14
    Kingdra(not crystal) (aquapolis) X3
    Mr. Briney's Compassion (ExDragon) X8
    Bill's Maintenence (Expedition) X10
    TV Reporter (EXDragon) X10
    Blaziken holo (EXRuby&Sapphrie) X3
    Metal Energy X8
    Dark Energy X8
    Rainbow Energy X8
    Proffesor Birch (ExRuby&Sapphire) X10
    Ludicolo (ExSAndstorm)X4
    Altaria(EXDragon) X3
    AmpharosEX (EXDragon) X3
    LatiasEx (EXDRAGON) X1
    LAtiosEX(ExDragon) X1


    Typhlosion (18/111)(Neo Genesis)
    Dark Typhlosion (Neo Destiny)
    Torkoal (reverse holo)(EXDRAGON)
    Light Arcanine (Neo Destiny)
    Ninetales (Base)
    Venomoth holo (Jungle)
    Butterfree(reverse holo) (Expedition)
    Jumpluff (Neo Genesis)
    Venusaur holo (Base 2)
    Roselia holo & reverse holo (Exdragon)
    Ledyba (Southern Islands)
    Magneton holo (Base)
    Zapdos holo (Legendary and Base)
    GolemEx (EXDRAGON)
    Hitmonchan EX (EXRUBY&SAPPHIRE)
    Machamp holo and reverse holo (Expedition)
    Machamp 1st Edition Holo (Base)
    Dark Dugtrio (Rocket)
    Golem reverse holo (Expedition)
    Hitmonchan holo (base 2)
    Dragonite(reverse holo) (Expedition)
    Crystal Golem (Skyridge)
    Dark Porygon2 (Neo Destiny)
    Clefable (reverse holo) (Expedition)
    Porygon2 holo (Neo Revelation)
    Kangaskhan holo (Jungle)
    Chansey holo (Base 2)
    Tortank obscur(Dark Blastoise (holo)(Rocket)) (Is not in english)
    Articuno holo (Skyridge)
    Kingdra holo (Neo Genesis)
    Feraligatr holo (Expedition)
    Lapras ex (ExRuby&Sapphire)
    Poliwrath holo (base 2)
    Vaporeon holo (Jungle)
    Dark Hypno holo (Rocket)
    Haunter holo (Fossil)
    Wobbuffet holo (Neo Discovery)
    Alakazam holo (base)
    Mew (reverse holo) (expedition)
    Tyranitar holo (Neo Discovery)
    Steelix (Neo Genesis)
    Mawile (ExSandstorm)
    forretress holo (Skyridge)
    Magnemite holo (Neo Discovery)
    Magneton holo (Neo Revelation)
    MultiEnergy (reverse holo) (ExSandstorm)

    That's what I can offer. And I have more cards.
  5. Victor

    Victor New Member

    Oh! I forgot to say that I also want 6 Delcatty holo (Exrubyandsapphire)
  6. CrimsonWarrior26

    CrimsonWarrior26 New Member

    Victor, why would Pokemasta give you the charmander line from dragon if he's asking for it?
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