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Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by dreamborn, May 7, 2008.

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  1. dreamborn

    dreamborn New Member

    Lame name I know, but It combines the name of the most frequent of attacks the deck has to offer and the concept of the deck.

    Ferrying (or moving) energies in mass amounts in between your pokemon, meaning you can attack with your active and have no fear of losing the energy it has when it gets knocked out.

    well then, onto the deck and then the card by card explanations.

    Hydro Ferry V.1

    Pokemon - 22

    2 Palkia (majestic dawn)
    2 palkia Lv.X (Great encounters)
    4 lapras (Great encounters)
    2 mantine ( mysterious treasures)
    2 mantyke (mysterious treasures)
    1 suicune (secret wonders)
    4 mudkip (GE)
    2 marshtomp (GE)
    3 swampert (GE)

    Trainers 22
    4 professor oak's visit
    2 roseannes research
    2 bebe's search
    4 pokedex (D&P)
    4 dusk ball
    4 rare candy
    2 night maintenance

    energy 16

    16 water energy

    Hydro ferry v.2

    Pokemon 20
    2 Palkia lv.x
    2 Palkia MD
    4 Lapras GE
    2 Mantyke
    2 Mantine
    3 Mudkip GE
    1 Marshtomp GE
    3 Swampert GE
    1 Suicune

    Trainers 24
    4 Master Ball
    2 Roseannes research
    2 Buffer Piece
    4 Rare Candy
    4 Prof Oaks visit
    2 Premier ball
    2 pokedex D&P
    4 Dusk ball


    16 water energy

    Palkia - the best version of palkia we have in my opinion. his built in tool is nice against fire, zone shift isnt anything special but could come in handy, and his last attack isnt stellar but much better than his great encounters counterpart.

    Palkia lv.x - The combo of the deck, 3 energies and an active palkia lv.x with swampert on the bench makes for some annoying manouvers.

    Hit for 60 and give the energy to swampert, next turn either restructure and bash with someone else (mantine should give everyone a retreat of 0) or just give those energies back to palkia and keep beating and swapping.

    Lapras - The starter of the deck, fetching an energy and a supporter ( roseanne then gets mantyke/mantine running next turn) meaning you should get your setup out really quick in the game.

    Suicune - Random bit of tech, roseanne-able, and gets palkia and his lv.x back to do more fighting should they get ko'd.

    Mukdip line - Obvious, the poke power combined with palkia is too awesome to ignore. and in a pinch he hits for 80 before palkia comes out to play.

    I havent done any testing with this deck but on paper it looks really awesome. a bit heavy on the pokemon but I think it looks nice.

    Only thing i'm unsure of really is the trainer lineup, The oaks visit and bebe's help grab stuff and ensure i keep my tech cards like suicune still in the deck away from discarding hand methods.

    Thanks for reading, any critique or advice is greatly appreciated and warmly welcomed ^_^.
    Last edited: May 11, 2008
  2. Mathorn1

    Mathorn1 New Member

    I have seen a few of these before, the most obvious change would be the new Unown that can be tool attached and gives one less retreat cost, thus allowing your Palkia to have free retreat and giving you a no setback reversal every turn. Your card drawing engine looks extremely week too.
  3. dreamborn

    dreamborn New Member

    Mathorn : I saw the new unown and i'm not really sold on him, I dont see the point of adding him only to help with palkia alone, if i had another poke with a 3 retrat cost i'd consider adding him.

    My trainer lineup isnt the best, I only have trainers from the D&P sets so I didnt know what else to go with really.

    Thanks for the help ^_^
  4. Mathorn1

    Mathorn1 New Member

    Well when you use Palkias power they always send the Palkia out because he has a retreat cost while everyone else in the deck does not. Why waste an energy every turn to reversal when you can tech in a single card to prevent that. With the Unown you can send out whatever you want every turn.
  5. dreamborn

    dreamborn New Member

    palkia's up front

    everyone else has a retrat of 2 on the bench, you use his power, he get's replaced with someone with a retreat cost of 2, you then have the option of retreating said pokemon and bringing up the palkia to swing again, or bring up marshtomp and hit with him (more than likely you just bring up the palkia again, and keep hydro reflecting all the energy back onto marshtomp)

    so in effect, palkia always remains active.

    The only time unowns power would come into it would be if palkia wasnt up front in the first place, or if i have 2 palkia's out (which i wouldnt do, unless i can assure 2 lv.x's out at once)

    I can see where you're coming from about the unown, but I intend on using palkia as the main attacker for his hydro reflect power, as well as his poke power.
  6. Master_Whiscash_77

    Master_Whiscash_77 New Member

    Because the Unown has 30 HP and a Psychic weakness. A ralts w/ an energy and a plus power ohko's it... a.k.a. crappy start, actually worse than magikarp due to the weakness.
  7. Aggronblaster

    Aggronblaster New Member

    With a Swampert like such as this and NO RARE CANDY, No significant way to direct search for evolutions you may want get in some Rare Candy or Celio's. That way you dont have a max of maybe 2 swamperts saying your 2 Marshtomps dont get prized.
    4 mudkip (GE)
    2 marshtomp (GE)
    4 swampert (GE)
  8. dreamborn

    dreamborn New Member

    master whiscash : that's one of my reasons for not playing it ^_^

    Aggronblaster : OMG!!! XD, I knew i forgot something in my list for here!. Thanks for noticing!

    Thanks for the input guys ^_^

    -2 switch
    -1 energy
    -1 bebe

    + 4 rare candy
  9. Nevermore

    Nevermore New Member

    If you can get some, Mudkip CG is much better than GE.
  10. Abyss

    Abyss New Member

    so true. play 1-1 mantyke,mantyne,3-1-3 swampert put in a night maintenance and play master ball over dusk ball that way u can draw and then look at the top 7 instead of draw look at bottom 6.
  11. dreamborn

    dreamborn New Member

    Nevermore : will this mudkip be legal when majestic dawn comes in? This is the mudkip with the poke body stopping bench damage right?

    Abyss : I did consider playing mantyke/tine at 1 a piece, but if 1 of them gets prized it can make things tougher than they need to be. I agree with night maintenance needing to be in the deck so i'll look into that. Thanks for the input ^_^.

    (and my master balls are currently in my girlfriends gardy/gallade deck so i cant have them >_<
  12. Mathorn1

    Mathorn1 New Member

    Wow thats not hyper situational.
  13. KingOfKings715

    KingOfKings715 New Member

    .......it has free retreat.....u can just retreat for free for whateva....yea that ralts thing is WAY too situational...a Riolu with a pp can ko a mantye XD
  14. Master_Whiscash_77

    Master_Whiscash_77 New Member

    Seeing as Ralts is actually a common card and Strength Charms appear in quite a few GG lists, it really isn't situational. Actually, a Riolu cannot OHKO a Mantyke. Fighting resist -20 baby!

    Dreamborn, I'm glad to see some people see some sense when looking at Unown Q... :nonono:

    EDIT: haha, whenever I'm typing a decklist w/ stage 2s, I almost always forget the candies the first time through! I think, "Wow, that fit surprisingly well...dang it...:mad:
  15. Spirit Of Mew

    Spirit Of Mew New Member

    Try a Swampert ex
  16. Master_Whiscash_77

    Master_Whiscash_77 New Member

    EX's aren't a good idea. They are too risky since they count as 2 prizes. Besides, you don't need it that much in here. Also, it's x2 grass weakness makes it extremely vulnerable to Leafeon lv. x.

    -1 bebe's
    -4 prof. oak's visit
    -4 pokedex
    -4 dusk ball
    -1 mudkip
    -1 swampert
    -1 water energy
    -4 lapras
    +4 pachirisu
    +4 celio's network
    +2 premier ball
    +2 baltoy
    +2 claydol
    +2 night maintenance/time-space distortion (if you can get some)
    +2 steven's advice

    This should help increase your consistency. The pachirisu might be a better starter; I'm not sure. I think it might be better than the lapras though. However, if you decide you like the lapras better, I would add in some tools of some sort so it has maximum effectiveness. Sorry, I was so busy defending your ideas that I forgot to help with your deck! :biggrin:
    Last edited: May 8, 2008
  17. dreamborn

    dreamborn New Member

    Master whiscash : Thanks for the input on the unown q thing, I think it can be somewhat decent, but i honestly dont see it working in this deck. I have no clue what swampert ex does so i'll pass XD

    (stopped playing at neo sets and just started playing in Diamond and pearl)

    I like some of your suggestions whiscash. I'll look into premier ball (sounds like a great idea, is it a supporter?) already put in maintenances in my home build and if i could get celio's network i'd add them too.

    I'd turn down the pachirisu and claydol line though. I like pachirisu, but lapras grabs an energy as well as a well needed roseanne and is the all important water type.

    Mantyne's body only affects my water pokemon, so a restructure with pachi's or claydols means i'm losing out. (not to mention i can use lapras nicely, then free retreat it and marshtomp the energy back onto a palkia)

    Thanks for the very helpful info master whiscash ^_^

    If you want any critique/advice or any ratings on any of your decks, please feel free to link me to them :D
  18. Daddy Shiftry

    Daddy Shiftry New Member

    I love this deck! I played a very similar version at regionals. I suggest shifting your strategy a bit. Use Palkia LvlX as the main attacker and run 4 premier ball so you can almost always get him back (either via premier ball, Suicune, or NM and celio's) immediately when he gets KO'd. Thus your opponent has to KO a 120 HP Pokemon and you never lose your energies. Conserving energies is really crucial and what makes the deck good. Don't put all the energies from Hydro Reflect onto 1 benched pokemon!!! spread them out so snipers can't remove all your energies in one shot.

    Keep the Lapras (maybe 1 Pachi for the cessation crystal) but add in strength charms, and I had an amulet coin and a buffer or two (great when facing a Poke that deals 60 damage). With Lapras, I ran only 3 Celio's because you can search for them.

    I also ran 4 plus power because Palkia hits for only 60 and the extra boost is really nice (OHKO Magmortor X with an extra 10).

    I only ran 1 Lvl X (so that I always had a plakia on the bench) and it was prized a couple of times, but I could hold them off and win by using Mantine (2 for 50!), free retreating, and Swampert if needed. If I had them I would have put in some Island Hermits to dig out the prized LvlX.

    Reduce the Swampert line to 2-1-2 because he is not my main attacker.

    Keep the Mantyke, Mantine at 2-2. It's critical for free retreats and is a good backup attacker.

    No need for Claydol, I usually ended up with huge hands and put in 1-2 Prof. Rowan for that reason.

    Things to watch out for are:
    1) Shiftry EX (puts 20 on your Swampert for EVERY energy you move)--Restructure and remove Shiftry EX as fast as you can!.
    2) Gardevior with Pyschic Lock- Only move your energies with Hydro Reflect when needed, so you don't lose them. Gardevior with a powered Gallade on the bench is a real problem!!!
    3) Flygon EX wreaks havoc with all the basics! Just be careful and you should win.

    Other than these, this deck is a good match for everything out there right now (before MD comes out), but it is hard to play with switching Pokemon, energies, and deciding what to get with Lapras.
  19. Master_Whiscash_77

    Master_Whiscash_77 New Member

    Premier ball is in fact not a supporter; it lets you search either your deck or your discard pile and add a Lv. X you find there to your hand. It's pretty nice.

    Ah, of course, that makes sense about Pachi and Claydol. My bad. In that case, you might want to add 2 tools and 2 prof. oak's visit in place of Claydol.

    No problem.

    The first two sections, the ones on tools, are a good point. I would agree that you should probably run 2-3 strength charms at least to help OHKO magmortar. 2-1-2 is probably not enough for a pokemon that makes up half of your main strategy. I would instead bump it up to a 3-2-3 or 3-1-3 line. It's not worth the card space to lose because you prized 2 mudkip/swampert.

    Danger list is good, although I doubt you will see much Shiftry ex. The thing I think you'll have to watch out for is Aerodactyl MD; same poke-body, except it's on a stage 1, so it's much easier to set up and to include as a tech.
    Last edited: May 9, 2008
  20. Daddy Shiftry

    Daddy Shiftry New Member

    Wishcash: Good point on the Swampert line. However, I've played 2-1-2 or 2-2-2 without a problem for a month or two. Depends how worried you are about prizing.

    I realize that Aerodactyl will be a real problem for this deck as will Bronzong, but I was thinking of what has given me problems in the past.

    On other thing about this deck. Using GE Palkia, you can win the game by using transback if your opponent has no benched pokemon. I did this a couple of times--it was sweet!!
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