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Discussion in 'Ask the Rules Team' started by BENDINGSPOONS1, Dec 10, 2007.

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    I am wondering how the point system works this year. Of what i understand, You get pionts for a win and then lose point for a loss. So if you go 2/2 at a tournament, your record should change very little up or down. I don't understand how droppings at tournaments work. Lets say my record for the day ended up being 3/1 and then i lose my first round in the finals, ending up with 3/2 record. I only gain 1 win really becuase the other loss's cancel out. Let's say i played my first 2 rounds and won both of them in the tournament. Then i dropped, heck i end up with a better score in half the time! Does this apply? Can you drop at a tournament mid way through to save those accumulated pionts for rankings? Is there any penalty for dropping in any tournament? In other words in Who Wants to be a Millionare, take the money you've won and drop.
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    You are allowed to drop early and save your early wins.
    You have to do it before the next round is paired.
    Once that round is paired, you are shown as in the next round and will get an auto-loss for that round.
    If you do it before the round is paired, you keep your previous wins and losses and have no penalty point-wise for the next round.

    For the final cut, you would have to drop before the final cut is paired.
    Once you are in the final cut, you can't drop without getting a game loss because the tournament needs to determine winners and losers for the final standings.

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