DRV Kyurem Rarity?

Discussion in 'Collecting and Card Price Discussion' started by Bleak, Oct 13, 2012.

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  1. Bleak

    Bleak New Member

    Hey all,

    Anyone know what the approximate pull rate of the secret Kyurem is?
  2. CaterpiesAreOP

    CaterpiesAreOP New Member

    Some people buy 1-3 blister packs and get 2 of the Kyurems, and some people buy 5 blisters and get none. It's hard to say.
  3. raichuforyou

    raichuforyou New Member

  4. TheDarkTwins

    TheDarkTwins Active Member

    I opened up 78 Dragon Vault packs and only pulled 4.

  5. waynegg

    waynegg CotD Editor<br>Forum Moderator

    Packs as in 26 promo packs of 3 or 78 packs counting the 3 packs as one pack?
  6. homeofmew

    homeofmew Active Member

    It's pretty random Out of 3 DRV I got 2.
  7. Vablakes

    Vablakes New Member

    I pulled 2 in 3 blisters.
  8. AnUnown

    AnUnown New Member

    I finally got one... Actually ended up finding 2 in a latias blister.
  9. raichuforyou

    raichuforyou New Member

    I finally just pulled a Latias and the Kyurem in my last of 21 packs! My set is now copmlete!!!
    I went into this set thinking 2 or 3 blisters would be the maximum needeed to complete it...... boy was I wrong hahaha
  10. SomethingElse

    SomethingElse Active Member

    I got 4 sets, opened 3 Kyurem.
  11. Skitty

    Skitty New Member

    I bought 25 blisters of 3 packs each and only pulled 3 Kyurem. Though only 20 of them came from the same case and the other 5 were from a differant case, so my ratio might be a bit off.
  12. Darkrai*

    Darkrai* Member

    Going by your ratios the chance of pulling one would be 1:121 (1 per sheet).
  13. Bleak

    Bleak New Member

    That's more along the lines of what I was looking for!

    Can anybody else either confirm or deny this? Maybe someone who ordered a case of the blisters?
  14. kiseki

    kiseki New Member

    i got 2 kyurems from 6 blisters.
    got more kyurems than fraxure #15 lol
  15. TheDarkTwins

    TheDarkTwins Active Member

    I was pretty clear in what I said. Why would I count 3 packs as 1? That wouldn't make any sense. :nonono:

  16. grassmaster239

    grassmaster239 New Member

    Maybe because you could be referring to packs as in the blister packs, or packs as in the ones inside the blister packs.
  17. waynegg

    waynegg CotD Editor<br>Forum Moderator

    Because it is sold as a pack. In that pack there are 3 individual packs and a card. You really can't see the ambiguity in that?

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