DS: Pokemon Pearl (Galactic HQ Problem)

Discussion in 'Electronic Games' started by a_shy_girl_1999, Feb 23, 2008.

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  1. a_shy_girl_1999

    a_shy_girl_1999 New Member

    I am having a problem in my Pearl game. You see I beat the Diamond version with no problem and I have been working at Pearl now but I am stuck, I even went to use a walkthrough this time but I am still stuck. I beat the gym at Snowpoint City and I trigger the event when they tell you not to go to the HQ and go there but there is no grunt at the front of the building to give me the key to get inside. Did I miss something in the storyline?

    So I am stuck here (from walkthrough):
    "Go to HQ and not the warehouse, outside of HQ, there is a grunt you can talk to
    who will run off and leave a key. Pick up the key and head to the warehouse.
    You can open the first door in the warehouse but they key will break inside
    the lock. Better find another key then..."

    I am so lost, and in need of help so I can get on with the story line in the game.
  2. KAZUTO!!!

    KAZUTO!!! New Member

    I think you're supposed to help your rival and Jupiter just outside of Snowpoint. There are two Grunts there, I think they run off.
  3. bullados

    bullados <a href="http://pokegym.net/forums/showthread.php?

    The guy isn't *right* in front of the TG base. He's kinda off to the side, minding his own business.
  4. Quatra

    Quatra New Member

    At one point just outside the main entrance, you'll find a guy standing who drops the key as he runs off after you talk to him. Which gets you into the storage area.
  5. vanderbilt_grad

    vanderbilt_grad New Member

    My wife had a similar problem. It turned out that she had not finished the rescue scene at all three lakes prior to going to TG HQ. She had fought the grunts at Verity but hadn't seen the boss up in the upper right hand corner. If you can't find the grunt who drops the key then revisit all three lakes and make sure that you've talked to all the bosses and such there.

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