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Discussion in 'State/Province/Territory Championships' started by DukeFireBird, Mar 13, 2008.

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    Alright, I guess ill write one of these

    CA States 3/8/08

    I decided on GG with milotic tech

    R1 vs. Jacob C (Darkrai/honchkrow)
    Well Jacob had very bad luck having 2 Krows prized, and since darkrai is weak to gallade, I win quickly.


    R2 vs. Andrew O. (YGD)
    Hm, Hyperion….interesting I guess it didn’t die. I went for the fast game, but alas, he got heads on 3 SSUs to replay hyperons thereby decking me, gg sir.


    R3 vs. Al B. (Madhatters dad) (PoryZ/Exploud)
    Hehe, matchup with a fellow league leader and professor in Nevada…

    We basically traded off prizes, and I made 1 crucial mistake that I could of won because of it… LAKE BOUNDARY DOUBLES WEAKNESS… and I Koed his toise d……… OOPS


    R4 vs. Javier C. (GG pory engine)
    Oh man, BAD START against his GREAT START. I cant get any offence going until 1 crucial point in the game. I have a gallade active, no damage and 2 psychic energys attached. He has a ralts, gallade, porygon2 and a gardevoir X in play, all no damage. He retreats for Gardevoir and attached DRE to it and says he will end the game quick and painless and uses Bring Down…I was like O_O THANKS!!!
    The attack koed his ralts OOPS. From there I drew the right prize card and set up a gardevoir that next turn and I came back to win.


    Ok, there is a problem now… when the pairings for R5 go up I see my listing as this…

    Christopher Guss (1/3)

    I reported it and they couldn’t do a thing about it… GREAT there goes my resistance… now im in a foul mood.

    R5 vs. Alana P. (Toxicroak/muk w smeargle)
    I started off by telling Alana that im in a foul mood because of what happened.
    Anyways game starts off normally until she gets muk and promotes it. I ask for her poison counters, which she does not have. I call a judge for this. Later she plays Cozmo, flips heads and draws 3 from the top and then immediately played ER2, I called a judge again for this. At this time, when the judge came over, she told the judge she was conceding to me because the game was no longer fun. I have no clue why she is mad at me… Im calling a judge for a major error with the Cozmo, and the minor no counters because she should of known better.

    In between rounds, I think her boyfriend gets into my face and accuses me of saying stuff about her behind her back. I about had it and took what he said as a threat and reported it to Karl (PTO)

    R6 vs. Ken L (Blizzard) (T2Bane/craw daunt ex?!?!)
    Yes, crawdaunt. I have no way to get back at Ken for this game, he kos all my ralts early, so we decide to have fun, I end up having 4 pachirisu and a milotic in play. Ken gets his craw daunt and keeps using his power to take a pachi back to my hand. This game was just funny because I couldn’t win no matter what I did. He beach locks me so I cannot attack at all and he wins (even though when I lost my 4th ralts, I conceded by signing the slip)


    R7 vs. Jason G (Houndoom/Absol)
    Ugh, this game for fun. I cant get anything started, but that’s alright, I had a blast


    EEW, 54th place

    Well, that’s my last tournament until BR, I staff at Regionals and Nats!!!

    Bring down FTW by opponent
    Letting Ken use crawdaunt
    Playing against Al finally
    Playing against Blizzard!
    Josh for making T8 (taking my T16 record away)
    Z-Man TAKING HOME NV AND CA!!!!!!!!
    10 members of the NPA made it to CA this year!
    Selling merchandise at the event for my store!
    Chad (Scizor) for winning!

    Scorekeeper marking me as a loss for R4
    Stupid boyfriends accusing me for something I didn’t do
    Josh for making T8 (taking my T16 record away)
    Not making it home in time for the brawl tournament
    2 members of the NPA making the cuts

  2. homeofmew

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    bad reporting ftw this happened to me before in a MTG tournament.
    Good try though Chris.
    See you at nats <3
  3. Hatter™

    Hatter™ Active Member

    sorry that the bad SOTG thing and the judge thing happened to you :(
    see you.. at league lol :D

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