Durant takes a Victory Cup: San Diego BR Report

Discussion in 'Battle Roads' started by Son_of_Apollo, Jun 11, 2013.

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  1. Son_of_Apollo

    Son_of_Apollo New Member

    Well I don't come here at all anymore, but I'm waiting for a movie to download and figure I should spread the word about my stupid yet good new deck.

    I don't play anymore but I decided to attend one Battle Road, mostly because it was 5 minutes from my house and I had no plans for that Sunday. I knew I would need a deck, so I took a look through my horribly outdated collection and found that I had two options; a bad Tornadus EP based toolbox or a Durant deck.

    I chose Durant mostly because it seemed like more fun. I knew many attackers in this format could spell doom for a basic Durant strategy, so I decided to mix it up a little. I took the strategy from the old quad Kyurem EX deck (4 Kyurem 4 Max Potion 4 SSU, just sit there and hope they deck themselves). I threw in a few Pokemon that would be hard to kill like Sigilyph and Latias EX, as these things could give me more time to get set up and make them burn resources to counter them, thus making my job of decking them out a lot easier. That was the strategy for the other attackers: put one active, try to get them in a bad position with Catcher/Hammers/N, then once things looked safe your ant army could march forward.

    It sounds really really stupid, I know. But it actually proved somewhat effective. Now, I may have quit, but I do love playing rogue decks. If something piques my interest I'll get back in the game for a few days and see if it works. So for the four days leading up to the Battle Road I tried out my Durant deck and to my surprise I was winning a lot more often than not.

    It had no problem at all beating Thundurus/Deoxys, which I've been told is the most popular deck out there. It was very positive against big basics too. It did have a slightly bad matchup against Blastoise and Darkrai/Hammers, but regular Darkrai was a winning matchup too. Though in that matchup you have to actually swing with Latias

    Happy with my testing (I really wasn't expecting too much from the deck) I made my way down to San Diego Games and Comics, got the few cards I needed and was ready to play. Here's the list:

    8 Pokemon:

    4 Durant
    2 Sigilyph
    1 Latias EX
    1 Sableye

    6 Energy:

    4 Prism
    2 Metal

    46 T/S/S:

    4 Crushing Hammer
    4 Eviolite
    4 Level Ball
    4 N
    4 Pokemon Catcher
    4 Skyla
    4 Super Scoop Up
    3 Bianca
    3 Revive
    2 Enhanced Hammer
    2 Pokemon Center
    2 Recycle
    2 Switch
    1 Full Heal
    1 Gold Potion
    1 Professor Juniper
    1 Tropical Beach

    This list is nowhere near finished. I think if someone who knew the format well changed it up it could be a lot better.

    Round 1 vs. Blastoise/Keldeo EX/Black Kyurem EX

    Bad way to start the day. He opens with Manaphy (which I had never seen before) and I opened with an ant. I got three in play relatively quickly, while noticing that one was prized. He had a somewhat slow start (I think he was just conserving resources) and I got a bunch of devours off, but soon he had a fully built Keldeo and started killing my ants left and right. I put a Sigilyph active and N'ed, which slowed him down quite a bit. Soon I hit enough revives to start devouring for three again. and eventually with him having one prize left I devour for one to deck him out. Great game.


    Round 2 vs. Darkrai/Lasers

    He played Absol, but I can still work with this. I start devouring early, while he builds a Darkrai. Once his Darkrai's ready, I put up Latias and eventually get three energy on it. He benches an Absol, but within two turns it's dead and I gold potion all the damage my Latias took. He has no answer for Latias after that. I do 70 until time's called, and I'm ahead on prizes.


    Round 3 vs. Blastoise/Keldeo EX/Black Kyurem EX/Kyurem

    He gets a T2 Blastoise and Black Kyurem EX, and I struggle to keep reviving my ants as he blows them up. I don't remember anything about this match past that, I ended up winning somehow. I'm sure it was really exciting, probably had something to do with Sigilyph and N. Sorry


    Round 4 vs. Hydreigon/Darkrai/Giratina

    I will admit defeat here. There is nothing I can do except hope he has a bad start. Catcher doesn't work. Hammers barely work. Sigilyph and Latias don't work. Didn't expect to see this at 3-0, but hey what can you do.


    Round 5 vs. Kyurem/Keldeo/Deoxys

    I have 2 Durant prized, but Sableye and Hammers dominate the board. Devour for two is eventually enough to get a win. Never give up kids


    So I don't see my best matchup all day and still pull a respectable record/Victory Cup. If I were going to Nationals I would definitely be playing this deck with expectations to make the cut, not just have fun. My list needs a lot of work, but if someone screws with it well enough it could be a real force.
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  2. mr_tech

    mr_tech New Member

    Nice job Matt! You and your crazy rogue decks. Hope to see you at more tourneys my dude
  3. Son_of_Apollo

    Son_of_Apollo New Member

    Thanks my man! I'll see you at regs next year
  4. Dude

    Dude New Member

    Nice job Matt! You and your crazy rogue decks dude. Hope to see u at future tournaments my dude
  5. Otaku

    Otaku Active Member

    Quite impressive... I was wondering about what could be done with Sigilyph and Latias EX... I never thought of combining them with Durant. If we get the next set prior to rotation, it could be very interesting indeed; imagine what happens when Silver Mirror (Tool - protects against Plasma Pokémon) get added to the mix.

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