Dusknoir Lv. X

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    TORCHWOOD New Member

    Dusknoir Lv.X :psychic: 130HP

    :ppowr: - Haunting Force
    Once during your turn, (before, during or after your attack) you may change the out come of a coin flip from heads to tails or from tails to heads. This power may also be used once in between your turn and your opponents turn, and once during your opponent's turn. This Poke-Power cannot be used to change the out come of coin flips of asleep pokemon, confused pokemon or attacks that prevent all effects of an attack including damage or attacks that paralyze Pokemon.

    :psychic::psychic::colorless Wasteful Gaze
    Search your discard pile for as many supporter cards as you like.Show them to your opponent. Put 2 damage counters on your opponents pokemon in any way you like for each supporter you chose. Then choose 3 supporters. Choose 1 to put into your hand, shuffle the other two into your deck. (choose 1 or 2 if there are less than three)

    Put this card on to your active Dusknoir.... etc

    Weakness - :darkness: x2

    Resistance-:fighting::colorless - 30

    Retreat - :colorless:colorless:colorless
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  2. PokePockets

    PokePockets New Member

    Nice looking card. The only thing i would recommend is a Weakness to Darkness to balance it out.
  3. charmander rox

    charmander rox New Member

    Add the Weakness. And a Retreat Cost.

    Haunting Force is a bit too wordy at the end, with not working for Asleep or Agility-like effects. You put excluding damage, though. Why?

    TORCHWOOD New Member

    ^ thanks to you both
    @charmander rox- that was a typo with excluding.
  5. charmander rox

    charmander rox New Member

    The Poke-Power is still a bit too wordy. What about making your opponent Paralyzed every turn? It would be best to damage Dusknoir with a few damage counters each time he uses it.
  6. Porygondude

    Porygondude New Member

    good one dude 8/10 the :ppowr: is good have a nice day
  7. charmander rox

    charmander rox New Member

    You know, this thing could use a bit more HP.

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