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    Yes we are having a teamplay tournament.

    We are not accepted as league, but we have the largest playersfield in our country and our player want the play TEAMPLAY . So their request is our demand.
    Because Teamplay doesn't exist official this is a non-sanctioned tournament, but who cares about rankings.

    Date: Sunday 18 januari
    Venue: Buurthuis Hornmeer
    City : Aalsmeer
    Time: open 10am start 11am.
    Fee : 5 euro per person.

    We changed some of the floorules because of the latest cardsets are in the format.

    Sets allowed: Expedition, Aquapolis, Skyridge, Ruby&Sapphire, Sandstorm and Dragon.
    All promo's from #001 and later (if you have any).

    BANNED CARD : Gardevoir EX (don't have to explain why)

    Each player, plays with 6 prizes. In case one of the teammember leaves play. The other member will add the number of left prizes of his teammember up to six.
    In case an EX pokemon gets defeated a team has the choice to take one prize each player or one player takes 2 prizes.
    In case a teammember starts without basics, the other team can only take one deckcard, so they have to discuss who is taking it.

    Pokemon Power - Power who can be used by one of the players of a team, or are targeting a opponnent's pokemon have to be pointed out at the moment the card with a PP comes in play.
    To avoid confusing we have our own method to do this.
    We are playing with fishes( not the damagecounters they look different).

    I play Sandstorm Xatu from my hand. The PP Healing Wind can be used by me or by my teammate.
    I take a green fishe and put it on Xatu and the other green fishe will be next to the players discardpile who is going to use that PP. If I play another Xatu I take a red fishe and do the same.
    Why? In case during the game one of Xatu (f.i. the one with the red fishe) get out of play you know exact who is not allowed anymore to use the PP any more because that player's (red fishe) is also removed from play.

    As judge and player I found out that many times during play(even at Indy Gencon), there is no overview anymore which PP was target on who's pokemon or on which player. especially when card swere moved active, bench, active.
    As judge you can't never take a descission about who target who if there is an argu about that.
    It's one word against the other, that's why I decided to work out a way to avoid these discussions and it works.
    This way there should be no argu anymore, and the good thing is it also works for "normal" play but also for 2-2 battle incase PP do something with 1 our your opponent pokemon. (in that situation you put the fishe on the pokemon triggered and not next to the discard).

    For fishes you can use paper or whatever as long as it doesn't look like damagecounter and you must have 2 of each color(vorm) and as many as you have pokemon with PP in your deck.

    If anyone is in Aalsmeer The Netherlands) during this day, come and join us.
    Need anymore info email me on [email protected]

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