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Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by akeci*, Jul 5, 2008.

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  1. akeci*

    akeci* New Member

    okay, so much for the strange name... just put my last empo deck away, doesn't work so well...

    so I try to make a new deck..... this is the deck

    Pokemon [23] :

    1 empoleon lv.x [1dp]
    3 empoleon [2 md 1 dp]
    2 primplup [1 md 1 dp]
    3 pinplup [2 md 1 dp]

    2 omastar [2md]
    1 omanyte [1md]
    2 helix fosil [2md, let's make it pokemon so I don't get confused]

    2 claydol [2ge]
    2 baltoy [2ge]

    1 phione [1md]

    Energy [15] :

    9 :water:
    2 Double rainbow
    2 scramble energy

    Supporters [15] :

    4 celios
    4 rossane
    3 stevens
    2 copy cat
    2 castaway
    2 TGW

    Trainers & Pokemon tools :

    4 rare candy
    3 energy root [not yet banned]
    2 night maintanance
    2 windstorm

    strategies :

    anything other than duskul is a nice way to start, because dusknoir is for late game only.... just a common strategies for the deck.... spread demage then get rid of the highest stage evolution... main attacker is alway empoleon so I strengthen it with energy root... why I don't use call energy?? I try it but doesn't work well... so I reallocated it to rossane research....

    comment or suggestion??

    thanx before...
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  2. lestatxxx

    lestatxxx New Member

    - 1 duskull - 1 dusknoir
    + 1 Phione + 1 Empoleon lv. X
  3. KAZUTO!!!

    KAZUTO!!! New Member

    Me fix list.

    -2 DRE
    -2 Water
    +4 Call

    Call is amazing.

    -3 Oak's
    +3 Steven's

    Only do that if you did what Lestatxxx said. If you didn't, do it.

    -3 Enery Root
    +3 Cessation
    -2 Copycat
    +2 Wager
  4. lestatxxx

    lestatxxx New Member

    Arceus999 : He use 4 roseane research is necessary 4 call??
    only 2 call ... No DRE, Steaven is better !!
    No root

    Use wager combo w / omastar and empoleon lv. x supreme command ^^*
  5. akeci*

    akeci* New Member


    sorry but call energy doesn't work well when I play this deck....

    I take your advice to pull out oak's visit, I'll try it thanks....


    ok I try to use empleon lv.x, and pull out one :water: energy...

    but dusknoir is a great striker in late game..
  6. lestatxxx

    lestatxxx New Member

    Empostar no use dusknoir, Pokepower omastar ┬Ęprimal Swirl┬Ęde-evolving pokemon opponent bench, they are prizes card w/ empoleon ^^ + wager + supreme command, empo is very fast pokemon, w/ 3 energy 100 damage o 80 (only lv x) any pokemon of opponent, no is neccesary dusknoir
  7. akeci*

    akeci* New Member

    ok2... I'll take wager to replace dusknoir........

    I'll try ^^
  8. KAZUTO!!!

    KAZUTO!!! New Member

    Call is amazing.

    What's the worst it can do? Be an Energy? That's still fine...

    And it should be your main Starter, even if it's an Energy. I know my Empo list wouldn't work without Call.


    -3 Energy Root
    -2 Copycat (or at least 1)
    +3 Cessation Crystal
    +2 TGW (or 1, if you only took out one Copycat)

    Oh, and use 3 MD Empoleons, 2 DP Prinplups, and 3 MD Piplups.
  9. akeci*

    akeci* New Member

    it end my turn... that's the worst part..... so I reallocated it to rossane... that doen't end my turn....

    ok I try cessation....
  10. G-Dog4377

    G-Dog4377 New Member

    Well, Call allows you to use a different Supporter in the same turn. That is what we like about it.
  11. akeci*

    akeci* New Member

    okay... are there any other suggestion for this deck other than call energy?

    Back to back posts merged. The following information has been added:

    are there any other suggestion??
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