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Discussion in 'Buyers House' started by taberlong, Mar 6, 2011.

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  1. taberlong

    taberlong New Member

    The eeveelutions are my favorite cards so I want to collect all of them ^_^ and I thought instead of buying them off of ebay I would buy from fellow Pokegym members =D the ones I have highlighted in bold are the ones that are holo I am preferably looking for the holo ones that I am missing and also looking for holo versions of the ones I do have that are not holo.

    Eevee:UD 47/48, ex delta, MD 62/63
    Vaporeon: UD, ex delta, ex power keeper, pop 3(6), MD, sandstorm, RR, ex unseen forces, COL, RR,
    Flareon: MD, Rising Rivals, pop 3(2), ex delta, ex power keeper, UD, ex unseen forces, sandstorm, COL, RR
    Jolteon: MD, UD, pop 3(3), ex delta, ex power keeper, ex unseen forces, RR, sandstorm, COL,
    Espeon: MD, UD, ex delta, RR, COL,
    Espeon Prime
    Espeon Prime
    Umbreon: MD, UD, ex delta, COL,
    Umbreon Prime
    Glaceon: MD 5,MD 20, Rising Rivals,
    Glaceon Lv X
    Leafeon: MD 7, MD 24, UD, COL,
    Leafeon Lv X

    All the ones not listed ^_^ and also wanting holo versions of the ones that I have listed as non-holo.
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  2. Politoed666

    Politoed666 New Member

    I have all the Eeveelutions from EX Delta Species... I also have RH variants. Would you be interested in those as well?
  3. taberlong

    taberlong New Member

    Oh sorry i have the ones from ex delta species thats what the ex delta meant :) I just bought that set from someone on here. And honestly I have no idea what the RH variants tell lol
  4. Politoed666

    Politoed666 New Member

    Ah, gotcha. Well, the RH variants are holo, but stamped with "EX Delta Species" on the picture.
  5. taberlong

    taberlong New Member

    Hmm I will have to ask the guy I purchased them from. I just bought the set today and he said it has all the holo eeveelutions but don't know if that includes the variants I will get back to you as soon as i know :)

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    List has been updated of more that I got, still looking for rest ^_^
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