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  1. Aron*

    Aron* Member

    This is my verson of Eeveelutions.

    x2 Baltoy
    x2 Cladol
    x4 Eevee CFF
    x1 Jolteon
    x2 Flareon
    x2 Espeon
    x2 Umbreon
    x2 Glaceon #5
    x2 Glaceon LV.X
    x2 Leafeon #24
    x2 Leafeon LV.X

    x4 POV
    x2 TGW
    x2 NM
    x3 Celio's
    x1 Dawn Stadium
    x2 roseanne's
    x1 Mr. stones
    x2 TSD
    x2 Preamier Ball
    x1 Lake Boundary


    x6 :grass:
    x1 :lightning
    x1 :fire:
    x6 :water:
    x4 multi


    Start with an eevee and a baltoy and use CFF for all the eevees. Evolve eevees into umbreon, espeon and leafeon or glaceon depending on mach up. Once you get all the cards out it's smooth from there.
    Thank-you for your time .

  2. charchar

    charchar New Member

    not bad.... some scrambles.
  3. Aron*

    Aron* Member

    What should I take out.
  4. Nanashii

    Nanashii New Member

    I'd take out the two stadiums for two scrambles, Dawn Stadium is helpful but also a draw back especially if your energy scr#wed and your opponent runs water/grass especially with empoleon and leafeon out
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