electabuzz vesus sneasel

Discussion in 'Cards: Strategy and Rulings Discussion' started by mysterios, Jan 18, 2004.

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  1. mysterios

    mysterios New Member

    First i want to say this is not a poll so
    everyone should post strategies how to use each card and why he things it is good and what card
    is better also you can post the type of deck that theese cards are played and post what desk has an advantage over other if those decks has an advantage over each other

    In my opinion elecabuzz is as good if not better as sneasel because he has a) 10 more hp
    b) his attack need lighting energy to attack (instead of dark)
    c) his attacks are flippy like sneasel but his first attck is more usefull than sneasel because it can give him a chanse to attack without taking damage while sneasel attack can do 10 ,20,30 dammage
    d)His second attack needs an :lightning and a :colorless and can do 40 or 30 with a pluspowder
    and heads it can ko sneasel while sneasel needs a full bench 2 dark energies and utleast 3 heads
    so electabuz attack is better
    e) sneasel has 0 retreat that can be good espesialy after you killed his strong pokemon so you can put
    sneasel to bench
    f) sneasel has no weaknes and a resistanse to psychic that means that sneasel doesn't have to worry
    about haymaker deck(electabuzz) because he doesn't got a weakness while electobuz has a fighting
    weakness hitmonchan a psychic weakness and mew2 a weakness to him self

    All in all i think that sneasel is as good as sneaselor only a litle bit better
    both pokemon are good and having them in your deck isn't going to be a disandvantage

    What do you think ?
  2. The only problem? You fail to mention Sneasel's ability to do incredible amounts of damage with very little energy, and that he has this ability as a basic.

    Actually, you're pointing out 'problems' which aren't very problematic.

    -A full bench. Never was a problem in Unlimited, never will be.
    -Requires Darkness Energy. Since you'd get about 8 total from Darkness/Rainbow, that's about how much you'd use for Electabuzz in a Haymaker. Not to mention one can easily get help from the likes of Porygon2, and many ways to retrieve special energy from the discard...
    -'Electabuzz can KO Sneasel' is a terribly weak argument. The same goes for the base set Charizard and Mewtwo EX. And which of those two is better?
    -Don't underestimate a 0 energy retreat cost. That nearly renders status effect decks useless against sneasel. It's VERY easy to get rid of such things. Whereas Electabuzz has a 2 energy retreat cost. Sneasel can be brought back to the bench for any purpose at any time, but with Electabuzz, you need to waste a switch/balloon berry/two energy.

    Look at it this way. What amount of damage (Not including trainers/other Pokemon) does Electabuzz max out at? 40.

    And Sneasel? Trainers/Pokemon cards not included, Sneasel will max out at 160. And statistically, most of the time, Sneasel will do an even 80. 3 heads of 6 with two darkness energy. You can bring up whatever arguements on probability that you want, but the fact remains that Sneasel is not only SWIFT, it's capable of the damage required to take down the massive stage 2's in one blow.

    In the Unlimited format, unless you play MINDLESSLY heavy disruption, attackers like Hitmonchan/Promo Mewtwo/Electabuzz just do NOT do enough damage, quickly enough. The only way you'll ever see them is as support or tech. The 'old' haymaker died out long ago.
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  3. mysterios

    mysterios New Member

    yes so Sneasel is a litle better than electabuzz but a battle if i get electobuzz against a sneasel i don't see how sneasel can be so good. attaching 2 dark energies on sneasel isn't as easy as it looks and if you atack a rainbow
    sneasel has 10 less hp . Overal i don't find sneasel to be a lot better than electobuz the only reason sneasel is a litle better is the no weakness and the resistanse to psichic . I honestly think that sneasel is overrated.

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