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Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by Prize_Card, Nov 13, 2007.

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  1. Prize_Card

    Prize_Card New Member

    So latley I've been trying to find/make a deck for the upcoming cities and possibly states. I think I've finally created something that is worthy enough to be played, and is competitive for the upcoming tournements, heres the list.

    Pokemon: 22

    4-3-3-2 Flygon ex/Flygon d
    2-1-2 Ampharos Sw (The mareep and flaffy are delta)
    4 Holon's castform
    1 Rayquaza ex

    Trainers: 23

    4 Prof. elms
    4 Rare candy
    3 Holon's mentor
    1 Rosanne's
    2 Stevens advice
    2 Castaway
    3 Windstorm
    2 night maintenance
    2 Warp point

    Energy: 15

    5 Psychic
    4 Electric
    4 Delta rainbow energy
    2 Double rainbow energy

    Alright, now that you've seen the list, lets start off why I named the deck Electric Pulse. Well the name to the deck is quite simple, Ampharos is electric and aids Flygon ex's Pyschic pulse attack, thus creating..... Electric Pulse. Now that we have the name down lets move on to the strategy!

    Strategy: How to run the deck, you might ask? Well here, I'll show you. Start off like any other delta deck, get castform active, and try to set up 3 trapinch, 1 mareep, 1 rayquaza ex, (and of course there's other ways to set up too.) After delta drawing for a couple turns you should be trying to set up Flygon ex and an Ampharos as quick as possible. While your opponent is taking dmg to all of his/her pokemon by playing supporters, start slamming on him/her with Flygon ex dealing, and spreading dmg to all of there pokemon creating death traps for each and every one of them! After attacking with flygon for a few turns, you should already be taking a decent amount of prizes considering that you should be getting double, and triple knock outs from Ampharos, and Flygon ex. End out the game by either sniping with Rayquaza ex, or just simply attack with either Flygon ex or Ampharos.

    Trainer issue: About the three trainers missing, I was thinking about adding in 2 night maintenance because with a delta deck you'll find yourself drawing a ton, thus night maintenance would add back resources to your deck giving you extra turns to possibly win.

    In an ending note, suggestions and comments are very welcome, along with ratings if you like. Thanks, and enjoy!

    Created by: Justin in Arizona
    Division: Senior
    Deck name: Electric Pulse
    Last edited: Nov 23, 2007
  2. Aggy&Co.

    Aggy&Co. Member

    your deck will be too slow. try some different starters like Budew, Chingling, Stantler, Smeargle etc so you don't have to worry about being done by a fast fighting deck if you start with Castform, I think he is only good for energy now but... .
    Add 3 TG Mars so you can discard your opponents cards and draw or night Maintenance and cut your pokemon lines down. Night Mtce is a great recycler.
    Look at Flygon SW & Vibrava SW as they team very well with Flygon Ex, the powers acentuating each other & you can turn him delta with Amphoros. Speaking of Amphoros you really should use the SW one the power is so much more useful.
  3. Darkwalker

    Darkwalker New Member

    Fit in a 1-1 Fearow to help set up a little more consistantly. Use the last spot for a Night Maintenence. You might want to consider replaceing the Mentor with Roseanne's in here as that lets you get energy along with Castform, Trapinch, and Mareep.
  4. Prize_Card

    Prize_Card New Member

    Aggy.Co This deck isn't very slow at all.. Although some people may think that castform has died now, it still sets you up like last season, just a tad bit slower considering your mentors aren't 100 percent now. As for the suggestion of 3 Tgm, I don't like the idea because it's only a +2 card, although it may disrupt your oppenent, they ussualy have cards to recover from one missing card. Please elibarate how flygon sw works nicely with flygon ex d. And on a diffrent note, All the ampharos are from sw if you couldn't tell from the stragegy... I'll update.

    Darkwalker, I like the idea of adding in a 1-1 fearow line, I might test it out, but unfortunately it doesn't grab the ampharoses, and after delta drawing for 2-4 turns straight I end up having the evolutions in my hand, or a nice amount of prof.elms.. Running 1 night maintenance isn't going to do much, and playing rosanne's over mentor in this deck is a no-no. The reason why, castform relies on basic delta pokemon to draw, rossanes gives you 1 or 2 (considering if you need energy) mentor sets you up with 3 basic allowing you to gain 3 cards.
    Last edited: Nov 13, 2007
  5. Rai

    Rai <a href="http://pokegym.net/forums/showpost.php?p=

    If you don't read anything else of this post, consider this at the least: your 3 remaining slots have to be focused towards setting your multiple lines up. Immediately.
    Pokenav is nice for setting up pokemon or energy (both of which you need) and can alter the top cards of deck, but Holon's Castform could care less about the top card of your deck, and you might hit all trainer cards with it's only 3 card pull. Master Ball's another option for finding pokemon off the top of your deck (more cards = more chance of pulling something you need)

    The fact that you only have 2 Castaway for searching out energy is very scary. I suppose Pokenav could help this out, but I'd rather see some Roseanne's Research teched in to solve this issue. Adding 1 or 2 (depending on space) and removing 1 Mentor at most to fit them in seems like a decent idea.

    And 1-1 Fearow is almost a must in a deck like this, me thinks. You need so many stage 2s set up quickly that you can't hope to move with only 1 evolution search each turn. Spearow's not that bad of a start either, compared to a lone Holon's Castform (at least Spearow has fighting resistance, and can collect for something. Lone Holon's Castform Starts going first mean you lose). The almost can change depending on how well trainers work for you, and the whole fact that it'll make Lucario decks eat you alive should you be so power dependent.
  6. Prize_Card

    Prize_Card New Member

    Rai, Pokenavs are a nice suggestion I might add them in to see how they work. Having 18 energy (17 usable ones, including castform) is plenty in this deck, expessially because the 2 castaway searches out the energy I need, and half the time I draw into them with castform. Setting up evolution lines immediately isn't as hard as it may seem, because most of the time I'm either drawing in to them, or having elms in my hand to search them out, and I really don't need so many stage 2's set up, only 3 are vital. Adding in 1 Rosanne's might be a good idea, but the only thing I don't like about that card is that it limits the amount of basics I can grab with it. Luckily, lucario decks aren't even played in my area, let alone my age group, so playing castforms should be fine.
  7. Rai

    Rai <a href="http://pokegym.net/forums/showpost.php?p=

    Okay, let's see here...

    Early game is shaky within the first few turns. Playing just two games had me stuck with 1 basic for 2 to 4 turns most of the time. That's... Not good. Thus we can conclude that Roseanne's and Mentor and maybe even Great Ball are needed in greater quantity (not sure on numbers here, I'm currently testing with 2 Mentor 1 Roseanne's and those three supporters are not enough. Same count as your current list just the change of 1 mentor).

    Roseannes is a must for at least 1 copy. The ability to grab 2 energy with it is huge when you've got a Flygon d set up on the bench. 2 copies is possible, though you run out of basic energy soon enough.

    Mid game is fine, in fact, Mid game is GREAT with this deck. Once you get past the basicless start, you've likely set up either a Flygon ex D or an Ampharos. Things just go downhill for your opponent from there.

    It IS possible for the opponent to make a late game recovery though, as you start to run out of energy, pokemon, and decks such as Typholosion/Magmortar might finally have everything out. Night Maintenance in 2 copies might be needed, though I'm not sure what to take out. Maybe lowering the Pokenavs...

    Speaking of which: Those Pokenavs are nice mid-game, but not early game, and not late game. Most of what they're doing seems to be finding energy, which can be done by another Roseanne's (except for the ability to grab Delta Rainbow, which is not too crucial). If we change the 3 empty slots in your current list to 1 roseannes, 2 Night Maintenance, and add in 1 Roseanne's in place of Mentor, this should prove decent. (you'd be at 2-2 for Roseannes and Mentor, still rather low) Perhaps there's something else to remove for one more Roseanne's, as this card is amazing (you still want early game Mentor, but mid and late game you want Roseanne's)

    I AM having a hard time with the Steven's Advices though. My opponent never seems to have a large bench for me to exploit, until I've Holon Castform'd a massive hand which is then useless for Steven's. Having a card to provide massive draw power is huge though, and I haven't tested against hand destruction decks such as Absol/Honchkrow (where you will lose if you can't set stuff up. Ampharos makes short work of the Murkrows, but will never get this chance if you can't even keep cards in your hand). Copycat seems good for those matchups, but I could be wrong here.
  8. Vegeta ss4

    Vegeta ss4 Iron Chef Leader

    You could run Ampharos δ so that you can use a 1/1 fearow line, also, it can help with Delta Supply so you can possibly attach to Ampharos SW...just a thought.
  9. Prize_Card

    Prize_Card New Member

    Rai, Thanks for info about match-ups and great ideas! See I have this deck built, but I haven't been able to actually test it against a deck. With the three extra slots, I think I'll take your advice and take out 1 Mentor then add in 2 Rosanne's (though energy isn't too big of a problem, it will help in the long run,) and 2 night maintanences, which allows me to recover very late in the game. The Stevens advice in a delta deck is there for 2 reasons, playing against decks that run TGW, Stevens advice is an excellent recovery card, also when you find yourself stuck without a castform set up, you can throw down a Stevens to draw a decent amount of cards.

    Vegeta ss4, Thanks for the ampharos delta idea, its always a possibility to tech one in, but I never want to be stuck with the delta one, and usually you want the SW ampharos set up ASAP. But it could very well help with getting the energy on ampharos if I ever needed to attack with him.

    I've changed and updated the list. Any more suggestions or comments?
  10. Blassari

    Blassari New Member

    Tech in one Ampharos d!
  11. Prize_Card

    Prize_Card New Member

    I've been thinking about teching in one ampharos d, but I really don't see the use for it beside powering up your ampharos, which shouldn't even be attacking unless it comes down to weakness or late game.
  12. ChubbyChilupa135

    ChubbyChilupa135 New Member

    dude I had like the same deck!! but mine was a little diffrent here was I got
    -4 Elms'
    +4 Bebe's (this is WAY better for u than elm's trust me)
    -2 Mentor or Roseanne's
    +1 Mentor or Roseanne's
    +1 Castaway
    -2 Steven's Advice
    -1 Rayquaza ex
    -1 DRE
    +4 Oak's Visit (The quaza and DRE rn't needed)
  13. Rai

    Rai <a href="http://pokegym.net/forums/showpost.php?p=

    Ampharos delta is a bad choice in this deck, me thinks.

    You want to only have to discard lightning to do it's Cluster Bolt, right? Well if Ampharos is delta, you can't attach delta rainbows to it anymore (as it'll lose them with it's attack). Suddenly, you have to have either 1 lightning and 2 psychic energy only on Ampharos, or you have to hold 2 energy cards in hand (not likely once it hits late game). Ampharos d is also not too good in this format due to loss of Holon Enginge tricks such as Holon Researcher to combo with it. It DOES have better Holon's Castform Delta Draws, and it DOES give better Holon Adventurers (which this deck doesn't even play), but the fact that getting SW out is more crucial makes it a not so hot tech.
    Fearow's not a good idea mostly because it'll take resources to pull Fearow out. With that same amount of resources, you can get other pokemon set up, and not need Fearow anyway. Spearow won't help delta draw, despite it being a better lone start then Castform. You need to get Flygon or Ampharos out within the first few turns to get the full power out of this deck, and Fearow just doesn't seem to give enough benefits to make it worthwhile. Not to mention the power reliance is bad should a Cessation Crystal see play early on. (Fly ex d doesn't mind Cessation Crystal t2, 'cause it can OHKO most T2 carriers of Cessation Crystal. Blissey is more frustrating, but that's what techs are for)

    As for Elms versus Bebe's, Bebe's is NOT the play in this deck. How often do you want your Elm's to look for basics? Very little past the first few turns. This is why we're running Holon Mentor and Roseanne's in multiples. Elms also does not lower your hand size (it merely replaces itself with a pokemon, unlike Bebe's which replaces itself AND another card with one pokemon), and thus is more beneficial to the deck. Bebe's isn't the play here.
    DRE's been iffy, but Ampharos could do with the extra energy attachment should a Energy Removal 2 pop into play. Also something to note, should you tech in a Flygon SW, DRE can count as a fighting energy for it's attack (as can Holon's Castform, allowing you to deal great amounts of damage with this tech).
    Rayquaza's proven quite helpful to me. Sniping 50 to those with powers is no joke. You're vaporizing Burmies, you're dealing heavy bench damage to cowering Blissies, it's just helpful all around. The 70 damage for 2 lightning is nice as well. 110 HP also makes it a not half bad pokemon to get for a lone start (if it's not going to get donked easilly, it can't really be bad), and at least it helps Delta Draw.
  14. Prize_Card

    Prize_Card New Member

    ChubbyChilupa135, Nice name dude! Thanks for the comment, and its cool that we are almost playing the same deck, but here are the things that I don't like about your changes. First off (I can't count how much times I've said this) I like prof.elms over Bebes because bebs looses you a resource, and prof. elms pretty much does the same thing for you in this deck. Next playing only 2 mentor would not be good, because it limits my chances to start out drawing with delta draw as quick as possible. Adding in another castaway would be some what pointless, having 2 is fine it gets what I need and it usually shows up when I need it too. Taking out the stevens advice would be devastating!!! Stevens advice are godly against disruption decks, and an excellent all-around card! The Ray ex in this deck help a lot, mid game and late game, After everything has been taking dmg from ampharos and flygon ex, some times some of there pokemon will have little hp left; that's where rayquaza ex comes in to finish off and possibly win the game. I like the Oaks Visit idea, but not 4 of them, I think that's over doing it a little, maybe 2 or 3 if i can find space. And last, the only reason I have one DRE in here is so when I either start out with a random amprhaos or flygon delta, I can always pop on a DRE so I can actually do something with them, and it's also a very nice tech when needed.

    Rai, I like the way you think!!!! (we think a like) your cool in my book! 1 flygon sw could be a possible tech, one problem is finding room for it, I would probably end up taking out a flygon d, and running only one isn't very good expesialy if it gets prized.
  15. Darkwalker

    Darkwalker New Member

    I still think using 1 Ampharos d and a 1-1 Fearow line is by far the best choice for this deck. The Ampharos d should be almost a no brainer since it's one of your main lines. It turns every pokemon into a delta species so Fearow can grab anything, including Catsforms and Ampharos (SW). Allows you to play Holon Adventurer to full effect (why aren't you playing that by the way?). It's colorless which gives you a great counter to Garchomp or other Dragons. It allows you to Delta Supply to everything in the deck. Ampharos's (SW) pokebody does not stack so you really only need one on the bench until late game when you would attack with them after your Flygons go down. Ampharos d also turns all your dRE into Rainbow Energy for every pokemon in the deck. I think you might be better off with a Scramble over the DRE or just use another Psychic in that place.
  16. Prize_Card

    Prize_Card New Member

    Darkwalker, like i said the Ampharos d is a possibility, but I'm still testing the deck out in many diffrent ways to figure out the best way to run the deck. For the fearow line, it isn't very nessacary, it takes more time and cards to set up, while instead you could be drawing into the evoulution lines, and using elms to get them.
  17. Rai

    Rai <a href="http://pokegym.net/forums/showpost.php?p=

    do you really need 3 Flygon EX d? 2 Flygon EX d hasn't had problems with them being prized yet (thus far), and certainly 1 Flygon d is far too low.

    Now, Ampy d has already been explained as for why I (personally) don't like it in this deck. You don't actually need rainbow energy for everything. Fearow might be able to grab Holon's Castforms now, but that's another reason why the Roseanne's Researches are upped. Holon Adventurer is not as good of a card without Holon Transceiver, mostly 'cause even the possibility of drawing 4 cards is not as handy as just searching for a card. You want pure draw power? Meet Delta Draw, meet Steven's Advice, meet Copycat. All more worthwhile investments then a discard first, then draw card.

    SW Ampharos might not stack, but you definitely need at least 2 SW Ampharos in this deck, because otherwise you'll be unable to draw into them quickly (must as most supporters are within the first few turns), and there's a chance that your solo Ampharos SW will be prized if you only run 1 copy (which would equate to very bad for this deck. Very bad.)

    Another thing to look at is Bench space. You've definately got one of your 5 slots devoted to Ampharos. So. What else? Likely 1 Flygon d. Possibly a Flaafy being charged up to act as emergency Cluster Bolt-er (possibly). Possibly another Flygon. That's a need for 2 bench slots for sure, and possibly 4. Dusknoir can punish you if you use too many bench slots, so this is likely for the best.
    What about if we use Amphy d and Fearow? That's upping the for sure bench slots to 4. Suddenly, we only have room for 1 extra Flygon d or something like that. VERY bad. Fearow + Ampharos takes up a third of your playable pokemon room, when you aren't getting some amazing benefit from it (you're playing enough pokemon search to make Fearow not as needed)

    Anything else?
  18. Prize_Card

    Prize_Card New Member

    Rai, thanks for the in depth explanation I agree with everything you say. And yes three flygon ex are nessacary because you ussualy wan't one active, and one getting ready when the active one gets knocked out, or when you need to switch.
  19. MrMeches

    MrMeches New Member

    Go with this and let me know how you like it.. it does very well for me in my version:

    Take the Amphy Line to a 2-1-2.. trust me it is enough and it is still consistent but you start with Mareep Less often! the 3-2-3 line ended up giving me a 43% chance of setting up with Mareep out of 20 games. It sucked so I took it down to the 2-1-2 and solved the issue. The idea is to get out T2 FLEX regardless if it is powered. The damage spread is the critical thing here! OS with those 3 spots, go to 3 Great Ball! Trust me, you will like it and it helps with the Castform Start a lot!

    Ulitmately it is tour deck and your list, but trust me (and you can ask around) I have been playing FLEX fro a while and even did the LAF list for a while and Amphy should be nothing more than an Actor in a Supporting role! You dont need the Delta type, if you go with these changes, and Fearow would set it up faster. Great Ball helps with the Elm over Bebe debate as you stack your bench so there is no reason for Bebe.

    However, if you had a 1-1 Fearow line, then Bebe's is the Play as you can Bebe a Delta Pokemon in and then just search it back out with Fearow! Nifty trick, and it works like a champ!

    Have Fun and GL!

    Last edited: Nov 15, 2007
  20. freakysmiley

    freakysmiley New Member

    you could just play straight flygon with multis and use 4 sw vibravaand some fighting and tech in 2-1-1 lucario it'd probably be faster you could use quick balls e.t.c
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