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Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by mysterios, Mar 14, 2004.

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  1. mysterios

    mysterios New Member

    pokemon 20

    4 aqua's electrike (with self charge)

    2 aqua's manectric

    2 aqua's manectric

    3 picachu ruby/saphire

    3 raichu ex

    2 chinchou aquapolis (with confuse ray)

    1 chinchu (adv4)

    3 lanturn (adv4)

    trainers 22


    3 energy removal 2

    3 aquas tm1(choose a spesial condition and does 10 damage)

    4 stevens advise

    3 tv reporters

    3 Team Aqua Conspirator

    2 low pressure

    energy 18

    15 lighting

    3 water (for lanturn)

    from fake cards.com

    CHINCHOU [50 HP] (Basic Lightning Pokemon)
    [C] Dust (10)
    [LC] Spark (10)
    Choose up to two of your opponent's Benched Pokemon and this attack does
    10 damage to each of them. (Don't apply Weakness or Resistance to
    Benched Pokemon.)
    42/83 Common #181 [Aya Kusube]

    LANTURN [80 HP] (Stage 1 Lighting Pokemon / Evolves from Chinchou)
    [POWER] Energy Ground
    Once during your opponent's turn, if an attack does damage to Lanturn,
    you may choose one basic energy card from your discard pile and attach
    it to Lanturn. This power can't be used if another copy of Energy Ground
    has been used.
    [LLC] Underbolt (50)
    You may discard all LIGHTNING energy cards attached to Lanturn. If you
    do, this attack's base damage is 90 instead of 50.
    43/83 Rare #182 [Aya Kusube]

    My strategy is to spread damage and energy with aquas manectric while using his power so i can be contansly attacking with lanturn and raichu ex when i am using lanturn since you discard only the lighting energy havrng another type of energy atached on her would make me discard only 2 (L)energies to attack that is great with the help of her power it will be even easier to attack

    My other strategy is using the other aquas manectric who has an attack that does 50 and discards an energy if it is confused in the begining i thought of golduck but then i would need the high pressure stadium so now i choose to use raichu first attack an attack from the chinchu that confuses the first attack of aqua's manectric and the aqua's tm

    Any advise wil be welcomed just don't destroy the basic idea of the deck
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  2. lunatone_solrock

    lunatone_solrock New Member

    Well, the translation always slightly does differently.
    Try TV Reporter or Bill's Maintenance for draw power.
  3. mysterios

    mysterios New Member

    Explain me better what should i take out to add what and i already have 3 tv reporters
    Do you think i have enouph drawing ?
    any more advice for me ?
  4. mysterios

    mysterios New Member

    Wow i didn't expect so many responces
    Anyway do you think that i should leave the Raichu in , what can i do to improve it

    I finaly found what Raicou ex does the first attack for L does 10 ands
    lets you flip a con for confusion the second for colores L L does 70 and you flip a coin if tails 20 to Raicou ex
    It has 100 HP and 2 retreat cost should i add him , what should i take out if i decide to add him
    Last edited: Mar 15, 2004
  5. mysterios

    mysterios New Member

    Ok nobody posts here that can only mean that its perfect
    This deck must be able to beat anything
  6. nikePK

    nikePK New Member

    Raikou ex is not good imo, don't add him in. The deck looks ok, but find some room for a few strength charm or so, that way Lanturn can ohko pokemon like blaziken and rayquazza. Also, you don't need 4 Archie... heck, u really don't need any archie. If you wanna play it though, cut the # of them down a few notches.
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