Electrode strikes again! (My modified decklist)

Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by Punpun, Jun 26, 2008.

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  1. Punpun

    Punpun New Member

    Electrode strikes again!

    Pokémon (23):
    -Voltorb (sw) x4
    -Electrode (sw) x4
    -Riolu (p6) x3
    -Lucario (p6) x3
    -Lucario lv. X (mt) x1
    -Magikarp (mt) x2
    -Gyarados (mt) x2
    -Baltoy (ge) x2
    -Claydol (ge) x2

    Trainers (12):
    -Quick Ball x4
    -Dusk Ball x4
    -Warp Point x4

    Supporters (11):
    -Bebe's Search x2
    -Copycat x3
    -Professor Oak's Visit x4
    -Celio's Network x2

    Energy (14):
    -Basic Electric x4
    -Basic Fighting x5
    -Multi Energy x4
    -Double Rainbow Energy x1

    I would probably use more DRE if I had them. The same goes for Celio's. Warp Point is fun with Electrode's zero retreat if I have something else out hitting. The deck runs smoothly so far. I use Electrode in most of my decks just because it's fun. Not much else to say. All ideas appreciated.
  2. SnorlaxDude

    SnorlaxDude New Member

    The Electrodes seem to be useful if you want more damage to your opponent and need an extra energy. This deck seems like you want to get cards out more than your opponent due to Claydol and a couple of supporters. Also, I think you should put some Unown Ps in your deck for the Gyradoses due to the fact they have Dragon DNA which flail will do tons of damage.
  3. Punpun

    Punpun New Member

    I hadn't considered Unown P. But then I don't own any either. My collection is very limited because I don't buy very many cards (I build decks with what I win and trade for). I could probably get my hands on some, though what do you suggest removing?
  4. SnorlaxDude

    SnorlaxDude New Member

    Well. I would get rid of the copycats and the Celio's network. If you can, replace the two Celio's Networks with Bebe's searches. Put in 2x Unown Ps and as for your last card, it could be an energy or a stadium card such as speed stadium. This is just my opinion. Besides, aren't the copycat and Celio's network cards going to get banned soon?
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