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  1. thethirdckelly1

    thethirdckelly1 New Member

    I love this card so much, but I can't find anything that I like to play it with.

    I've heard blissey, but that sounds eh.

    I thought about rayquaza ex d, but after KOing electrode the prizes would still stay even in most cases, so you couldn't take advantage of rage aura.

    Has anyone had any ideas about what to play trode with?
  2. Professor Elm

    Professor Elm Active Member

    Look at your avatar
    Electivire (SW)
    4-3-1 Electivire/Lv. X

    You get the early Trodes and kill some quick pokes.
    Bring up Vire and use it's power along with DREs and Trode's power and you can constantly be dishing out heavy damage.
    Vire charges itself up on the bench also, so when you lose all your energy it's not as devastating.
    Vire X is also great and annoying when the time comes.
    I've been meaning to test it out but haven't gotten to it.
  3. Darkwalker

    Darkwalker New Member

  4. Dark Ninja

    Dark Ninja New Member

    Dusknoir or Sceptile ex δ. Blow up and do more damage.
  5. poke_master2008

    poke_master2008 New Member

    In theory its good but if you actually play it you will see that its not that good....i played this at a cities (with sceppy EX) and it went 3-3 but your only wins will be very early game as sceppy d EX isnt that strong as it seems
  6. Professor Elm

    Professor Elm Active Member

    I'm trying to break this card.
    It's so amazing.
    I can setup 3-4 Trodes easily and dominate the early game, but then I get to the point where I run out of Trodes.
    I messed w/ Spinda/Trode and it was actually VERY good, but it seemed that Spinda late game wasn't workin out as well as I thought cause many times they would send up a Pokemon with no energy while charging something up on the bench trying to catch a breath after 4 consecutive trodes. SO, I would be forced to send up Spinda and attack for 10.

    Next I messed w/ Magmortar/Electrode.
    Electrode overshadowed the whole idea of having Magmortar in there. Magmortar almost never saw play and when it did I was up against an Empoleon and it got smashed.

    Right now I am messing with Queen/Trode.
    Works really well overall, but my trainer engine isn't working. I need that early rare candy and can never get it. Once I setup a Queen though the deck wrecks everything else, but I first tested 4 boost. Now I am going w/ 4 DRE cause they are also good w/ Trode.

    Next I will test Kricketune/Trode
    It sounds like it won't work, but I think it can work. T2 Tune for 70 or 80 sweeps up the first couple prizes and then multiple Trodes take out slightly bigger threats and sweep the rest. 4 Night Maintenance also will let me reuse a Trode if I need to.

    Those are what I am thinking of right now.

    Your most promising bet from what I have tested is Queen/Trode.
    OR Spin/Trode, it just needs a lil work.

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