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Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by Karsten_chetcuti, Jul 16, 2008.

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  1. Karsten_chetcuti

    Karsten_chetcuti New Member


    4 piplip dp
    2 prinplup dp
    3 empoleon md
    1 empileon LV.X

    2 helix fossil
    1 omanayte
    2 omastar

    2 baltoy
    2 claydol


    12 water
    4 call


    3 bebe
    1 luxary ball
    4 rare candy
    3 POV
    2 wager
    4 pokedrawer
    2 SSU
    2 warp point
    2 night matinence
    2 roseanne's research

    Pokedrawer + – Trainer

    You can play 2 copies of this card at the same time.
    If you play 1 copy, draw 1 card from your deck.
    If you play 2 copies, search your deck for up to 2 cards and put them in your hand. Shuffle your deck afterward. (This counts as the effect of both cards.)

    Luxury Ball – Trainer

    Search your deck for 1 Pokemon card (excluding Pokemon LV.X), show it to your opponent, and put it in your hand. Shuffle your deck afterward.
    If there’s already a card named Luxury Ball in your discard pile, you can’t play this card.

    This is an empoelon deck for the new rotation (DP on)..the strategy is to spread damage with empoleon and than use omatar's power to de evolve and KO their pokemon..i need help with the trainer line thx.
  2. ninjachris96

    ninjachris96 New Member

    looks solid. i was planning someting a lot like this.

    well in my opinion phione is claydol's lover, and if you're goiong to use SSU run 4. and you dont need POV here
  3. Karsten_chetcuti

    Karsten_chetcuti New Member

    well i dnt like phione very much becasue it wastes space on your bench and in the deck
  4. Rai

    Rai <a href="http://pokegym.net/forums/showpost.php?p=

    Wait a minute, a water deck, and you aren't abusing Ditto (who's capable of copying very cheep attacks off Kingdra, capable of snagging starter's attacks like Phione/Furret/etc., and capable of semi-walling stuff that're resistant to themselves and deal weak damage to start, like Gliscor)?

    I think since Luxury Ball doesn't come until IFDS, you can spare the single slot for now. Just my thoughts.
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