Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by fayt255, May 5, 2008.

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  1. fayt255

    fayt255 New Member

    woke up this morning with a new deck idea and thought it wouldnt be too bad. Could use some help tho Here it is:
    2xglaceon (1 of each)
    1xglaceon lv x
    1xleafeon lv x
    2xempoleon MD
    1xprinplup MD
    2xholons castform

    trainers, etc:
    2xrare candy
    2xcessation crystal
    2xcelios network
    2xpremier ball
    1xamulet coin
    3xnight maintenance

    10x:water: energy
    1x:colorlesscall energy
    1x:colorlessheal energy

    an ideal situation is to start with a pachi and a smeargle, and at least an energy or supp or two, which shouldnt be that hard. break out a glaceon or leafeon on the bench and load up the energy from smeargle. Then, premier for leafeon lv x and go to work for 30+ 10 for every energy you have in play
    Suggestions??? idc you can be harsh cuz after all, i just randomly made this up
  2. burnpsy

    burnpsy New Member

    too many singles...

    and this deck idea has been posted everywhere already...
  3. fayt255

    fayt255 New Member

    some of these singles work with the deck, like smeargle and pachi. others, like lunasol, i put in there because they are good cards. but thats cool. i know that the general idea is frequent but this exact idea isnt.
  4. burnpsy

    burnpsy New Member

    wait, why cessation AND Glaceon X???
  5. Brawler

    Brawler <a href="http://pokegym.net/forums/showpost.php?p=

    No Heal Energy. It stinks.
    -2 Holon Castform wont help.
    + 2 Pachi you NEVER play 1 Pachi.
    -1-1 Lunatone Solrock line takes up space.
    I have TOO many changes to make, but here's MY list.

    4 Eevee (CFF)
    2 Glaceon(Other one sucks so play holo ones.)
    2 Glaceon X
    2 Leafeon (HOLO)
    2 Leafeon X (3 Energy per turn helps.)
    4 Piplup (There are TWO MD ones,always specify which you are playing.)
    4 Prinplup DP (A smart Empoleon player spreads damage.)
    2 Empoleon MD
    1 Empoleon DP(Sniping)
    1 Empoleon X DP
    3 Pachi(........)
    2 Phione (If you dont know which one im talking about,then....)
    (No Espeon.Umbreon. Only play those in PURE Eveelutions.)
    4 Celio
    3 Candy
    3 TGW
    (Playing Cess is Retarded,since Leafeon X accelerates energy,and Glaceon X shuts down powers.)
    3 Roseanne
    2 Warp Point
    3 TVR
    2 Quick Ball
    9 Water
    4 DRE
    2 Scramble

    You always play TOO many singles,and unessecary energy.
    You NEVER play 1 copy of starter.
    Smergale is not a great starter.
    No call energy,ends turn.
    Dont play new energies,they SUCK.
    First list, 1/10
    My list 7/10.
    Dont play ANY singles.
  6. Magic_Umbreon

    Magic_Umbreon Researching Tower Scientist, Retired

    Glaceon LvX to stop the poké-powers, cessation for when you don't have Glaceon LvX and to stop poké-bodies.
  7. burnpsy

    burnpsy New Member

    sigh... listen to brawler... you deck REALLY needed changes, and those were them... maybe a few more but yeah...
  8. fayt255

    fayt255 New Member

    hmmmm....yea sorry should have specified. i like these changes, but 3 TGW also poses a space problem. Thanx to Magic for realizing that cess is for when glaceon x gets low on hp. ill just even out from this new list.
    -2DRE (castform is better)
    -1quick ball

    +1holons castform
    +2premier ball
    +1dawn stadium
    +2night maintenance
  9. Brawler

    Brawler <a href="http://pokegym.net/forums/showpost.php?p=

    Again, you should always play multiples.
    TGW dosent create space issues(mabye for u) but,it screws your opponent though.
    I do like this deck after you made changes.
    Good luck with it!:thumb:
  10. mca3

    mca3 New Member

    I Already posted a Empoleon/Glacion/Vaporeon deck about a month ago or so, I think I posted it first, if I am NOT mistaken. I like the deck, but TOO MUCH Clutter!!!
  11. Dragon100

    Dragon100 New Member

    no need to put cessy crystal in tihs deck as glaceon lv x blocks your opponents power.
  12. fayt255

    fayt255 New Member

    cool sounds good, i wanted to put vaporeon in it but i like glaceon and i wanted to keep down the number of eevee evolutions. i tried it out a couple of times and after the new changes it works pretty well in my opinion but it could be a bit faster, but thats ok
  13. Brawler

    Brawler <a href="http://pokegym.net/forums/showpost.php?p=

    Wow, such a smart alic and a pain.

    It's HIS deck. Not your's. HIS.

    Now with MD out, IDK if it will work anymore.
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