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  1. reptilemaster

    reptilemaster New Member

    This is my empoleon deck I'm testing. Is there any changes I should make to it?

    Pokemon 20
    1 empoleon lv x mt
    3 empoleon dp
    4 prinplup dp
    4 piplup dp
    2 mantine mt
    2 mantyke dp
    1 rayquaza d hp
    1 absol ex pk
    2 holon's castform hp

    trainers 24
    4 celio's network cg
    3 holon mentor df
    3 tv reporter df
    3 rare candy hp
    3 windstorm cg
    2 scott pk
    2 team galactic's wager mt
    2 steven's advice pk
    2 night maintenance mt

    energy 16
    10 water energy
    3 scramble energy df
    3 holon energy wp df

    Basically just use the prinplups or empoleons to spread as much as possible.
    The mantines are there for free retreat, the rayquazas are there for no weakness, and the absol is to move damage around.
    The holon's castforms are there for either energy or to sacrifice for your scrambles.

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  2. jconti2818

    jconti2818 Member

    My son plays a similar deck but without the Absol, Rayquazza, or Castforms. Have you thought of a 2-2 Remoraid/Octillery line--in our area, a lot of people are playing special energies and Octillery's attack is doubly deadly in this respect!
  3. reptilemaster

    reptilemaster New Member

    I thought about it, but not to many people in my area use special energies.
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