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  1. chablastvena

    chablastvena New Member

    my deck for nats :biggrin:


    1 tauros
    3 piplup dp
    2 prinplup dp
    2 empoleon md
    1 empoleon dp
    1 empoleon lv X dp
    2 mareep sw
    1 flaaffy sw
    2 ampharos sw
    2 baltoy
    2 claydol


    2 lake boundary
    2 plus power
    4 rare candy
    2 night maintenance
    2 warp point
    1 team galactic wager
    2 roseanne research
    2 steven advice
    2 celio network
    2 bebe search
    3 prof oak visit


    2 holon WP
    2 double rainbow
    3 scramble
    1 multi
    3 lightning
    6 water

    strategy: start with tauros just look for Mareep and Piplup OR start with piplup and try to go with T2 Prinplup or T3 Empoleon. Getting up Ampharos soon for spread damage with early supporter.

    furret, claydol or another pokemon????'

    :water: :lightning
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  2. baby mario

    baby mario Front Page Article Editor<br><a href="http://pokeg

    Claydol > 2-2 Furret, because you won't even start with Sentret all that much.

    I'd probably take out a PlusPower for another Roseanne.

    The Energy looks a bit wrong. You don't need so much :lightning, as Ampharos only wants to use 1. You could do with more :water: as relying on DRE only reduces Empoleon's spread (not to mention it will count as :lightning if you want to hit the bench with Ampharos).

    Otherwise it looks like a pretty good deck.
  3. chablastvena

    chablastvena New Member

    another change for this deck????''
    post plz :biggrin:
    :water: :lightning
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