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    Hello all, here I would like to know why this deck does not go away, every test, I win, but it was a victory every time pitiful, so if you have a solution because me, the more I understand. Abomasnow helped me enormously yesterday on the misfortune of my opponent or he stayed asleep , and thank the poke-power of level X

    empo 3/3/3-1
    abomasnow 2-2
    tauros 4

    cileo net 4
    rowan 4
    switch 2
    W point 1
    pokedex 2
    energy switch 2
    + power 2
    night maint 2
    speed stad 2
    glacia stad 1
    scott 1
    steven adv 1
    super scoop up2

    water 16

    Just a little precision, S.S.U are there to try to save the LV.x, use a energy switch just before the S.S.U
  2. Get rid ot the Tauros for another line of each of your hitters. add srambles , draw and a couple of great ball.
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