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Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by drugenalmighty, Apr 15, 2008.

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  1. drugenalmighty

    drugenalmighty New Member


    4-piplup (DP)
    3-prinplup (DP)
    4-empoleon (DP)
    4-lapras (GE)

    2-felicity’s drawing
    2-memory berry
    2-cessation crystal
    1-stevens advice
    3-rare candy
    2-professor rowan
    3-roseanne’s research
    2-bebe’s search
    2-celio’s network
    1-holon mentor
    2-plus power
    2-strength charm
    2-team galactics wager
    2-super scoop up


    Start with lapras and use carry in to setup. Memory berry is to allow empoleon to use aqua shower. (Incase you need to spread some quick damage so you can grab some K.O.s with ice blade.) Super scoop up is so you can pick up empoleon when he’s about to be K.O.ed.
  2. zerophenx_chaos

    zerophenx_chaos New Member

    not saying it would be better, but i personally would do 3 empoleons with 1 lv X, since its got its own sweet deals. But this seems like fun.
  3. Xenoz Blaid

    Xenoz Blaid New Member

    I agree, it's P Power really nice. I would take out scoop and put in NM. -2 bebe's +2 Celio's would be best. Hope this helps!
  4. Azure Kite

    Azure Kite New Member

    I like this deck. I must say though, Lapras was a said attempt at remaking Castaway.....:rolleyes: I will say, WAY to many trainers. And I think you might want to add in another Pokemon line of some kind.
  5. Xenoz Blaid

    Xenoz Blaid New Member

    Don't do another line, it will slow it down to much IMO.
  6. The Machampion

    The Machampion New Member

    Dude - Why Bother running Memory Berry - Empoleon Does Basically The same attacks - If YoU want To Do Ten Damage Put In A Couple Of LEftovers To Keep Prinplup Going.

    And Make amore Solid Trainer Line

    4 Empoleon Are So Much Better Than 3 and One Level X
  7. drugenalmighty

    drugenalmighty New Member

    thanks, im gonna stick with 4 empoleons cause it just plays better for me but i like the trainers advise.
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