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Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by BANGINBOX, Jan 2, 2004.

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    BANGINBOX New Member

    hello everyone,

    I have been tweekin this deck for some time now. any help would be appreciated.

    4 magnemite dragon
    4 magneton dragon
    2 chansey EX
    2 mewtwo EX-----> energy advantage
    2 wobbuffet SS
    2 roselia--------> energy advantage
    16 pokemon

    4 tv reporter
    3 juggler
    2 oaks research
    2 lady outing
    4 warp point------not taking this out!
    3 buffer piece
    2 fast ball
    2 dual ball
    1 low pressure system
    1 town volunteers
    24 trainers

    7 lime
    4 lemon
    4 grape
    2 warp
    3 boost
    20 energy

    this deck is really fast. it has great opening hand potential. i have been down severly mid game only to come back and win. i have played a gardy, blazaken, and some red face paint stuff. sure its lost , but mainly because i made a mistake with attaching. sometimes theres too many options. I feel it could hold its own with a wide variety of decks. I just need another set of eyes tearing it down.

    all comments welcome.
    jimmy :cool:
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  2. Spectreon

    Spectreon New Member

    I would consider Elekid over Roselia

    Deck isnt Grass dependant anyways. 4 Psy isnt really enough for Mewtwo and Wobbers. This way you can drop G, split it up between the other 2 types. Even drop a 1/1 and add Electabuzz SS. Good Bench hitter and Baby Evo power too.

    then drop Lady Outing for other Draw/Search.
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