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    I've been the mad lazy the last however long, not really in the mood for editing old blasted chapters of Rose Quartz Onyx; (I'm not stopping it! just taking a little break from editing, that's all.) nor have I been interested in continuing the story from where I left off as well, given I'm at some boring part and it's just dull in its entirety to write. So, I just got my creative juices, some thoughts, and hopefully I know my way around an old game or two to make this a decently enjoyable work in progress. I have no idea how long it'll be, and I don't have a great working title for this. I don't know if I'll drop it. Just as artists have warm-up doodle sessions, I'll have my doodle session of a random piece.

    This first part isn't even the prologue; normally I don't even have prologues, so writing two of the sort is sorta weird, in a way. (Having trouble finding the actual name for the prologue before the prologue right now, so this chapter will be nameless for a while...)

    Chapter Index:

    Pro-Prologue (scroll down)
    Chap. 1: Change



    “Here ye, here ye, oh young, fine gentlemen!” Sharp taps upon a shimmering goblet filled to the brim with the most pungent liquid man could buy with a piece of rare metal caused the general ruckus around the stone-cobbled room to cease. Even the befriended wild creatures of the deadly forest paused to heed the words of the young warrior standing before them. His prized hilt concealing the sword that had done in both human and monster alike, his armor gleamed a curious silver in the torchlight. Fire bounced off his copper eyes, both proud as he raised his cup and cocky in the most foolish of ways. With his premature, slate-gray hair resting beside his ears, he paused only a moment more to ensure all had their worthy attention spans focusing on him.

    “Dearest gentlemen of my clan,” he began in his boisterous voice, “I praise ye all for nothing short of an amazing battle against the Rebellion! Once more we have protected His Highness’s lands from those no-good fiends, longing to seize hold of the Earth and all of its riches for their own greedy ends.” He briefly hesitated in his speech, so as to allow the several other soldiers below his mighty gaze to cheer rambunctiously and bang precariously upon the splintering tables before them. The various creatures around the room themselves called happily to the event, with fur bristling, fires crackling and feathers dancing wildly in the air. Raising a gauntlet, quiescence once again fell in the gathering room.

    “Now, may we all pray, dear gentlemen, for the souls to come to their senses, and that these vile, despicable acts of treason against His Majesty be brought to a halt; His Royal Highness has been more than accommodating for us, in the way he shelters us and gives us hearty meals to live off of. Now, let us also pray, my gentlemen, for the poor souls who’s lives were extinguished within the heat of the battle, serving His Highness’s will; and for that of our hearty comrades of the forests, such wondrous monsters as the esteemed ‘Nightingale’, the loyal and beautiful ‘Duchess’, and, of course, our stupendous and comical duo ‘Nevermore’ and ‘Moreso’ for their endless co-operations and services for our merry group.” Hoots and hollers agreed most rambunctiously as the raven-like monster buffed out his onyx chest feathers, the feminine yet human-esque creature curtseyed, and the ochre-bodied mice immediately took to a table top, showering the spectators with a dazzling display of white and orange sparks.

    “Aye, nevermore be those bloody enemies, and moreso I hope my cup will be filled with the best wine there is!” a man called from the table as guffaws spread like wildfire.

    “I’ll drink to that, my fine fellow!” another responded.

    “Here ye! Here ye! Ye shall all be blasted brutes if ye don’t let a good man finish his statement, now should ye?” the captain bellowed, and son the silence was nearly deafening. “...now, tomorrow night, with the good help of our forest lead ‘Dragonflower’…” at this, he nodded off to his left side, where a large, dinosaur like creature stood on all four warted feet. Even with the face of a toad and the eyes of a snake, it was the brilliant red flower of the plant-dweller that bloomed from his gigantic back that made ‘Dragonflower’ so intimidating. Dragonflower’s eyes set across the room at the mention of his name, peering down endlessly at the soldiers; his gaze was filled with hunger, yet with kindness all the same. “…we shall burst into the very evil woods themselves, the stronghold of those ruffians, the Sinister Woods!”

    Mutters and gossips flew around swiftly at the name of the forbidden place.

    “Come now, men! Ye all are young and brave at heart! Such treks as these, through the woods, shall be nothing!”

    “But, Sir Kehy’taro!” one bold member shouted. “Those evil woods ye speak of…they’re the Devil’s land! Those the mighty Underlord doesn’t kill, he steals their very souls and turns them into monsters far fouler than the imagination can believe in-”

    “Nonsense, Sir Aaron, or have ye completely lost your head in this blasted heat?” Sir Kehy’taro retorted, his heavy leather boots clad in armor carrying him into the numbers. “Ghosts, the Devil, such is mere folklore used for children to keep them on their chores instead of having them run off to espionage upon the Rebels and thus have their heads returned to their widowed mothers! Also in disagreement, my fine sir, we do have the fine Miss Dawn in our powerful hands, and from our excellent powers of persuasion and bribery for her well-being and marriagability, she hath disclosed to us that the foul Sinister Woods indeed be the place we may find their stronghold! I shall have no talk against this! We shall head out at noon tomorrow!”

    Murmurs still were cast in the sanctuary’s haze, as all eyes fell upon the fair lady whom they had spoke about. With shining strawberry brunette hair and curves not born from a corset, Miss Dawn defiantly eyed the crowd back as she struggled endlessly against the ropes that pinioned her wrists. The curiously blue eyes of hers shot around, daring anything be said about her. As one man fought to drag up her light red gown, she swiftly kicked him with the heel of her shoe. Laughter prevailed as the lady was pulled away by a human-type, blue-skinned, muscular monster.

    “Laugh may ye,” she began with all distaste, “but the words that Sir Aaron speak are the truth, let it be known! Dare any enemy delve into the Sinister Woods without the blessing of the forest guardian Ninetales, then all shall be betrothed to an eternity to serving your Highness as monsters!”

    “Ninetales? Ha! Mere balderdash! We know not a creature by that name,” Kehy’taro scoffed, thumbing his nose rudely her way. “Ye should know better to keep your words tidy and clean of ill-will, miss, less you find yourself without your escort ‘Pounder’!”

    “Her name is Machoke, ye fiend! I don’t care about what the king decides to name them-”

    “That’s His Royal Highness to you, wench!” the captain cried, and she gasped in all of the indignity her name was given. “Ye shall become just that if ye don’t still that tongue of yours! Now, drink up, my merry men, and let us feast in preparation for tomorrow eve!” With a hot temper, the man sat down at the head of his table, and soon the joyous entirety of the celebration was once again afoot.

    “Are ye sure this is the proper route, ‘Dragonflower’?” Kehy’taro questioned in a small breath to the grass monster as they trudged along. Deep green foliage above blocked out the morning light, and various creatures lightly hooted and sung. Even the crickets and their song were eerily quiet; all noise seemed to come from the man and his party. Too many twigs seemed to snap underfoot, too much brush was chopped aside noisily. Guiding his men with the lady snugly barricaded in the middle of the pack, the leader felt great unease for the party.

    “Saur,” the brutal monster answered with a simple flick of his head up and down.

    “Why have we not seen a collection of the Rebels, then? Or any rogue fiends that dare go against His Majesty’s blessing and oppose us for death?”

    “Venu, venusaur,” was the blunt response with a shake of his mighty head.

    “I suppose one may not always have the answers to this world…”

    “Sir?” a soldier stepped up, kneeling only for a moment behind him.

    “What is it, courageous one?”

    “Sir, we have been noticing that as we make our progression through these forsaken woods, men have slowly been disappearing,” his voice quivered. Even though his helmet covered his face, the soldier was clearly pouring beads of sweat from beneath his visor. At this Kehy’taro paused, eyeing the man with his intimidating glare.

    “Surely they know the penalty of leaving His Majesty’s duties without direct permission from His Highness himself is that of treason?”

    “Sir, they were some of our most loyal men, sir,” he muttered meekly. “I do trust they knew the price too well, alas something nasty has become of them, sir?”

    “I didn’t hear a bloody thing, though…are ye suspecting of an ambush lying in wait, or are ye being filled with faerie-tale stories that the old wench threatened us so poorly with?”

    “No, sir, it just happens that-”

    “Sir! Seven more men just went missing!” another boldly called, and swiftly the orange eyes launched to the supposed spot. Lady Dawn’s escort had swooped her upon her shoulder defensively, and several heads of steel weren’t present around the fair maiden. With a defiant fire in her eye, the female spoke once more.

    “Your men hath been deemed as easy targets for the Devil and his servants of this forest for your dishonest deeds and for His Majesty’s unfair taxes, Sir Kehy’taro!”

    “Speak not further, woman, lest I allow these fine gentlemen to have their way with ye!” he raged, but soon his words were drowned out.

    There were hundreds of them. If there were four score of men left from the abductions, each would be allowed to deal with five men and monsters combined easy. All against the King’s party loomed down from tree and bush like hungry vultures slowly encircling their prey as they make their last dying breaths. Upon their numerous numbers golden emblems embraced their arms, horns, legs, and wings with their own self-righteous symbol against the Monarch. They stood or scrunched there, waiting, some with tooth, sword or spear in hand. They just waited, breathlessly, motionlessly, as though painted statues welcoming them to a castle instead of a battle royale.

    With pupils small and eyes wide, the leader paused momentarily in the deafening silence before he ordered what he knew to be his last.


    The scene jumped to life; weapons flew to clash with one another, archers pierced their targets, teeth gnawed on helpless victims, dangerous leaves slashed open wounds from the forest monsters, and death began to reek on the floor of the woods as the battle began. Removing his weapon from a now past adversary, the great man caught sight of the Lady being led off by monster and few soldiers alike into the woods. Hesitating only a moment to defeat another foe, the man’s slate, ragged hair flew behind him as he set chase.


    Alas, he knew it wouldn’t have done much good, but it seemed to push the escaping party to move faster. Glancing back momentarily to watch flocks of crows dive in on the enemy upon ‘Nightingale’s orders, with a whistle the general called the gorgeous green and white creature to his side.

    “I need your sight to see where they’re headed so we aren’t lost of their trail!” he ordered, and swiftly ‘Duchess’ nodded. Closing her garnet eyes, her aura cast into the forest. Without a second thought, he called to his best man to take over the battle temporarily before he dove deep into the woods.

    Panting, wood cracking, and the simple hum of psychic sight grew to be the only thing for Kehy’taro’s ears to pick up as he pursued the team.

    “Halt! Halt I say, lest I must execute you for treason against His Majesty’s orders!” he kept his orders throaty.

    “Fall to the evil of thy woods where you belong, scum!” Dawn called back. “…Oomph!” Soon her muscleous mount fell over a root in her hurry to escape, and the fair lady tumbled onto the ground. Attempting to quickly get her on her feet, the two soldiers of the Rebellion swept to her side, but the twenty-first general of the Royal Army took full advantage over the situation; with two simple motions of his sword wrist, they gasped their last breaths. The maiden trembled beneath his glare as he slowly lowered down to grab her.

    “Come on, wench. I will see to it ye shall never marry now…”

    “Halt.” Sudden words spoken with a wonderful English accent made him pause and rise to his feet. Even Lady Dawn was spooked.

    “Who dareth command me, by order of the Royal King, to bow to thee and stop my righteous actions?”

    “That, ye bold and arrogant fool, would be me.” Golden and brown fur gleamed in what little light was provided. Nine tails bat about freely as the fox creature stepped forth, muzzle long and as gorgeous as its backend appendages. Keen red eyes stared quite intensely upon the man of the King, even making him draw back as the gentle paws stepped out of the brush.

    “Mistress Ninetales!” Dawn gasped, and immediately bowed her head. Kehy’taro gaped, falling in love with the fur of the creature quicker than a man could die. Paying no heed to her admirer, Ninetales spoke once more in that flawless speech.

    “If ye are so foolish to try and harm the fair Lady Dawn here, or are so blatantly stupid to try and come into the forest knowing oft your death in the first place, then I commend ye for your overwhelming courage and lack of tact.” The fox hesitated as the man shook his head, and began cackling. “A man made mad with a sword in hand is quite a dangerous state to be in. Do choose your actions well, Noble Fighter of the Human King…”

    “A creature such as yourself…such a pity that the tongue of English had to be wasted by the legendaries themselves on something that must be skinned…” he chortled recklessly, and without another say-so on the matter, he stretched his hand out and roughly latched onto one of the several tails at his disposal to cut one off as his personal prize.

    Ninetales released a yelp.

    Her glare turned him to stone.

    Raising an unnatural cry, otherworldly powers surrounded the fox, and the man backed off, though too little too late. “May ye be cursed eternally for your evil actions against the world, cursed to watch the kingdom ye seem so captivated by for eternity fall to shambles and not have the ability to do anything about it…!”

    Just as the final word had been cast, a shade of green flew in front of his body, arms thrown open protectively.

    Black light encompassed the poor ‘Duchess’, who gave a sorrowful cry as her eyes locked onto the man’s. In absolute disbelief as he watched the creature wreathe in pain, the golden creature turned her eyes once more to the man.

    “Such a man, to have a Gardevoir so willingly protect ye…” she began, gazing at the emotion monster. “Will you cast aside your foolish ways to do what ye know to be proper and save her?”

    He gazed at the moaning creature, at the lady, and then took a step back.

    “Know if ye leave, ye shall receive a worse fate when ye meet your end,” Ninetales began, but he was already gone. Soon Gardevoir cried no more. Lady Dawn, holding back tears, gazed to the vulpine.


    “One day shall come where his soul is finally allowed to reincarnate, near the day of my millennia birthday. A sentence of living nor in Heaven, ****, or on this Earth, but in pitch black nothingness shall not quell his desires for power, though I pray it shall allow him time to think oft what he hath done. The least I can do is ensure that if he may be reckless and attempt to destroy our world again, that his soul may be completely eradicated.”

    “But, Mistress Ninetales, what if he does succeed in the attempt to rule the world when he reincarnates? What then?”

    “…I’ll see to it that will not happen, Lady Dawn. Nobly so, I will see to it he hath a counter, a positive soul, to balance the light with the dark…”


    (and no, thank GOD the rest of the story isn't like that. *dead from writing like that. Forever* I just had to set the timeframe. Aaaand given I'm saying that Pokeballs haven't been invented around that time, then there couldn't have been any Pokemon, as you can't exactly fit a Tyranitar in your pocket if they're no Pokeballs to have it in, you know? So they were just known as 'monsters'.)
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    Cool. Combining the sir Aaron thing with Mystery Dungeons...
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    This is rare. I can't say anything against this. Just be careful that you don't retread MDR and MDB with this FF. That would be exceptionally boring.
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    Wow, this is amazing.
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    Yeah, is this going to be anything like Mystery Dungeon? Amazing.
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    Yeah, its an MD fic. Thanks, Bullados, and I know it's gonna be hard. I wanna keep the general gist of it, but I'mma have a really tough time discerning blah stuff and key points. I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing at this point. :D


    “Asa…Asa! Stop daydreaming and pay attention to your lessons!” A voice startled the young girl from her thoughts.

    “Hmm?” Flushing a bright red, her hazel eyes swept around the giggling room nervously.

    “We’re on page forty-two of our textbook, Asa. Please read for us about the status condition ‘paralyze’,” the slightly wearied teacher commanded, fixing her glasses from behind her desk. The mentor’s long fingers typed something into the curriculum laptop.

    “Ah, yes, yes, the condition ‘paralyze’…” Asa rose to her small height of four foot three, twiddling her short, thick, rich dirty blonde hair endlessly between one hand and holding the book up to her rosy face with the other. She shifted uneasily in her knee-length mother-of-pearl skirt. “Paralyzed, or ‘unable to move’. Certain moves, such as Thunder Wave or Stun Spore, cause paralysis. Paralysis is a state of being for a Pokemon when they become sluggish and often unable to move or attack from a numbness to their muscles. Paralyzed Pokemon can be cured with items like Cheri Berries or Paralyz Heal, which may be bought for a trainer’s convenience at most local markets. Humans, too, may be-”

    Her words ended rather abruptly when something the size and austerity of a quarter bounced off the back of her skull. “Ow!” she cried, rubbing her head. Snapping around to see the snickering class clowns, and turning her vision downward, the student eyeballed the ruby red, petite berry resting on the ground. With a sour disposition, she picked the Cheri up using its long, vine like stem, and held it before her. The vine caught on her matching white blouse.

    “Hush! That will be enough! I will see you two after class, young men. We do not throw items in the classroom!” the teacher huffed, taking the rough and tough berry from Asa’s hands. “…do continue, Asa.”

    “Right…Humans, too, may be paralyzed by such moves. In either case, if used improperly in battle, paralysis can lead to asfix-…asfix…”


    “Asphyxiation,” she continued, but had to briefly thumb over to the glossary to see what the word meant. “It can lead to asphyxiation, mental paralysis, or permanent loss of control over muscles. Paralysis must be used in great care in battle, and it is easy to overdo it in the beginning for most beginning Pokemon like Pikachu or Oddish.” At finishing her last line, she sat down with the temporary red face paint on her cheeks, and drifted off into her dreams again, just after hearing ‘Thank you, Asa…’ from the professor.

    Pikachu…Oddish…such common Pokemon. Why should we have to study about stuff I learned ages ago, anyways? I don’t see why Mom thought this would be a good idea for me, she bitterly thought, rubbing at her chin as she examined a page of text, as though following along. I mean, the only status conditions I don’t know about is Attract, and that’s only because they don’t even discuss it! Not to mention I do know all about the other things a trainer has to do. I don’t even want to be a trainer. I really wish she wouldn’t force my father’s ideals on me like this. Daddy was never this pushy…no, if I was to do anything concerning Pokemon, I’d like to think I wouldn’t like being stuffed in a Pokeball and being told what to do constantly…if I was a Pokemon. Almost dreamily, she sighed. If I was a Pokemon…oh, pull yourself together, Asa! You know that can never happen, as nice as it’d be…and even though I would just be able to endlessly play and daydream all I’d want…!

    Her mind’s business shifted to leaving as the obnoxious bell tolled for the students to leave. Snapping out of her stance, she swiftly shoved her text into her small bag and hustled out as fast as she could to avoid the teacher’s condemning eye. The small city air greeted her lungs, far less polluted than that of her hometown Goldenrod. Various lilacs had decided to bloom late in the season, and the sweet yellow that made the city shimmer near her house had long since expired. People bustled about on the paved roads; monks bowed their heads to passer-byes to wish them a good day as they headed off towards the mysterious landmark of the town, trainers held street battles, and shoppers and merchants attempted to make their deals. Instead of concentrating on the cries she could hear that echoed all the way from Falkner’s gym as a challenge ensued to his liking, she turned her eyes to the sky, where she noted a reddish feather falling before her.

    “Breeze? Are you around here somewhere?”

    “Karuu!” the sharp response cried out from behind, and sweeping around, she noticed the creature before her.

    “Sorry, Breeze, I don’t have too long to play today…Mom said she had to pick me up for lessons in Ecruteak on ‘being a lady’…” To place great emphasis on her words, she hooked her gentle index and middle fingers from each hand twice. The tiny bird, covered in a quaint down of mahogany feathers with a shark pink beak, doubled to twice her size as she shook her feathers wildly and shortly thereafter preened her wing diligently. “Ha, yeah, I know…it is a lot of Tauros, isn’t it?” Giving her an expectant glance, the Pidgey merely circled her auburn eyes to the endless blue she called home before continuing with her cleaning. “Haha! You’re always so funny, I swear…sometimes it’s almost like you can understand me, huh?”

    “Karuu ruu…” she cooed mindlessly as she fluttered down onto the tar below. She pecked at the ground at a non-existent worm, before her glare turned to Asa.

    “You hungry again, you moocher?” As soon as the human even muttered the word ‘hungry’, the bird hopped up and down rapidly.

    “Karuu! Karuu!”

    “Okay, okay! Haha, I swear, I’ll die of starvation if you keep stealing my food…I hope just some bread will do…it’s all I can really afford to sneak out that you’ll eat.” Asa amusedly plopped herself down on a nearby bench facing the Violet City Gym, and soon her pink tote was settled on her lap. With a flutter Breeze too rested on the bench, greedily watching her hand’s every motion as she delved into her pack. “Now, let’s see…here we are!” With nothing more than a pure smile on her face, her hands yanked out a slice of wheat bread. The bird’s eyes lit up at the sight of it, and started chirping endlessly for food. “What did I tell you…oh, do you want to choke? I’m ripping up the pieces so you don’t choke yourself, you hungry fiend!”


    “Oogh. Mom,” the child simply gulped, shredding the bread as fast as her fingers would allow for it. As each bite of the bread came undone, the Pidgey swiftly dipped her head down into her palm, gingerly pecked the morsel up, and swallowed it whole. Asa turned her gaze out to the city nervously, finding her mother waving for her from afar. With all haste she finished, and met eye to eye with the hatchling. “Now, don’t go choking on any of these pieces, I know they’re big. I’m going to leave them right here. I have to go now…ah ha ha, stop it, Breeze! That tickles!” Giggling heartily, the girl was no match for the mighty affectionate nibbles of the bird onto her ear and nose. “And you-you know Mom is allergic to Pidgeys, too! Come on! I can’t give you more food if I get caught feeding a stray Pidgey!”

    At that, the bird backed off, feathers afluff. “Karuuuuu?” Her shining eyes pleadingly gaped up to hers.

    “…now, Breeze, don’t give me that look. I have to go! And I swear, even if it is just a Cheri Berry or some other berry like that, I will definitely not let you go hungry, especially not after your parents wouldn’t take you back into their nest after you got that broken wing. Rest assured of that, I promise you.” With one last affectionate and grateful peck, Breeze huddled off, talons clutching the wood of the bench. The girl rose to her Sprinting Sneakers, courtesy of the Silph affiliates her mother worked for, and cautiously lay each piece before the bird with a sad look in her eye. Without a moment to lose, her thick hair caught in the wind lightly as she chased to where her mother stood. If I was to be a Pokemon…yeah, I’d want to be one that could fly. Fly as high as I’d like, sit in the clouds, and just enjoy life…not have to worry about growing up and meeting these stupid expectations set for-

    “Asa, what where you…ah-CHOO!” the tight-lipped mother began, before her knobbly fingers withdrew a handkerchief from her business suit pocket. The sneezing fit of the business woman hindered her speech greatly. “Were you…choo! …around any, any…choo! …blasted birds? Oh, I’ve just about had it with this hick-town…choo! Choo!”

    “No, but I did hear that there’s a nest in the school,” Asa tried hopefully. Maybe, she thought, if I can convince her that it’s not suitable and there’s no point in it…

    “Rumors? Oh, come on, Asa-CHOO!”

    “To your wishes, Mom!” the child responded, and soon the dark brunette with deeper colored eyes stuffed the unsavory cloth into her navy blue pocket once more.

    “Thank you, darling, but we must be off. You can’t be late for your, your…AH-CHOO! …courtesy lessons in Ecruteak…”

    “But Mom, why do I have to go there? Both schools are just a waste of ti-”

    “I shall not have you call them a waste of time, young lady!” the large woman towered over her. “You’ll be turning ten in this next week! I cannot allow you off with your head filled with such silly fantasies as legendaries and being so…” her words hesitated, as she rose the handkerchief once more, though no interruption came. “…naïve about the world. A good trainer needs to be prepared for the worst and the best, as they say!”

    “I’m not naïve, Mom, and they’re just teaching me stuff I already know!” Asa retorted as she was being led off by her hand in quick steps.

    “Taxi…! Hush now, child. We’ve been over this before. You’re going, and then I’m sending you off to New Bark Town to meet up with-choo! …Professor Elm to start on your journey. Training is the big profession of this day, mind you!”

    “But what if I don’t want to be a trainer, mother? I don’t want to go and treat them like slaves!” Yanking her hand out of her grasp, the mother spun to glare at her with a purple face and sour-puckered lips. A yellow-lined Ford pulled up to the curb. Asa’s parent bent down into her face as she yanked the door open. The child could feel the heat radiating off from her expression; nervously she shrunk back.

    “I never said you had to treat them like slaves.”

    “That’s what you do when you snatch them from your home and just battle for sheer enjoyment and personal gain! I won’t be a part of it!”

    “Asa, you come to your senses right this minute and get in the cab. No more. I will not have you defy me in public like this. Come on.” A surprisingly cruel hand for such a lovely-looking woman, Asa cried as she was shoved into the back seat of the car, and to the left window seat.

    “Where to, ma’am?” the cab driver casually questioned, resetting the digital meter on the dashboard.

    “Ecruteak, and please do make all haste.”

    “I’ll do what I can legally, ma’am.” With a tip of his hat, soon the vehicle was rolling. Asa shifted uneasily underneath the binds of the safety belt; car rides were extremely dangerous, and Pidgeot flights far less so, but the girl had to suffer the feeling of being trapped in a metal can because of her mother’s allergies. Yes, she thought to herself, I would definitely be some sort of flying type of Pokemon if I could be one at all. Maybe I’d be a Pidgeot just to set her allergies off and make her as miserable and unfair as I feel, and help others love the feel of flight as well, even if they couldn’t achieve it. Then I’d show them…

    “Oh, Leonardo, it isn’t fair…” Asa found herself tightly gripping the stuffed Shinx, growing flatter by the moment even after years of snuggling and drooling over the animal. His face remained blithe with his toothy grin while hers was plaintive; tears fell upon his furry turquoise mane as she rubbed her hand over the black and blue-green stripes. “I don’t want to have to go and face all of this. It’s so dumb! I don’t care if Dad was a great Pokemon trainer, one of the first to defeat the Elite Four…it’s not fair that Mom’s so greedy about it and wants her last name to be recognized in the world from both of our feats! Daddy didn’t want that either…but, now that he’s in Sinnoh or beyond, so far away, he can’t stop her…but, at least I have you, Leonardo, to remind me of him…”

    “Asa! Supper’s on the table!” At the call, she grimaced.

    “I didn’t hear a doorbell, Leonardo…that must mean she was cooking today. Oh, I hate her cooking! I don’t understand why she won’t let me in the kitchen to cook for myself! I am a better cook than she is with the baking sessions I had with Daddy!”

    “Asa! Now, and leave that awful stuffed toy up there!”

    “He’s not a toy!”

    “Get your heads out of the clouds and come eat!” the mother bellowed. “I’m going to be late for a meeting and I can’t leave until you’ve consumed every morsel!”

    “Okay, I’m coming!” Sobering up her sad fountain, she placed the plush amongst her other stuffed Pokemon on her bed, gazing into his eyes. “Leonardo, I am jealous of your ability not to have to taste food. Maybe I could just refuse to eat it and make her so late for her Silph meeting she’d be fired, and then we’d see how she handles her pain!” Golden sewn eyes did not blink back. “Ah, maybe you’re right…then she’d try to shove the food down my throat and take all her anger out on me…well, pray I don’t get food poisoning…”

    With a final affectionate pet of the Pokedoll, she dashed off, down the long, wood-floored corridor lined with pictures of the family and many of her father’s friends and admirers. Without stopping to blink at her favorite of the yellowing photographs, she ran her fingers along the smooth mahogany banister, gripping the orb located at the end of it. Allowing her momentum to swing her to the foot of the stairs thanks to her socks, she soon clattered down the well-polished steps. Performing a similar energy burst at the bottom orb, her body aimed towards the kitchen and dining room. Having great endurance and being on a professional track team allowed Asa to settle down at the table without a breath being labored. Her green-brown eyes glowered at the mystery piece of what appeared to be brown meat on her plate, littered with greenery and yellowed mashed potatoes off to the side.

    “Now, eat up. I have an extremely important meeting concerning that secret development in Saffron this evening, and the Magnet Train will be leaving at eight sharp,” the woman huffed, fixing her hair anxiously in the dining room mirror. Stilettos occasionally clapped against the hard floor, as though repeating nastily what she had already stated.

    “You burned the meat and overcooked the potatoes,” Asa grumbled.

    “Oh, don’t be silly. Those are perfectly cooked, my dear.”

    “If you’re a Lickitung that’s starving for food…”

    “What was that? You dare speak back-”

    “I said nothing!” Uneasily gripping her knife and fork, she began sawing away at the rubbery slice of meat.

    “I should be back sometime late this evening. You can have a bowl of ice cream for dessert, but don’t eat the whole carton. I know how much is in there. And make sure to brush your teeth; I’ll be checking that as well, and you know I’m able to make sure you do brush them instead of just rinsing your toothbrush. I also need you to clean up that pigsty of a room of yours before I get home. I’ll take away those uneducational video games of yours in a heartbeat if it’s not up to my standards…”

    “Yes, Mom…”

    “Don’t talk with your mouth full,” she scolded, fixing her hair in its bun. “And don’t even think of making anything when I’m gone that uses the stove. You could get a serious burn or even die if the house caught fire.”

    “I know, Mom…”

    “Do be quick about eating, Asa. Chew faster. I can’t leave until you’ve finished at least ninety-nine percent of your meal…” Grudgingly, the child obliged, fearing a night without her video games or worse. Having to eat the near rancid food made her nearly upchuck with every bite, but at last the deed was done; her plate was cleared except for one small tidbit of steak and potatoes. Before the young girl could even rise to her feet to place the plate in the stainless steel sink, Asa’s mother had bent down and gave her a cold smooch on the cheek before she bustled off. “Go to bed early, you have class again tomorrow…”

    “I will,” Asa falsely promised, her sigh being less than satisfied when she heard the door click a few times with the many locks the parent had insisted on for their house. Listening for a moment more to make sure that ‘Mommy Dearest’ was long gone and on her way, she sprinted to the bathroom and gagged her supper up. “Terrible…!” the blondette cried gently out as she leaned over the toilet. “Why? Why do I have to be stuck here with her alone? Daddy, I want you to come back…you said you’d never let your little princess come to any harm! I’m being poisoned and having all my fun killed because of Mom! Oh, please fly back here and take me far away where I can choose to fulfill my own destiny instead of this rotten trainer business!” Drops of salt water flowed into the lavatory, as steady as a leaky faucet. Her breaths consisted of three or four hiccuped air intakes before she’d cough out the carbon dioxide building in her lungs. “I just want to be taken far away from here…I want to fly somewhere far away where I don’t have to worry about my lessons or Mom’s cooking ever again!”

    Tap tap tap!

    Asa gazed up, trying to quell her tears on her sleeve rapidly to figure out where the sound came from. She held her breath.

    Tap tap tap!

    “Karuu! Karuu!”

    “…Breeze…?” Groggily returning to her feet, she exited the bathroom, eyes falling upon the back door. The Pidgey had perched on a branch hanging down from a nearby fur, and was relentlessly pecking and fluttering about to try and get her attention.


    “Breeze, what are you doing he-” As she paused to open the door, the creature hovered over trying to push her way in. “No, you can’t come in! I told you, Mom’s allergic to most birds! She would find you and have you put away in a Pokeball somewhere if she ever found out you were in the house!” At that, the bird backed off with a serious glare in her eye, perching this time on the deck only a foot away from her.

    “Karuuugey! Karuu, karuuugey!”

    “I could understand you don’t want to get stuffed in a ball. I mean, if I were a Pokemon, I wouldn’t want to be, either. I’d want to go about living a normal life in peace, never having to worry about battling…”

    “Kuuuu?” Repeating her action from earlier, the tiny bird pecked mercilessly at the patio beneath her talons.

    “Are you hungry again? I swear, you are a Spoink or a Mankey with that appetite!”

    “Kuuugey! Karuuu!” Beady eyes filled with hunger locked onto Asa.

    “Breeze…alright, I’ll grab you an apple, but you can’t eat it there! …well, Mom doesn’t even come in my room that much, unless she’s going to take away my video games. I could take your food up there and you could come into my room, so long as you don’t poop everywhere…”

    “Gey! Karuuuu!” The light of life and happiness glowed in the Pidgey’s eyes, and she fluttered about madly in gratefulness.

    “This won’t be made into a habit!”

    “You know, Breeze, I have to wonder…”


    “Well, what it’s like to be like you. A Pokemon, I mean.”


    “I know it can never happen, but I still wonder, you know…” Clutching a small card binder upon her bed, the female gazed at the completely holographic card within. “I mean, to be able to have special abilities, be able to call on the forces of nature with your moves, and be able to talk with all of you guys! I’m sure you’d all be friendly, you know, to other wild Pokemon and rarely get into fights, like with us humans. I don’t know…” Young fingers ran over the protected card. “I like to think I’d be something that could fly and could touch the sky…I’d love that more than anything else, wouldn’t you?”


    “How silly of me, you can do that already! Hahaha!”

    “Gey.” After a sarcastic glance, she continued pecking away at the core.

    “Yeah, but still…with wings, or without…that’s what I’d love! Maybe I could even be like this one Pokemon Daddy said he heard rumors about from scientists. I don’t know. He said it was cute and reminded him of me. …you know what? I wouldn’t even mind being anything cute and fuzzy, so long as I could still run- or fly- as fast as I can, without limits!” Beaming at the thought, she merely allowed thoughts of soaring through the sky to cloud her mind, until wise words came to her head.

    “Be careful of what you wish for.”

    “…Daddy always did say that…oh, Breeze…what am I going to do? I don’t want to go on a trainer’s journey and be thrown all the way over to that Professor Elm just to go against some dumb Gym Leader and ‘his’ Pokemon…”

    “Karuu, karuu!” the Pidgey concurred, feathers rustling outwards once more.

    “But, what can I do?” Sleep growing in her eyes, Asa carefully hid the booklet away underneath her bed. “As much as I hate to admit it, she’s an adult and me just a kid. I know, somehow, she’ll be keeping a strict eye on me, you know? She has her ways and Silph at her disposal. I can’t run away so easily from my journey, and I’d be forced to do something I wouldn’t want to…oh, Breeze!” Arms found themselves wrapped around the bird firmly. The bird gave a loud squawk, and resisted only for a moment until she detected wetness on her feathers. “I don’t want to be a trainer! I just want to go somewhere far away from Johto and never come back…never…”


    “…Never…” Asa whispered, and allowed her eyes to slowly slide shut.
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    Xenoz: Understandable about the clothing thing. Normally I would have given greater detail into clothing. However! Do you really think it will matter what she was wearing in the prologue if she's turning into a Pokemon? I was merely trying to show personality and skim over what won't really matter even in a chapter. You get what I'm saying?

    Anyways, still working on this chapter...might be boring and take a while to write, cause there's a good amount to cover. I'll do what I can. No bugging please, though.


    In the mean time, have a picture of our heroine in her human form with Leonardo. Granted, it's not colored in, and my linework has gone downhill recently...XD (Holy wow it's been a crazy long time sing I've drawn hoomans with big eyes...years, really...)
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    Yep, once again, very little to comment on here. I know that I love description FAR more than is really necessary, but that's just my own style. I'm still waiting on the description that will blow me away in here. Still, this was a pretty good version of the story.

    Is there a time break near the end of the chapter? I can't really tell...
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    Xenoz: I think I gave plenty for a character not even important to the plot. A seemingly beautiful lady, dark haired with pursed lips in Silph, royal blue, business suit attire whom is nothing like her outside. I don't know about you, but that gives me a vivid picture in my head of some wicked woman or something from some old film or another. Maybe that's just me. *shrug*

    Xenoz & Charmander Rox: Thank you gladly for the compliments.

    Aaaaaaaaaand I'll have the colored version of Asa soon enough, because I didn't get any writing done today. >>'

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    Ugh. Sorry this chapter took so long, guys. D: I've been sewing by behind off to finish this Chimchar plush for the prerelease tourney Sunday, not to mention this chapter is CRAZY LONG. I've mainly been burning the midnight oil when I did get a chance to write, so I apologize if at times the writing is a tad bland. *bash head on sewing machine* I swear to GOD I'll never sew another Chimchar plush for the rest of my life...

    Speaking of bland, I know it's bland in the beginning, too, taking on MD RB to a considerable tee in this chapter; I would have done it with an Umbreon looking for his lost child instead, but the Caterpie worked so well with Breeze, and I had to introduce her early on. :/ I swear, this will hopefully be the last re-writing part of the story. I'll make an effort to avoid this in the future.


    Chapter 1: Change

    “Agh! Ow! Oomph! Shoot!” The ground rumbled powerfully and wildly as cries took to the air. Sleepily, Asa opened her eyes to watch a wall of rocks fall endlessly upon a figure flailing helplessly a few feet from her face.

    “E-earthquake?! Whoa!” Rolling over rapidly, she barely escaped a particularly large boulder that fell sharply where she once lay.

    “Hey! Whoever that was! Give me a hand! These rocks are crushing my body!” the voice croaked from beneath the pile, and still half asleep, Asa crawled over once the quakes died down.

    “Are you ok?”

    “Don’t worry about that- just get me outta here before something bad does happen!” Without a thought, Asa set to work, nudging and moving all the rocks her tiny arms could handle to make a hole.

    “Just hold on!”

    “Like I have much of a choice! Ack!” the one in need of help coughed, and soon rocks tumbled endlessly away. The girl could barely make out the silhouette of someone beneath the rocks.

    “Are you ok?” she breathlessly asked, backing off the mountain of rocks to allow the victim room to breathe and escape.

    “Only feel a little faint from weakness, that’s all,” the female voice grunted. Asa’s eyes widened as a set of not hands, but igneous feathers clutched onto the top rock. Heaving herself up, the hazel eyes of the female painfully noted the person she saved was in fact a fire chick Pokemon. No…wait a minute… The Torchic clambered up with young talons, and shook herself clean of dust and debris violently. “Ow, ow, my head…” Lightly, her feathery wing took ahold of her head where a visible wound was oozing liquid gently. “Hey, thanks for that…”

    “You…can’t…no…this can’t be…?!” Asa stuttered, slowly snaking backwards. Tears began to weld up in fear.

    “Can’t be what? Are you alright yourself? You seem a nervous wreck…” the Torchic inched closer, and swiftly the girl scuttled back against a rock.

    “Don’t come any closer!” she warned hysterically. “I know people that could hurt you bad if you do anything to me!” This has to be a dream! A Torchic can’t speak English! Pokemon can’t speak English! I have to be dreaming! Everything seems so foggy, though…why am I dreaming this?

    “People to hurt me for trying to help? You’re an awfully weird one…” the Torchic moved her beak up and down with her words. With her careful eyes, she noticed the words, though she understood them clearly. The creature was saying her species name in different syllables strung together. Asa’s heartrate quickened; her heart beat like a ceremonial drum thousands of times in her throat and in her head, faster, faster, until she was gasping for breath. “Are you ok? Where’s your home? Maybe I could take you there so you could lie down…”

    “Don’t talk to me!” Asa screeched, heart deafening all other thought. Why am I so afraid? Why…why can’t I…home…? Where is…

    “Relax, relax! Your ‘Run Away’ ability is probably kicking in because you’re wounded!” Run Away ability?! What does she… Tensing up, Asa attempted to push herself to her feet, only to realize just how awkward it felt to stand on two feet, let alone notice her legs felt as though they were reversed. No…no! This can’t be… Returning to her hands, she gazed down in horror to see that what she believed to be hands were now delicate paws covered in a magenta-tinted brown fur. Hastily she turned her head about, making out her lower body. It too was covered in the soft fur of the same color, tipped with cream markings on…her tail? As though to see if it was her own, she forced her bottom to wag; along with the bizarre motion, the appendage whipped about likewise, then returned to in between her hind legs. Eyes still growing in terror, her head lashed from side to side, searching for some sort of reflective thing or another. At the sight of water, she wasted no time in galloping off as fast as her new feet would carry her. Without a glance, she stuck her entire head into the water. Sharp, bitter coldness bit at her skin underneath the fur, seeping chilly poison into her body. She yanked her head out from the water, panting and choking as her head dizzily spun, and the water rippled to smoothness once more.

    Her eyes gazed back, small and endlessly, though not her own. Though they retained their hazel hue, they belonged not to the human Asa, but to some foreign Eevee that just couldn’t have been her own eyes. She felt ears pin back against her skull as she backed away from the water, though her duplicate Eevee followed suite. The fire bird slowly questioned her actions.

    “Jeez, did you hit your head too hard or something there, miss Eev-”

    “I can’t be an Eevee! Go away!” Asa screeched, creamy mane fur catching in the wind wickedly as she sprinted away. Still feeling unnatural on all four legs, she attempted to rise to two, but once more she stumbled about and fell. The transformed human rose to her feet all too quickly and dashed off again.

    “Hey, wait! That leads to the Tiny Woods!” the Torchic called from behind, talons carrying her in pursuit.

    Why? Why is this happening? I can’t remember a thing! I remember being a human, but beyond that I can’t remember anything! Asa heaved a series of heavy breaths as she attempted to outrun the fire type. Why can’t I remember anything?! I can only remember my name! Why? Why?! This has to be a dream! It has to be! I want to be back home as a human with whoever I lived with! This just can’t be happening!

    Just gazing at the ground rushing beneath her feet with wetness clouding her vision, Asa’s heart nearly failed as she felt a scaly something bump against her smooth coat. Scattering back, she paused only a moment to say ‘sorry’ before finding some other detour to take.

    “Wait! Please!” the creature she had encountered cried, floating in front of her. The newly transformed human scurried back viciously at the sight of several midnight-lined scales upon translucent wings. Red compound eyes were nearly as frightened as the poor Eevee’s. “Please, please, you look like you’re a strong dependable type…”

    “Mrs. Butterfree? What’s the matter?” Once again Asa was startled to near death as the Torchic ran up behind her, addressing the bug type.

    “Oh, Flare! It’s my youngest Caterpie…” Butterfree was awash with tears. “We were crossing the Tiny Woods to head towards Pokemon Square, and when I turn around for a second my baby was gone!”

    “Calm down, Mrs. Butterfree, it’s alright…”

    “No, it isn’t Flare! There have been uprisings of Pidgey all throughout that forest! He could become a meal at any second! He could….he could already be…” Unable to finish her overbearing thought, the blue creature roughly flitted down to the hard earth and broke down.

    “It’ll be alright, Mrs. Butterfree… really, it will be! Have you sent an SOS mail concerning the disappearance?”

    “I haven’t the time! I can’t find it in my heart to fly all the way back to Pokemon Square and post up a rescue request! I’ve been trying to stop the few teams that do head on in, but I’ve been coming up with nothing!”

    Tears stilled, Asa gazed at the mourning mother and the Torchic. Slowly her hazel eyes dragged her interest off to the forest before her. Maybe…maybe I’m being too selfish here. There’s a mother searching for her child, and even though I have no idea what I’m doing here, and just how frightening these events are, I should try to help, someway…

    Without a word, Asa lifted her feet and took to the small forest, pebbles flinging outwards from her paws and blades of grass bending under her petit weight.

    “H-hey, where’re you going?! That leads to the-”

    “The Tiny Woods!” the human-turned-Pokemon called, and continued on her chase.

    “But, there are Pokemon that-” Words faded from the Eevee’s hearing as the noise of the trees and Pokemon that inhabited them replaced the shout. Gazing around cautiously, she watched as several eyes followed her from the trees. Silently now, Asa slunk forward over root and underbrush. Ears weren’t completely pinned against her head as she strived to listen for any sound out of the ordinary. Pines occasionally barred her path, tightly woven together like a child’s gimp string project, in which case she slid around to take another path deeper into the woods. Being careful with her every step, the stares of the forest Pokemon unnerved her finally into crunching on a small twig.

    The sound shattered the silence of the forest; within a second a long twine of String Shot missed Asa’s fur by millimeters. “Eep!” she cried, and with regret. More balls of the sticky defensive mechanism shot out towards her, and sounds of feathers rustling revealed an entire flock of Pidgey waiting to feed. Howls of dark types surrounded and pounded her ear drums rapidly. Footsteps revealed the creatures as they encircled their prey. She breathed heavily, dodging pecks, bites, poisonous stings and webbing until her defense fell and the net caught her foot. Panicking, she yanked at it wildly. Why? Why are they attacking me?! Aren’t Pokemon supposed to be kind to other Pokemon not owned by a trainer?! Desperately she gnawed at the String Shot, occasionally fending off the common Poochyena with a bite of her own. Unfortunately, even though her instincts screamed at her to run as fast as paws would carry her out of the forest, she couldn’t. Soon Asa fell prey to scratches, bruises, soreness and even bled lightly. Dizzily she cried, still tugging on her leg, but it was no use; she was as stuck as a Squirtle was to his shell. As the dark faces encircled her, she winced back, shutting her green-tinted gems, and prayed for a swift knock out.

    “Hey, four-paws, multi-legs and worm-breaths! One so difficult to handle that you gang up on her?!”

    Disbelief in registering the words into her mind, the human glanced up. All attackers had paused and faced their new adversary behind them. With little to no warning, Asa was dazzled by heat and flame as the encircled the forest. Fire seemed to bounce off the stubborn trees and catch on the rapscallion Pokemon. Yelps of pain flew around the dark dog pack as they ran around frantically and romped on the ground in an attempt to smother the flames. Birds dashed to and fro from the trees wildly with wounded feathers, losing altitude with every flap of their wing. All bugs flew from the scene on their strands of webbing; if one spark so much as landed on their skin, that would be the last time they ever saw an attack. Confused, Asa merely gaped at the chaos, until the Torchic from before, Flare, trampled over with condemning eyes.

    “Just what did you think you were doing, running into these woods like that?!” she screeched, pecking rapidly at the String Shot encasing.

    “I had to help! And I thought Pokemon don’t attack other friendly wild-”

    “There have been many natural calamities about this region recently. Homes are being destroyed, and so they take it out on anyone that comes into their territory. I can’t explain now- just go!” With a final snap of her beak, the Eevee was once more free.

    “Thank you-”

    “Now we’re even. Now, let’s just move, before they are done with their distractions!” A rough nudge from the fire type made the nine-year-old girl tread off. Soon the antics of the Ember attack died into silence again. “Ha…I think…we lost them…”

    “Yeah,” Asa breathlessly stated, and paused to gaze at the Torchic briefly. Only then she noted the colors of her feathers had seemingly reversed themselves; all over a thick, golden, fire-proof down protected the chick’s skin. Her crest feathers and wings were the color of a fiery red-orange. Questionably, the fire creature gazed back at the evolution Pokemon, deep blue eyes locking on hazel ones.


    “Nothing…just…your feathers are all messed up.”

    “Huh? My feathers…? Oh, their coloring. Well, I could say the same about you and your fur and eyes, there, Miss Eevee.”

    “Please don’t call me that,” the Pokemon moaned, trying to nip off a stray strand of the net.

    “Well, what’s your name, then? I’m Flare.”

    “Asa,” she stated simply. A smile crept up upon the Torchic’s beak rapidly, and she swiftly pivoted. Her feathers fluffed up lightly, and the crest feathers bobbed up and down.

    “What? What’s so funny?”

    “Your name…” Flare snickered.

    “Well, Flare is sort of a bland name, too!”

    “At least it’s an extremely common name as we Torchics and, well, fire types go. Asa…? That’s a name I’ve never heard for any Pokemon, let alone an Eevee.”

    “Well, that’s my name, all the same, and it’s not so weird for a hu…man…”

    The silence deafened them both. Chewing lightly upon her lip and abruptly stopping from doing so after her sharp canines drew blood, she nervously pawed at the ground. Something…she began in her thoughts as Flare’s eyes narrowed dangerously, tells me…that wasn’t the thing to say to a Pokemon…

    “What did you mean by that?” the bird began languidly, but, well aware of her error, the cat-fox Pokemon began off into a deeper part of the woods.

    “Nothing, just a slip of my tongue.” The chick wasn’t as naïve as she appeared to be, and set after her, hopping over a log ruled by hibernating Metapods.

    “No, you meant something by that.”

    “Not at all.”


    “It’s nothing! Really, it isn’t…”

    “Come on, I take back what I said about your name. Now tell me!”

    “Thank you, but I’m not telling yo-aahhhhhhh!” Suddenly hitting a smooth path of slippery fungus, Asa’s tiny claws weren’t enough to help her from sliding off the boulder she leapt upon. Darkness invaded her senses as she plummeted hundreds of feet into the secret ditch.

    “Asa!” Flare cried, blowing out smooth, few little embers to light the cavern. Light blindingly shimmered up from below, forcing hazel eyes shut. The wind rushing through her fur made her heart knot with excitement and foreboding at what lay near the bottom of the cave. Squinting an eye open, she noticed her gaze fell not down at the reflective surface, but at the whole she slipped through. Shooting her glare down, she screamed as cold reached out and invited her back into its grasp. Oh no! I can’t…swim! Her auburn fur floated, held captive within the murky liquid, and still in a mind of shock the human’s flailing was all she could muster to fight off the cold. Oxygen was demanded in her lungs as she forced out large bubbles to float up to the surface. Fiercely she pedaled up, up, up towards the sweet sanctity of land and air. Desperate light danced in her dying eyes as she shoved the cold beneath her. I can’t die! Not like this! I have to get to the surface! I have to… Her lungs screamed and clawed at her innards, pleading for air as she let out what little was left within them. The cold began to win, her consciousness slipping every minute with every futile pedal. I…can’t…

    A sudden bump from below startled her conscious being back into mind of her pain as she sharply inhaled the disgusting water. Once again she drove her feet up and down, though this time she was nudged upwards with great speed. Choking, she broke the surface and inhaled as much air as there was in the sky. Aching, she gagged out the water she had inspired, weakly resting on whatever had nudged her up. Still suffering from her near death experience, Asa shook her head several times as she watched the bird fluttering down. The thing from beneath her began to move, snake through the water towards the visible surface. Solid ground soon was underneath the Eevee’s body.

    “Aaaaasaaaa!” the fire bird called out once more, and landed roughly only a few feet away. “Asa! Are you alright?! Oh, you’re absolutely soaked!”

    “I’ll be fine when I breathe air,” she feebly hacked.

    “What’s the matter? Couldn’t you swim?”

    “No, no, I can’t, I never have been able to…”

    “Then how did you…” Words and eyes trailed off towards the serpentine creature located behind the human. Curiously as well, the chestnut-spiked emerald eyes caught sight of the Pokemon. Lengthy and violet, its scales danced brilliantly like the rippling pond. A single gold collar stripe wrapped its way around the snake’s neck, as inquisitive saffron slitted eyes peered back. A pink forked tongue flicked in the air lightly. “Oh…”

    “Did you…”

    “Sssssave you?” the male lavender snake hissed, though with a syrupy sweet tone of voice.


    “Of coursssse. You were drowning, yesssss?”

    “Yeah…” the human-turned-Pokemon coughed frailly. “Thank you…”

    “Don’t even mention it…” The sound of a baby’s rattle unnerved the normal type as he shook his tail. “What sssssort of Pokemon would I be, not to help out another in…dire need?”

    “Well, there have been Pokemon that have attacked us will ill intention throughout the Tiny Woods…”

    “Yesssss, I know…terrible, isssssn’t it?” The tongue flicked once more. Asa caught sight of mammoth size teeth. “Pokemon, attacking all intrudersssss, without a hessssitation! Desssspicable, really! It’ssssss a good thing we have thesssssse ressscue teamssss to help out with thessssse sssssituationsssss, yesssss?”

    “Definitely,” Flare nodded. “Well, thank you for your help, Mr…”

    “Ekansssss. Jussssst Ekanssss,” he formed a sinister smile. “What are your namessss?”

    “I’m Flare, and this is Asa.”

    “Flare, and Asssssa…” A semi-transparent lid folded over each of Ekans’ eyes, pleased. “Well met, you two. Where are you going in thesssssssse awful woodssssss?” Before the fire type had a chance to speak, Asa boldly recovered her voice.

    “A Butterfree lost her youngest child in these woods! We were going to see if we couldn’t help him!” A sudden, long hiss issued from the rattlesnake, and his eyes narrowed.

    “You two…are a resssscue team, then?”

    “No, no, we just wanted to help, that’s all…”

    “I ssssssee…” Tail shaking about, the serpent wormed into the water once more. “Besssssst of luck finding him…”

    “Thank you, again!”

    “Jussssst remember it!” Water ripples soon covered his head and body. No longer was he visible to the two. Asa weakly returned to her paws, groaning at her sopping fur. Oh, what I wouldn’t give for my human hands to wring all of this wetness away! Well, maybe I could try shaking my body wildly…

    “Well, at least he didn’t attack us…hey, Asa, are you okay?”

    “Just out of breath and extremely wet and uncomfortable, but alive,” she answered, and giving into indignity, water flew into the air like a sprinkler on a summer lawn. Flare brought her wing above her eyes and head to shield herself from her weakness.

    “I pity you, and trust me, I can. Fire types hate water, so I guess that’s saying something…” the yellow bird held all sarcasm back as the human kicked her legs ferociously to rid them of the liquid. “Say, Eevee can typically swim, anyways, especially if they were raised by a Vaporeon mother or father. What happened back there?”

    “I can’t swim. Just because it’s typical doesn’t mean that all do…” With an unsettling shake, Asa finally retired to using her tongue to dry herself. Distastefully, she ran the piece of sandpaper reluctantly over a foreleg. The taste and hair of the red-brown fur caused the creature to gag lightly. The fur she stroked at fell into a bizarre shine, crimped wavy by the comb built into the tongue.

    “I guess…or maybe you’re just trying to hide that human comment you made earlier, aren’t you? Come on, you can tell me. Not like I’d laugh at you or anything…”

    “Mmmnot telling you,” Asa muttered, skin building up upon her tiny muzzle as she continued to clean herself.

    “If you tell me, I can get you dry in seconds rather than having you clean yourself. You don’t seem to care for cleaning…” the bird teased. Asa paused momentarily, midway in a lick. Closing her mouth and washing her gums with saliva and the water she had ingested, she hastily spat out a tiny, tight net of fur.

    “…Fine, but get me dry first.”



    “Alright, hope you don’t mind the heat…there’s a reason I’m known as Flare, you know…” Inching close to the evolution Pokemon, the Torchic fluffed out all her feathers. Heat exploded into the air, and Asa stumbled back at the massive blast of superheated atmosphere. Light sparks cast on the ground, licks of flames dancing around the normal type. Soon the heat was overbearing.

    “Enough! Okay!”

    “All dry?”

    “Too hot! Enough! Enough!” the human turned Pokemon cried, and the sudden climate change ceased; flames soon returned to their owner. Almost ready to delve back into the cold water, the Eevee panted. “What…was that?”

    “Just my ability ‘Blaze’, you know. All it takes is a little thinking that I’m in danger of passing out and my body reacts and is able to flood out heat like that. It’s really useful, as you can see. I can’t concentrate that much in battle, though, so it only kicks in if I’m really in danger.”

    “I…see…” the ruby-furred cat-fox bowed her head gradually. “Well, a promise is a promise…what I meant was-”


    Ears pinned back and heads rolled around rampantly at the call. Ba-dump, ba-dump. All Asa could hear once again was her startled heart. Even Flare seemed shocked by the sudden silence killer.

    “Mrs. Butterfree’s son?!” the human questioned.

    “Has to be. Come on!” Claws and paws alike dug into the scorched, arid soil beneath as the sliver of light became greater as they traversed the cave till its mouth. “Hope you know how to battle better than you can swim!”

    “I hope so too!” Asa cried between furry lips.

    “What’s that supposed to mean?!”

    “We’ll see shortly enough!” The orange beak of the Torchic hung limply open for a second, and only that, as they dashed into a clearing. Backed up onto a stump with a powerful claw over its body, the green worm lay there, wreathing in sheer discomfort and terror.

    “Oh, come on. Be a little less squirmy! These things just happen! A Pidgey’s gotta eat something, and you’re just the thing I caught…” the tiny bird rubbed an uneven part of her beak with her lower jaw, making an amused clicking noise.

    “B-but I’m not tasty! I’m rubbery and extremely chewy all over! You have the worst of times digesting me,” the panicked Caterpie squeaked.

    “Better digest something or I’ll never eat anything again, sorry! Now, welcome to your new home, Caterpie…” the red face paint-tinted Pidgey dove her head down, scrutinizing a particular segment of his body. “…in my stomach!”

    “Not if we have anything to say against it!”


    Within seconds of shifting her head to the side, the Pidgey was overwhelmed by the mighty claws that raked through her side. Screeching and hooting in agony, the creature still clung stubbornly to her meal. Fluttering wildly, she bounced about, using the Caterpie as a living pogo-stick.

    “Ow! Ow! Help! These claws really hurt!” the bug pleaded.

    “Won’t hurt in a moment!”

    “Leave it be, you beast!” The fire type demanded, tearing at the bird again with her talons. “He has a mother he needs to go home to! Go chew on an apple or Oran Berry or something!" Doubling to more than half her size, the Pidgey let loose an intimidating hiss. There’s…Asa contemplated, paws dragging her forward on the fresh verdant grass inconspicuously towards the behind of the bird. There’s something…familiar about this bird…

    “Don’t you tell me what to do, flightless bird! You can’t stop me once I get enough air lift and you know it!”

    “Air lift, my tail feathers!” The Pidgey gasped at the comment. “You couldn’t fly thirty feet into the air, even without the Caterpie!”

    “I most certainly could!” the flying type seethed. Once again the caterpillar screamed for mercy as talons drove into his sides. Asa’s muzzle sneered fiercely, but she chewed lightly upon her tongue to prevent herself from shouting. She has…no right to cause the poor creature and his mother this much pain! “But, I know your tricks. You want me to drop the bug and have me prove you wrong while you take my lunch away! Well, no-flight, you may outwit some dumber Pokemon, but I’m not that stupid! Peace to you, and bon appetite to me!” With an eager beak snapping mercilessly, she delved down to the fleshy bug. Furious feet galloped off the ground. Soaring through the air, the Eevee shrieked terribly.


    Seconds slowed to endless intervals of time. Agony and rage bubbled up in unknown, extensive quantities within the human. Such emotions gave her great power. I’m not running away! I’m going to help out as much as I can! I can’t cry, or be selfish! I have to do this! Her forefeet finally reached the bird, and claws slowly extended from nowhere within the furry confines of the once hands. Chestnut eyes on the opposing Pokemon grew, then shrunk to black. Feathers similarly colored to the Eevee’s fur mingled. Talons withdrew from their prey. The Pidgey squawked something indecent. Asa felt the creature’s heartbeat against her own, pounding not in unison, but against one another. The mass of herself colliding with the bird knocked the wind out of the evolution Pokemon’s lungs. Bones twinged. Fur flew. Feathers were untangled from their owner’s body and carelessly graced the ground. Paws grasped the skin of the predator, claws pushing the now prey to the earth. The Caterpie danced, wiggling in the air, latching onto a tree branch as he passed. The Pidgey landed on her back with a heavy gasp. The Eevee wasn’t through; her entire body mass collided with each square inch of the bird.

    Action returned to normal. Eyelids swiftly slammed shut. Asa groaned, rolling off the fainted Pokemon.

    “Asa! Are you okay?!”

    “I-I think…so…” Ire fading and sorrow no longer present, she wobbled in her footsteps, tail swishing madly to attempt to keep her balance. “What…did I…do?”

    “You attacked the Pidgey with ‘Tackle’, of course. Clean knocked it out, too.”

    “Tackled it…?” Such words were foreign on her tongue. Briefly she glanced back in time, then to the present, where the mass of feathers lay. So, that’s what it feels like to use a Pokemon move? That was…I can’t even…describe it, besides tiring…

    “Hey, are you alright, little Caterpie?”

    “I-I-I don’t know…don’t hurt me, please?”

    “It’s alright! We’re here to help, right, Asa?” With kind sapphire eyes to hazel green ones, sluggishly the Eevee nodded. “Come on, we are going to take you back to your mother now…”

    “Mommy?!” Brilliant black eyes gazed up hopefully.

    “Yes, to Mrs. Butterfree.”

    “Oooooogh…my head, my wings, my dignity…” Promptly Asa turned to face the thought-to-be-fainted Pidgey. She cast about, twisting in obvious discomfort. “Oh, it feels like some random log clunked over my head, or some sort of devastating attack or another…” Eyes set onto the Eevee and Torchic; the Caterpie had long since scuttled to the safety of the fire chick’s under-wing. “…now, that wasn’t nice of you…”

    “Did you ever think about the Caterpie’s side of things? Huh? He has a mother that’s extremely worried for him-”

    “Yeah, yeah, that’s nice, furball,” the Pidgey cooed coldly, stumbling to her feet. “You guys owe me lunch for stealing, I think.”

    “We owe you nothing! And don’t call me fur-ball, my name is Asa!” the rose-haired creature hissed.

    “…did…you just call yourself…Asa?” A bemused expression crawled across the Pidgey’s face. “…Asa?”


    “…why, in the legendary’s awesome name, did you attack me?!” Within seconds, beak was shoved against wet snout. “Think it’d be funny to tease ol’-wait a second, Asa?!”

    “We’ve already established that’s her name,” Flare huffed, but the flying-type seemed far from bemused now; astonishment replaced the confused emotion.

    “What?! But, how?! I mean, before, I knew you to be…taller, and, and, fleshy, and…”

    “I’m sorry, I’m afraid I don’t follow…” the Eevee muttered, but was startled as the Pidgey wrapped a wing to pull her closer in.

    “Asa! Asa! Come on, this isn’t funny! This has gotta be some cruel prank! Either she set some random Eevee up for this or…I don’t know! You can’t be her, though! You don’t even recognize me, do you?!”

    “I’m afraid we don’t…”

    “E-excuse me, Ms. Torchic? C-can I see my Mommy soon?”

    “Of course. Asa?”

    “Go on ahead- I’ll catch up.”

    “There’s still Pokemon that will attack you throughout the entire forest, though! We should head back as a group of three…” Cobalt eyes reproached the flying type.

    “So just because I want to eat, I’m evil! Asa, this isn’t funny. Come on! If you were her, you would know Breeze when you saw her, wouldn’t you?”

    “I’m sorry, but I don’t remember much of anything, much less any Pidgey…known as Breeze…” Needles poked at the human’s heart. Breeze for a Pidgey…? Why is it familiar? Why does she look familiar? I can’t…remember! This is so frustrating! Did I really know her as a human…? If only I could just… A stronger sense of deja-vu swept through her blood as she gazed into the very soul of the bird through her eyes. Within the reflection of the sassy eyes, she made out a caliginous silhouette of a meek female, sitting on an otherwise derelict bench, shredding bits of wheat toast. The image of the twin Pidgey, gently nipping the bread from that human’s hand, was clearer than a cloudless day. Could I be…wait!

    “Haha, real funny joke, then, Asa. I’ll just leave you and your friend to go return Mr. Bugger there to his mo-”

    “Breeze! It’s you!”


    Once more the Eevee leapt upon the Pidgey’s breast, knocking her onto her back. “I’m sorry, Breeze! It took me so long to remember, I couldn’t remember a thing, but then I saw you on my lap, pecking bread out from my hand, and I had to be sure it was actually me, and do you remember anything?!”

    “By the legendaries, get off of me first! You’re gonna kill me with Tackles! I should be the one asking all the questions! Cripes!”

    “I should be, too, to be honest…” Golden feathers shook in the gentle wind. “Well, come on, then, I guess…”

    “I asked first, though. Breeze, please tell me you remember something other than my name!” Hastily she clambered off the bird. Swiftly she set to preening her feathers into place as she articulated her words.

    “…I knew that you saved me from my bad wing when I was young, and that you fed me daily. That’s…oddly, that’s all I remember about you. And home.”

    “Great,” Asa groaned as she set off after the Torchic. The green caterpillar swirmed along, babbling happy niceties to the fire type.

    “So, then, you don’t remember how you, well…”



    “Not at all. I…can’t even remember what I once looked like. I remember my name, and now you. That’s it,” she hushedly whispered. Breeze leapt forward in hopped bursts, keeping a sharp eye to the sky.



    “You can’t remember that you were a human?”

    “No, I remember that much…I have no idea how tall I was, what color my hair was, how long it was, or anything else, though. That’s what I mean.” The tiny bird Pokemon hesitated, beak rubbing together in deep intent. The rosy feathers soon spread behind her as she took wing to catch up.

    “So who’s the chick?”

    “Her name’s Flare…that’s about all I know at this point. I just sorta…helped her out of a rock pile, and then I realized I was a Pokemon. An Eevee, too…I guess I just sort of flipped out…and then there was the crying Butterfree, and I felt bad, so I came to this forest to try and see if I could help instead of crying over myself, and Flare caught up and…well, we just sort of teamed up for the moment, I suppose you could say…”

    “Ah, stupid wing…” Soon enough, Breeze returned to her talons to hopping, tenderly extending her left-hand wing. “So, she knew nothing about you, and you know nothing about her.”


    “Good. Let’s keep it that way, and try and find out what’s going on with you, yeah?”

    “Let’s just return the little child first and grab some lunch, yes?” Asa chuckled, trotting outside of the now peaceful woods. “All that excitement did get me famished…”

    “You? You have no right to talk. You robbed me of my meal,” the Pidgey’s down rose once more.

    “Your meal…look at it right now though, eh?”

    Hazel and nutmeg eyes turned to watch the spectacle unfold. Crimson eyes soon lit up at the sight of the worm. Inching forward as fast as his little feet would carry him, the grub crawled over. Transparent wings fluttered down and feet touched the ground as short arms, without words, invited the child into a loving parental embrace. Wailing of the blissful type sung through the trees and sky. Gentle paws settled down next to the claws of the differently colored Torchic. Breeze hung back, a shameful glance in her eyes as she noted the cuddle and exchange of String Shot that bound the two endlessly together.

    “Oh, my child! My precious, precious baby! You’re safe! Oh, thank the legendaries that rule over us kindly! Thank you both, you darling, blessed children! I will forever be in your debt!”

    “It’s not a problem, Mrs. Butterfree,” Flare warmly chirped. “We wanted to help, and it wasn’t too much to go through…”

    “Oh, my dears, you have no idea what it is to mother a child, though!” the flying bug weeped on. “To lose a child is the worst thing to ever imagine and ever to suffer! Thank you both, tremendously. Here, I must give you something for your troubles…” Shifting her son onto her back, she dove into the satchel resting at her side, pulling out a small, violet, velvet purse.

    “Oh, Mrs. Butterfree…”

    “I will not accept charity for your amazing deeds! Come now, here’s two-hundred Pokedollars for you each. That should buy you both a nice something to eat tonight or the best-crafted toy! Oh, and you two look famished! How about some candy to hold you over until you return home, hmm?”

    “Mrs. Butterfree-” the fire bird began, but her words died prematurely.

    “We shall like that very much, Mrs. Butterfree…” Asa commented. “Thank you greatly for your kindness…”

    “Why, such a polite young Eevee! There’s no need to thank me hun, though. Just know that you’re eternally thanked yourselves. Now, let us see…oh, these should be perfect for you two!” Short hands once again in the purse, she withdrew two perfect-sized morsels of a treat. The ruby red treat was hastily swept away by beak, and downed by the Torchic. Asa was left to gaze at the white-tinted sweet; shaped in a familiar semi-crescent form, the smell was pungent of sugar cane, apple and an indistinguishable edible flower. Holding herself back, it took all the willpower the human could muster from eating it on the spot. Instead, ginger lips pried the gummi off Mrs. Butterfree’s outstretched hand. Hazel eyes nodded the Pidgey forward. Inquisitively, the bird gazed at the treat. Gently, the Eevee lay down the treat at her claws.


    “You said you were hungry. I can wait until we get back to town,” the transformed human spoke. “I’m not that hungry, at any rate…”


    “Oh, what a dear! Truly, you have a kind, pure heart, don’t you? Well, may the blessings of the legendaries be upon you, kind children. If you ever are in need of anything within my jurisdiction, please, let me know immediately! I won’t scatter a powder until I’ve come to your aid.”

    “Of course, Mrs. Butterfree. Have a good evening!”

    “You too! Give your grandmother my regards!”

    “So, it’s my understanding you are without a home to go to, then, Asa…”

    “Huh?” Gazing up from her feet, unpure emerald gems locked on the Torchic. Pausing on their trek, she shook her paws gratefully, silently whining of the long distance they were pacing to return to ‘town’, as Flare referred to it as.

    “What about me, eh? Or do I count for nothing?”

    “I never said that.”

    “You definitely meant it in your wording…”

    “Oh, whatever! Fine! Asa and Breeze!” the fire type huffed. Feathers on both ends stood on end. “…you two really don’t remember where you came from, who your parents are?”

    “Not at all…I’m surprised I even remember my own name…”

    “Sounds like a freak Amnesia accident, except the Amnesia was used on you two instead. I wouldn’t be surprised…weird things have been happening around here so much, rescue teams all have their paws and wings filled with it.” Day fell to night in Flare’s eyes, forebodingly.

    “Maybe…just…what are these rescue teams, anyways?”

    “Well, as you saw in the forest…” as she began, a heavy tone of voice came into play. “It’s awful. Normally, Pokemon don’t attack others in the forest, unless they have defiled their home, and even then they’re timid about it. We’re sensible beings. We can work things out. Yah?”

    “Uh huh.”

    “Something has changed in the wind. Pokemon are having a harder and harder time in cooperating. It’s terrible. It drives me mad, especially to see things like today. After that earthquake, I do suspect they would’ve been angrier than normal, but that still gives them no right…it’s that wrong that rescue teams try to right. Rescue teams are small or sometimes enormous. All have at least two Pokemon to work with, as a team, to make it their job, their duty, to save those in trouble. They’re smart enough to make situations turn out right if it can be handled intelligently, and strong enough to still right them if force is necessary. Rescue teams…they’re the most respectable thing these days.” The fire chick heaved a breath. Silence followed for a second more. “Well, that’s town on the horizon…let’s see if we can’t get a house suitable for a Pokemon and a human there-”

    “Wait, neither of us are human!” Asa rushed to retort.

    “Hey, it was a joke!” the Torchic rubbed her beak together. “Come on, you and I know that a human can’t be a Pokemon. It’s all just myth and legend beyond belief. I think I know just the place we can choose for you two…Pokemon.” With another satisfied click, she huddled to the top of the long road they had clambered up. Saffron filled the sky with hues of vermilion, fuchsia, and lavender, fading to deep indigo at the zenith. Beautiful warm colors spread over a sea of bush-like huts. The scent and crashes of waves from the sea immensely relaxed tense muscles. Stone cobble appeared as a yellow-gray mesh from afar, though Asa could tell of the importance in the center of town it played. “There it is, Pokemon Square. It’s the most bustling town on this island continent of ours. Really, it’s the only town here home to non-hostile Pokemon…”

    “It’s…beautiful. I feel as though it’s the most wonderful thing I’ve ever seen before. I can’t describe it…” Asa sighed, hazel eyes a glitter and fur a golden glimmer.

    “It is a nice, pretty town. I do love home…well, come on. I’m already past my grandparent’s curfew, and they’ll definitely burn my butt for it.” With eyes as blue as the night sky above them, the Torchic wasted no time in hurrying down the hill. Asa and Breeze exchanged bizarre looks between them before galloping and hopping off.

    “This?!” Only a few moments later had the Eevee’s expression changed altogether. Her fluffy tail swished back and forth endlessly, held high and excited. Ears were standing straight up on end, paying as close attention as was humanly- or, Pokemonly, possible. Her seeing gems glittered with unknown light sources.

    “What? Too shabby for your tastes?” Flare muttered sarcastically.

    “No, no, it’s…it’s…I’m coming to tears, it’s perfect!” More than just a bounce in her step, Asa leapt around the house’s land inexhaustibly. “The trees, and that little mailbox, and the air is so pure, and just…wow! I love it! I don’t know why, but I absolutely love it!”

    “Ha, glad you do…”

    “It isn’t half-bad,” Breeze fluttered onto a nearby tree. “Sturdy enough branch for sleeping.”

    “Breeze, let’s look at the inside! This is so cool!” a magenta-tinted face poked into the hut, and she quickly dashed within its small walls. “Wow!”

    “She’s so tiring…” Flare breathed out.

    “That’s Asa for you…swear, she has more stamina than a Rapidash and runs just as fast as one…” Breeze concurred.

    “-there’s a fruit bowl and a great bed and a map and everything! Wow! I can’t say it enough! Wow! I love it!”

    “Well, can you slow down and can I say something here?”

    “Of course, Flare!”

    “What I just want to say…”

    “Is to shut up so some of us can eat and sleep in peace,” the Pidgey bitterly muttered as she cautiously pried a stray fruit off a nearby branch.

    “Breeze!” Asa cried, though couldn’t cease her tail from wagging. “Well? Flare?”

    “Ah ha…say, Asa.”


    “Back there…at the Tiny Woods…you were pretty gutsy to jump into the forest to save Mrs. Butterfree’s son. Sorta stupid too…”

    “Then why’d you follow me, if it was stupid to go into the woods?”

    A pause, and the Torchic’s talons appeared slightly wetter.

    “Bah, because I knew you would need help, and travelling in twos is not something stupid! Anyways! Just…how did you feel, fighting Pokemon?” The human hesitated, pawing at the ground lightly.

    “It was…I didn’t really know what I was doing…but it sorta saddened me a little bit.”

    “How did it make you feel to rescue Caterpie? To see him reunited with his mother?” And at that, Asa’s breath was stolen away. The scene of mother and child flashed back into her vision. Tears of joy shed from the little bug and from the butterfly endlessly. A warm sense poured through the fox-cat’s veins.

    “…it’s…unexplainable. All I can say…it made me feel wonderful…”

    “I…see…” Waves endlessly lapped at the faraway shore. Night tunes sluggishly practiced before their sonatas were to begin. Flare in her odd down gazed off to the east against the sun. Unblinkingly, her eyes set to the dying horizon that stretched on for miles. Shortly after she became silent, she returned her gaze to the Eevee. “Asa.”

    “What’s the matter, Flare?”

    “I…I want to help more Pokemon like Caterpie and Mrs. Butterfree. Even if it means fighting my soul brothers and sisters, other Pokemon, that normally know better. I want to see that completely grateful face again, time after time. I…I know I’m selfish, and I’m late right now, but…”


    “Asa…what do you say…to forming a rescue team with me?” Hazel eyes shrunk gently. “I…I know I just met you and all, and I know you probably have your own life to live. I just thought, maybe, I could carry on in the tradition of most other Square Pokemon and try and manage an ounce of courage to help those really in need. I can’t do it alone, though…”


    “And what about me, hmm? Pompous little fire-butt…good as a Chimchar…” Breeze hissed, tossing her head to the side. The apple core tumbled down from the heights, and the Torchic side-stepped the eaten fruit with a glare.


    “She could be on our rescue team, too, if she decided to be less cynical about things…”

    “You should talk, Combus-birdy,” the Pidgey retorted.

    “Don’t make me burn that nice tree of yours down and give you nowhere to roost all night long…”

    “Come on, you two! Stop fighting! It’s not right!” Asa whined. That’s right…it’s not fair for Pokemon to have to fight like this, endlessly. It just hurts so many people in the end…but, it’s also not right to just sit around and have innocent creatures or sons or daughters get hurt by these Pokemon just out for a fight because they’re hurt…there’s…only one thing I can do, despite this situation of mine… “…Flare? Breeze?”

    “I have nothing to say to Ms. Bizarre-Down down there,” the tiny bird ran her tongue and beak over her feathers once again.

    “As do I to worm-breath up there,” the fire chick threw her foot in the sand lightly, drawing up irritants. “Asa?”

    “I can’t be selfish. I don’t know what Breeze wants, but…I don’t want to see anyone that is innocent get hurt by anyone. Let’s form a rescue team, yes?”

    “Really? You sincerely mean that?”


    “Well, alright! Our basis rescue team has been formed! Team, uh…”


    “…We’ll need a team name,” Flare paused hesitantly. “Ah ha…any suggestions?” Before Asa could even open her mouth, the Pidgey squawked.

    “Team Flareon. You’d be the laughing stock of the town, I’m sure!”

    “Team Flareon, my butt. Asa doesn’t even know what she’ll become yet, I’m sure! But, uh…”

    “Eon. That’s the last part of any of the Pokemon that belong to the Eevee family, right?” Asa began.


    “And then…Fire? No…and we can’t use Flare…” The metaphorical lightbulb shone above the fire type’s head suddenly.



    “Yeah, like my ability, Blaze! Blazeon! I think it has a nice ring to it!” Flare happily sung.

    “If you’re out to be purposely made fun of…”

    “Hey, it’s better than Team Rumblerock or Team Shifty as a name, I know that much!” Flare groaned to the ruby-feathered creature silently sniggering. “…Team Blazeon has been formed then, then?”

    “…Team Blazeon has been formed!” With a peep of joy, the fire type encircled the transformed human, then offered her wing. Cautiously, Asa rose up her right paw, placing it on the crimson feathers. Some sort of shake was shared, though the Eevee couldn't for the life of her remember how it went seconds later.

    “Oh, this is so cool! I’ll have to run home and tell Grandpa and Grandma right away! There’s so much to be done, but you relax, I’ll deal with it all, I know just what to do! Have a good night, Asa, and Breeze! I’ll see you tomorrow morning! Bye!”

    “Bye, Flare, have a good night, too!” the raspberry-tinted Pokemon called out after her. Talons tore through the ground at ungodly speed for a Torchic, and within seconds she had disappeared into the town. Olive eyes glanced back to see the setting rays of the sun completely wilt and die away for the night. Yeah…she thought to herself, trotting inside of the house, I’ll see you tomorrow, Flare…still, what a weird dream this all is…maybe I’ll find out just what I was thinking when I wake up tomorrow wherever home is, as a human again…this…can’t be real, after all. It’s a nice dream, but all good things do have to come to an end. Just wish I could remember…


    (Hmm...I do think I thought of some sort of tiny plottwist for this story. |D Ah, finally, a start!)
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    Well, a bit odd. Now, where did Flare get a random hut as a team base?

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    Yay, it starts!

    ^It's her grandparents house.
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    Charmander: I asked the very same question when I was playing the game. |D It's sorta disclosed later. I'm not saying if Xenoz is right or not.

    BTW, what would have YOU have suggested as a name? Flareon's lame. Torcheon's weird. Fireon...I know why they named Flareon Flareon. |D I thought I was witty with naming my MD team Blazeon. Worked for me...

    Anyways, now that I have a huge part of my plushy commissions outta the way, I'll probably be working on Chapter 2 sometime soon...
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    That is why I said grandparent's home. Hurry with chapter 2!:biggrin:
  20. meditite rox

    meditite rox New Member

    I was Team Hydro... that copying Blastoise! Its my team name!

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