Enigmatic Star

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    Meditite Rox- If you have nothing really important to say about this story, please do not post here.

    Xenoz- |D Nice catch. Flare lives with her grandparents from her father's side, true. I won't say any more on the topic. Aaaaand I'll get the chapter up when I can. :| It was a monster writing 17 pages for a chapter last time, and I expect it'll take another long while.
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    Sorry, thought it was semi-relevant, talking about team names.

    Is the Ekans that saved them the on that joins with Gengar? Or is Gengar not going to have the same team?
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    Not gonna say, strictly for speculation purposes. |D

    Anyways, started on Chapter 2. Looks to be fairly boring with character introductment and the like...but yeah. Hopefully I can get some good personification in here...expect it up in the next week or so...
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    Next week is here!
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    Aaaaaand as promised, I have a new chapter ready! I'll post it in this post once I get home... ^^';

    Chapter 2: Town


    A faint rumble in the distance.

    What…what is that…? Hazel eyes drooped open slowly. Each second spent gazing at the foggy gray-toned scene barraged heaviness onto the eyelids.

    A glimmer of light shone dully in the sky. Piercing crimson flashed briefly.

    Where…am I…?

    Darkness swept up the scene, pulling and tugging at Asa.




    “Asa…” the voice repeated softly.

    Who’s…? Me…? …Can’t…

    “Asa, hey, Asa! Wake up, you oversized furball!”

    “Guhh…who…?” Groaning as the dream slipping away, the human fought to cling to what left she could remember. She felt a heavy warmth cast onto her side.

    “Uh, only the most beautiful and well-kept Pidgey, duh. Now, come on, before I Peck your brains out…”

    Wait a second…

    Regaining conscious, Asa yawned, noting how her once herbivorous teeth now fit together as carnivorous canines. Her eyes barely a slit, she cautiously moved each of five- yes, five, she noted- appendages. Sunlight blinded her, and she forced herself to roll over on some comfortable material covering straw or hay. Sight soon provided her with a woolen blanket, rich and vermilion in hue. Strands of the makeshift mattress lingered in the stubborn wool and through the velvet-like strawberry fur of the Eevee, particularly on her hind legs and tail. Gazing foreignly at her surroundings, she noted the cool amber eyes of her Pidgey friend.

    “‘Bout time. Next time I’ll just holler away, saying ‘good morning’ to get you up. By the legendaries, you sleep like a rock…”

    “…Breeze?” Still with sand in her eyes from her trip to the dream world, she crunched her eyes and batted them to focus her vision. The ruby-tinted feathers of the little bird came into view, along with her furrowed beak.

    “Ding, ding, ding, we have a winner,” Breeze tapped her talons against the polished flooring lightly. The sound reminded Asa of applause. “Good to see your brain is in working order still…”

    “Wait, where are we…?!”

    “Chill, kid! We’re at Flare’s place, assuming it ran in her family or something. Or are you so bubble-headed that you forgot all about yesterday?”

    “I…I just…” Words failed at her sandpaper tongue as she slowly sat up. Asa found herself stretching automatically, sending her butt into the air and throwing her front paws forward as far as they would stretch. Hastily she came to a sitting position, tail curling around herself instinctively. Gradually she rose a paw with sorrowed eyes, turning it over. Opposable thumbs and fingers were gone, replaced with four tiny, fur-covered digits. Unfamiliar muscles contracted semi-transparent claws within the soft coating. Callused skin formed the palm of the creature, each clawed toe receiving a similar pad. “…I thought it’d all just be…a dream…but…I…”

    “Don’t you DARE get emotional on me, Asa! Don’t you DARE, or I swear to Arceus himself that I’ll…” But Breeze didn’t find it in her heart to finish her sentence as the frightened human cowered in sheer terror of the situation, and realizing it wasn’t just some whacked up fantasy. Sharp eyes turned soft. “Oh, come on, Asa…no…no crying, you hear? You’re stronger than that! I know it! Besides, being a Pokemon is the good life to live-” And she was cut off by rampant wailing. Her gaze fell to the ceiling, where her beak clicked out some indistinct prayer. “Okay, I take that back. Sometimes it is a little hard, but we’ll get you back to normal!”

    “I don’t even, even care about that at this, this point,” Asa sobbed hysterically. “I’m afraid, Breeze! I can barely remember my own name and you! I don’t remember where I lived, what I looked like, anything, except that I was human once! I’m afraid I’ll even forget that much, or, or worse when I do, do remember!”

    Vigilant ears made out the sound of different talons clattering out of sight. Breaking off in her tears and holding all breath, Asa uneasily glared up where the sound came from. Following her sight, Breeze placed her eyes on a single golden feather at the entranceway. Ashamed and exposed, the transformed human disgustedly ran her paw over her face, licked the wrist of the paw, and ran it over her face once more.

    “Flare?” she coughed out in an unusual tone of voice, attempting to sober up. “Flare, was that you? Are you…there?” A short silence followed, but the Pidgey was not pleased; within seconds she grew tremendously in size and fluttered over to the frontside window.

    “HEY!” she loudly proclaimed, startling the human turned Pokemon. “It’s rude to eavesdrop! If you have any decency left in those flightless wings of yours, come out and repent for what you’ve done!”


    “No, don’t stop me here, Asa! Completely unacceptable to have this sort of thing go on!”

    “But, Breeze…”

    “She’s right, Asa…” Sapphire eyes emerged in the doorway slowly, guilt ridden in them. “It’s completely rude to eavesdrop in on an important conversation like the one you two were having…” Unknown emotion ran through her eyes. There Flare stood, placid and completely apathetic in appearance, a simple, unadorned cloth bag on her shoulders. It unnerved Asa.

    “Did…did you hear…?”

    “I heard…all of it,” the Torchic began hesitantly, her gaze falling on the buff Pidgey. Slowly she tattered her way in. “I…was on my way to see if you were up or not, so I could give you the tour around town…I was at your doorstep, but then I heard you talking, and I know I shouldn’t have, but I listened in anyways.”

    “…” Asa heaved a heavy sigh. Rocks began pushing down upon her heart. “…Flare, I…”

    “No, no need to explain…I know…you couldn’t explain the whole situation to me anyways. Do you want me to leave you two in peace for a while?”

    “…no. Maybe you should know as little more as there is…? If you already know…”

    “Well, if it was up to me, I say off with the rude bird…” Breeze huffed, running her tongue over an already smoothed feather.

    “…if you wouldn’t mind me being around…” Flare chirped quietly, settling down on the spare straw pile.

    “Not at all…”

    “I do. I’m off to explore.” With her beak in the air, Breeze hopped twice and took off through the main door, leaving only a few red-tawny feathers where she once perched. Silence followed for a few seconds more.

    “So,” Flare began, and once more Asa felt a twinge in her chest.


    “What…do you remember, if you don’t my asking…”

    “…not…a lot,” the Eevee grimaced gently. “I remember that wherever I once lived, I was a human, female, of course…and I was a friend to Breeze. That, and my name…just my first name, presumably. Nothing beyond that…not my parents, if I had any, siblings, where I lived, nothing. I just woke up one day, and I just think it was all…gone. My…memory began when there was an earthquake; the same earthquake brought me to you, and then that was when I noticed when I was a Pokemon…”

    “Nothing at all beyond that, though?”


    “How much do you know about Pokemon, then?”

    “Well, I guess I do remember a little bit concerning that,” Asa blushed. “I remember a lot of typical Pokemon species, types, uh, status effects…”

    “So you probably have no idea how to battle at all, given as you were…human.” Asa swiftly shook her head. “That’ll be fun, trying to teach you how…”

    “What do you mean?” the Evolution Pokemon sat up, eyes locked with the Torchic.

    “Well, didn’t I say that we were going to form a rescue team?”

    “…wha?! But, I…”

    “I know, I know I’m being selfish. But, look at it this way, yeah? You get training, stronger for whatever may come at us. We get a decent rescue team, and in the process we can figure something out through the team’s news vine that may help you to remember something or turn back to normal, yeah? It’d work for both of us. And, once you return to your normal state, if we’ve done well enough I could take over the team! It’d sort of be beneficial to both of us, you know?” With hopeful cobalt eyes, she pleadingly gazed up at the girl.

    “…Flare, I… …” Asa began. All syllables fell to mush in her head. She didn’t know what she wanted to say. “…I don’t want to fight, though…”

    “None of us do. We all want to go on strict Joy Seed diets and grow powerful from that, but it just doesn’t work like that…we all have to be battlers if we want to get strong as Pokemon. And, if you don’t get strong and we have to face another one of these natural disasters around here or something, then you’ll be out of your body without a hope of getting back to your other, permanently…

    “Asa, let me tell you something…” Flare continued, slowly pacing her way over. “…most Pokemon think that humans are nearly, if not, completely extinct and, if they did exist, are never to be trusted, if one comes across one. The forewarning legends date back hundreds, even a thousand years. But, I feel there’s something…odd about you as a human, Asa. It’s not just that you’re a Pokemon…I feel…you’re not like the legends. Most, though, would never look past that. They’d go only on what they see or hear. I guess…it is sad, that we are all sort of gossips here in Pokemon Square…but, I tell you…if you go out into that square and ask for help on how to turn back into a human, they will shun or do worse things to you. As a warning…but, if you’re willing to face the hardships, I’m sure I’d be able to get some sort of information concerning how we can get you back to normal, or even remember something.”

    From her satchel Flare dove her head in gently, yellow feathers rustling against the khaki-colored cloth. From within she yanked out a metallic egg with glittering wings. It was pinned to a soft, beautifully crafted royal blue scarf. Cautiously she set the neck tie beside her, before revealing a second, identical crest and neck tie. With eyes matching the garments, she dove deep into Asa’s heart.

    “These…are the team rescue badges. They have mysterious powers imbued within their amazing metal craftsmanship…Asa…? Do you still want to be part of a rescue team, Team Blazeon, with me…? Will you take the rescue badge?” Slowly, hazel eyes traveled between the igneous bird and the badge. Back and forth, gradually she began to delve into even deeper thought. Asa’s eyes narrowed slightly, her mind racing over the past day. Flare’s probably right. Chances are Pokemon won’t want to help, if what she says is true about them and their legends…but, what’s to become of me? I don’t even know if I had a real home when I was once human…surely they’re worried about my disappearance too. I have to turn back to normal…I have no choice but to go along with this thing until I can fend for myself…

    Auburn fur making no sound as she paced her way over on the wavering footsteps of a quadruped, the human-turned-Pokemon found herself at the base of the second hay bale.

    “…I…I’ll do it.”

    Sparing no time from her answer, the Torchic swiftly tossed the bandanna above Asa’s head. Landing softly on her skull’s fur, the fox-cat Pokemon experienced pain as the device was tugged over her head.

    “Ow! Flare!”

    “Hold still, I have it!”

    Eyes were forced shut as the heavy fabric tightly sidled down her muzzle.

    “I can’t see! Flare!”

    “Just a minute!”

    “It’d be easier to just untie the thing and retie it!”

    “Have you ever tried to tie a knot with claws? It doesn’t work! These things had to be tied by…there!”


    Blindly blinking, the Eevee dizzily noted the addition to her mane. There the badge proudly hung around her neck, dancing in the morning sunlight. Flare gave a warm smile before she too took to her badge. Shortly enough the kerchief was resting upon her head between her large crest feathers.

    “There! All done! Team Blazeon is ready for business!”

    “How come you’re not wearing it around your neck? It looks ridiculous up there, and surely it’ll fall…”

    “Believe it or not, it’s actually quite snug. I can’t wear mine around my neck because it’d interfere with my wings.”

    “How’d you get yours on so fast, anyway?”

    “…” Yellow feathers grew orange. “Eh, he, I’ve been practicing for a while…”

    “What do you mean, you’ve been-”

    “Ah, so I should probably take you around town and let you know how things are run, yeah, especially given that you’re new to the whole ‘being a Pokemon’ thing! Come on, come on! If we have to burn daylight, it should be touring the town!” Hastily the Torchic tugged at the Eevee with her small wings, who had no other choice but to run along with the plot of plans.

    Eyes squinted at the bright outside. Asa had to blink her oculus repetitively to get used to the burning sun that swiftly warmed her cool raspberry fur. The song of many grass and flying types hummed from afar as they went through their day’s work. The occasional spore or seed flew through the endless pacific blue zenith, carried upon the tepid unseen gales. Trees sprouted ceaselessly, some stretching their arms in futileness to touch the heavens and others suffering dwarfism to their adult cousins. Sweet puffs of cotton candy drifted above all heads, the brightest white with gray-periwinkle hues to them dazzling in the sky. The air was so potent with oxygen that it made Asa gag at the first deep inhalation, and it made Flare’s fiery aura double in size. The thin grassy path turned to smooth gravel, then to cobblestone as it stretched east to the morning sun. Once again the smell of saline tinted the air. Even as the human paused to take in the fresh air and the overwhelming beauty of the senses, the fire type continued on as though it was nothing special. With a quick glance back, the flame bird noted the Evolution Pokemon’s hesitation.

    “You coming?” the Torchic briefly questioned.

    “Yeah, it’s just…I feel I had nothing like this when I was a human, this sort of nature…”

    “It is really nice around here, yeah. I prefer the scorched plains a little southwest of here, though. It’s not as chilly.”

    “How can you be cold here?” Asa fought to keep up with the quick steps of the bird. “I’m really quite snugly warm, and aren’t you a fire type, anyways?”

    “Fire types, contrary to what you may have heard, can’t stand cold temperatures for long. Since we have much higher body heats than normal Pokemon, anything that may be mild and cool to you guys is often extremely uncomfortable for us. Don’t even get me started on what would happen if we couldn’t regulate our temperature in a snowy atmosphere- the snow would melt as soon as it touched our body, fur, feathers, you know, and you know what they say about water and fire type Pokemon…” With a blue-eyed, sarcastic, knowing glance to the Eevee, Flare continued on.

    Groggily, Asa pushed on. The sound of running fresh water greeted her elongated ears. A marble bridge, finely crafted from expert rock types, stood as the border between town and the border of the wilderness. As cautious paws skittishly carried the hydrophobic once-human over the river, she heard the popular splashing noise, presumably from playful water types below. Quickly she dashed to Flare’s side near the end of the bridge. Buildings began to pop up like flowers on a late April day along side of the crowding rock-covered road. Pokemon began to show their faces. Grass and water types frequented the banks of the river, chatting and merrily gossiping away. Normal types pranced about in the center of the square, and others still attempted to bargain and barter for goods.

    “Well, this is it! Pokemon Square…”

    “Sure are a lot of Pokemon here…” Asa noted dumbly. They all seem so relaxed in contrast to the Pokemon of the woods… if there’s been so many natural disasters, why is this place so calm?

    “Well, of course. Come on, let me introduce you to the gang.”

    “The gang?”

    “Yeah! The gang. The Pokemon that run the services around here that really help out rescue teams. Where should we…ah, of course! The Kecleon brothers!” With a chirp, she dashed to the edge of the circular square.

    “Flare…” Asa panted, attempting to keep up with her. She’s so different now…by the legendaries, I can barely keep up with her, and I know that’s saying something…

    “Ah, Mistress Flare! How well to see you, keke!” The voice spoke with a weird accent, words fumbling over themselves in an ecstatic manner.

    “Hello, Messrs. Kecleon!”

    “What has a bright, shining girl like yourself on your head, eh? Looks like a rescue badge!” A second similar voice to the first chimed, slightly higher pitched.

    “I actually got a team formed today! I want to introduce you to my team mate, Asa…” Sharp eyes proceeded to usher her forward. The transformed human came into sight. Swiftly she noted the two Kecleon huddled together behind an expansive stand. Various things were littered about their booth. The obvious elder of the two brothers stood excitedly before foodstuff, berries, and a few scarfs, while the younger of the brothers took charge of shining diskettes and glimmering, beautiful azure orbs. The Kecleon Wares merchant shone in both youth and in violet scales in the stead of Kelley green layers. The green Kecleon bounced up and down excitedly.

    “Ooh me, oh my, what a delightful treasure we have here!” he exclaimed. “Really, Flare, she is wondrous, I can sense it in my tongue! You chose good, indeed you did!”

    “A new customer is always welcome by our store, yes, most definitely! Kekeke!” the younger nodded in agreement.

    “Asa, these are the Kecleon brothers. They run the shop in town for everything you could imagine. The elder there, Mr. Verde, deals in seeds, berries, fruit, clothing…”

    “Don’t forget the armament I carry time and time again for you rescue teams!” he added with a bow.

    “Weapons, too. Almost forgot,” she beamed. “He sells them only to rescue teams, though. And then, the younger, Mr. Vio, he sells only to rescue teams. He sells all sorts of cool junk-”

    “Junk? Junk? Flare, I am deeply wounded. It’s precious junk that fills my dreams to sell them to people!” Vio cried. “See if you are a customer here!”

    “Keke, now now, brother!” Verde chuckled. “She has never tasted of your products! She knows nothing for the beauty and use of your machines!”

    “Keke, true I guess, brother…I sell magical things that help you grow stronger or get out of trouble! The very sight of someone learning is absolutely darling! It makes me want to sing!”

    “They also buy items off of rescue teams and Pokemon. And, uh, don’t mind their way of talking. They just recently located here from a far off land,” the Torchic chirped. “They speak very well from their learnings, though, I must say…”

    “Oh, Flare, you cheeky chirp, you flatter us endlessly!” Vio squealed.

    “Well, a pleasant thing to become aquainted with you, Ms. Asa. I digress, though! Shall we attend to, as they say, busy-ness?” Verde questioned.

    “Unfortunately, we have nothing to sell and nothing to buy at this time, guys. I have to show Asa around the rest of town- it’s her first time in here.”

    “Aw, ***-***! That’s no well, not in the most!”

    “Quite a pity, indeed!” the elder concluded. “Well, do let know of your grandpappies that they should only buy stuff here, yes?”

    “Of course, Mr. Verde…”

    “Now, shoo, shoo! Go along your happy ways to the rest of the city! Keke!”

    Doing as they were told, Flare and Asa departed from the store. Swiftly Asa giggled. “What?” the Torchic chirped.

    “Just…the way they talked…it was funny,” she managed between laughs. “I know I shouldn’t laugh, but…”

    “I know, they do talk oddly. But, like I said, they came from overseas. The way that they talk is actually very advanced for foreigners, given they had a totally different dialect and language over there. The Kecleon brothers are the kindest merchants I’ve seen around these places, anyway.”


    “Yeah, so long as you don’t steal from them. Otherwise, they’re merciless.” Talons clattered along without a hint of emotion in her words. The Eevee hunched back with a shiver as hazel eyes fell onto the two chameleon Pokemon. They appeared to be in deep bargaining with a local Meowth. After the fur on the back of her neck threatened to undo the knot of the bandanna holding her rescue badge, Asa spun around and leapt away to catch up to Flare.

    She felt her body collide into a soft warm fold, then into an elastic stomach. Soon the cat-fox found herself bouncing off backwards.


    “Oh, I’m sorry, I wasn’t watching where I was looking-” Asa hastily backed up, her head deep to the ground. Daring a glance up, she made out an enormous creature sevenfold her height with craggy brown and cream skin. Curiously the creature was glaring down at the Eevee.

    “Oh, what a darling little soul! I haven’t seen an Eevee around these parts in so long!” the beast lit up, her voice deep and aged, yet as warm and kind as if she were her own mother. Asa felt her hair stand up on all ends of her body wickedly as the creature picked her up.


    “Asa, Asa…? Oh! Mrs. Kangaskhan! Asa!” Talons raked against the stones and Flare scooted into view.

    “Flare, help!” Asa meekly squeaked amongst the Kangaskhan’s powerful and gentle grasp.

    “Oh, calm down, deary! I couldn’t hurt a fly! It’d be bad for my child, didn’t you know? Besides, you are so pretty! Oh, I envy your parents, Arceus bless their soul!” An endless smile found itself upon her face as she embraced Asa.

    “Ah, Mrs. Kangaskhan! I was looking for you!”

    “Hmm? Is that Blaze’s precious Flare I hear?…why it is! Oh, how are you, sweety?”

    “I’m doing fine, Mrs. Kangaskhan, but-”

    “Oh, it’s been ages since I’ve seen you! Have you grown an inch? You look so much bigger and adult like since you hatched! Oh, and your feathers are just dazzling!”

    “Thank you, Mrs. Kangaskhan, but-”

    “And my, oh my! Is that a rescue team badge upon your gorgeous crown feathers?! Why, you’ve found yourself a teammate, after so long? Good for you, honey! Bless your soul for helping those who really need help-”

    “Mrs. Kangaskhan!” Flare screeched loudly, and abruptly she paused.

    “Yes, dearest?”

    “You’re…sort of squishing my terrified rescue partner.” At a soft groan of pain, Mrs. Kangaskhan peered down concernedly at the tiny Pokemon who choked for breath. Crimson eyes widened.

    “Oh, heavens me! I’m so terribly sorry, darling! Really, I had none in the faintest what came over me so suddenly like that!” With all haste, she set the suffering human back onto her feet. She wobbled about, dizzily, fur double its normal size. “Oh, you poor thing! I must have hugged you too tightly, didn’t I? I’m terribly sorry! I’m unaware of my own strength sometimes! It happens when you’re an overprotective mother of three energetic children, oh me, oh my!”

    “Asa…?” Flare pondered hesitantly. “Are…you okay…?”

    “…” Peridot eyes sluggishly turned to the igneous bundle of down. “…no?” With a pained response, the strawberry-colored creature made another guttural sound, and briefly collapsed.

    The black sky swirled around.

    It’s…this dream again…


    Who…who are you…?


    I…can’t…open my…eyes…

    “Asa…wake up…”


    “Asa, Asa! Don’t make me burn your butt! Come on, up an’ addem already!” Feathers grazed harshly up and down across the Eevee’s snout.

    “Uhn…wha…? Were you…calling me?”

    “Huh? Of course I was calling you! You passed out! Had me worried sick!” Asa forced her eyelids to crunch twice or three times before the figure of the bird came into view.


    “Good, good, you know it’s me. You got a pretty heavy ‘Body Slam’ back there, didn’t you?”

    “Body Slam…? Huh…? Oh, my aching ribcage…” Grunting, the transformed human forced herself to her unsteady paws. “What about that monster…?”

    “What monster? …you don’t mean Mrs. Kangaskhan, do you?” A harsh clicking of her beak disapproved.

    “I’m…not sure? One moment I was running along to catch up to you, the next I was being…crushed to death by something with huge teeth, scaly skin, beady red eyes, and was more than three times my height!”

    “Yeah, that was Mrs. Kangaskhan. She means no harm, though often times she doesn’t know her own strength when it comes to other races. Ah ha ha ha…” Feathers puffed out for a millisecond before she, much in a fashion that reminded her of Breeze, preened them down vigorously. Claws scraped up against the rocky path.

    “Mrs. Kangaskhan? You…know her? Ow, ow…” Asa grasped with her paws at a hind leg. Nothing feels out of place, so I know it’s not broken, but still, it hurts so much…!

    “Are you alright there?”

    “Yeah, I think so…doesn’t feel like something is broken or something’s dislocated…”

    “Well, Mrs. Kangaskhan runs the local storage community. She stores unused items away for rescue teams. I was on my way to her house to let her meet you, but, uh, I guess you two already met…”

    “I’ll say,” Asa huffed, gingerly placing weight on her hind leg. Pangs of agony shot through her, and she attempted to keep her balance. “Ah…where’d she go to, anyways? Was I out for long?”

    “Not that long…You really sure you’re okay? She just ran off to go see if she had an extra Oran Berry for you.”

    “Just stings a little,” the human-turned-Pokemon bit her gum gingerly through gritted teeth.

    “After a Body Slam, ‘just stings a little’? Then again, you did fall unconscious for a bit…couldn’t blame you there.” Amused clicking followed. “Ah ha, but seriously…we shouldn’t wait for her. She said, if she wakes up and is fine, don’t worry about me. I have the store to run anyways, and I’m not that far away. Shall I introduce you to Ms. Persian and Gulpin?”

    “I don’t know if I can handle much more of this,” the human crooned.

    “My, my…what a fabulous coat. Quite luxurious, I must say…” Immediately the Eevee stiffened up at the sound of the seductive female voice. “Shiny, as though old, though definitely appears to have the texture of a newborn. Very exquisite, indeed…”

    “Uhwha?!” she babbled, frozen in place in fear.

    “Calm down. Not like I’m going to skin you and sell your pelt…just admiring it, as a fellow fur-wearer, that’s all.”

    “Oh, Ms. Persian!”

    “Hmm? Oh, Flare, you beautiful and rare creature. How many times have I told you to call me merely ‘Felicity’? Such formalities are unnecessary for people that are as close as…family.” A deep throated purr carried upon her last syllable eloquently. Thawing, the kit-fox backed up to place her eyes on the long-bodied cat. The color of clouds at a golden sunset gently shone over her coat, its thick creamy richness causing Asa to stare. Paws moved without error, eyes grinning with her small smile. “I trust this is your new rescue team partner I keep hearing about around town, yes? I offer my congratulations to you.”

    “Yep! Asa, this is Ms. Felicity Persian. She runs the bank around here.”

    “Charmed, of course,” the cat sung happily. “And be most rest assured, Asa…each and every penny you leave with me will be…” Quick paws danced in the swiftest of circles around the startled Eevee. “…quite secure.”

    “Ah, ah, thanks!” she muttered, still startled.

    “Well, I left my little apprentice in charge. I was just on my way back from those villainous Kecleon brothers, what with their over-charged prices for items easily gotten ahold of. I must return at once. Have a wonderful day, you two…oh, and do let me know if you’ll allow me to see that wonderful gem of your mother’s again, Flare. My offer still stands…” With elegant strides, soon the Classy Cat Pokemon disappeared off in the crowd.


    “Yeah, she can be a bit startling. I feel a little more pressured, given, you know…” she outstretched her wings and clicked her beak. “Anyways, we can see Mr. Gulpin later. I think he said he’d be out today looking for some item known as a ‘Link Box’ or other, and we don’t need to worry about his services, he said, for a while. I think that’s most everyone that’s important in the square…” Tapping her foot, she gazed up at the blue sky, before she brought her gaze down suddenly. “Oh! Almost forgot! The Pelliper Post Office! I have to show you that, of course…!” Once more, Asa was dragged off in pursuit of the energetic Torchic.

    Azure blue folded against darker cobalt waves in a repetitive motion. A caw from some bird greeted their ears lazily from afar. The sun dazzled off of the bay’s waters. Wings of all types fluttered about violently from the colossal wooden building before them. Asa’s eyes widened so slightly at the site of it. A large billed Pokemon swooped in from the ocean to the top of the building; shortly thereafter a Pokemon of the same species took flight out to sea.

    “What…what are those?”

    “Huh? Those are Pelliper. You never see them before?”

    “No, I haven’t…” Asa pondered. “…then again, I’ve never seen a ‘Kangaskhan’ or ‘Kecleon’ either, before today, I’m sure.”

    “Huh…that’s weird, how you remember some things, and forget all else…” Flare muttered. “Well, this is pretty much Rescue Team Square Central, or something. A team of Pelliper here fly all around this region to receive and send out rescue requests from ailing teams. Without their communication, we wouldn’t know where to go, and to rescue who, unless it was like yesterday. Also, you see that-”

    Her words ended shortly as there was a terrible howl from the town.


    Before Asa knew it, she was tackled over roughly.

    “Oh, you ruffian, baby Eevee! Why’d you run off like that?! What ever gave you that…notion…?”

    Groggily matching eyes with the Pokemon she was tackled down by, Asa noted the fine, black fur of a fox-like creature like herself. Yellow rings flashed wildly in excitement, though soon died down.

    “Oh, I’m sorry…I thought…there aren’t a lot of Eevee, and so I thought…I’m sorry.” With all haste the black creature leapt off poor Asa. Rolling onto her side, she slowly returned to her feet.

    “Umbree, did you find her?!” Cerulean feet soon stood beside the black paws, and sapphire eyes deeper than even Flare’s glared down upon her.

    “I’m afraid not, Maelstra…this Eevee just looks a lot like her…” As the human returned to her feet, she noticed the teal creature immediately fall to tears, nearly collapsing over the midnight ‘Umbree’. Ridges pinned against the short fur of the creature, and a tail fitted with a mermaid’s tail slapped against the ground weakly.

    “She’s just a newborn! She couldn’t have gone too far! I told her not to…!” Maelstra sobbed.

    “Calm down, it isn’t your fault…” Umbree soothed, running his head over hers gently.

    “I turn around for a second at the corner, and she’s gone!”

    “We’ll find her…don’t you worry, we will…”

    “She, she was the only of the bunch to survive from that horrendous accident, though…! If, if she goes too…!”

    “Don’t think so negatively! I’m sure she’s fine. She’s a strong Eevee…”

    Paws gently carried Asa back to Flare, who watched on without a word. Something of an empathetic emotion had swept across the fire type; eyes glazed up heavily as she watched the mourning mother and father. “…Flare?”

    “Hmm?” she glanced over.

    “You ok?”

    “…yeah, fine. Just…I feel bad for them, losing their child like that…”

    “What…are they, anyways?”

    “You’ve never seen what are known as ‘Eeveelutions’?”

    “Never heard…”

    “Come on, hun. Let’s go send a rescue request while we continue to search for her around here…” Umbree somberly nuzzled Maelstra, aiding her steps as a crutch as they poured into the building.

    “Well, the blue one is a Vaporeon. The black one is an…Umbreon. Both branch off of the Eevee family tree, though I’m not sure how they evolve. I once heard Eevee can turn into eight different species, depending on certain conditions…I actually kinda envy that, you know. You could choose what type of Pokemon you want to become. I’m gonna be stuck being a fire type, and eventually a fire-fighting type…”

    “We should help.”


    “We should help them.”


    “You said, we agree to form a team, we agree to fight against the hardships. Well, isn’t this one of them? The least we can do is offer our help to them…”

    “Asa, you don’t even know how to fight, though, if their child is in the woods somewhere…”

    “This’ll be a crash test lesson for me, then. Come on.” Raspberry paws quickly followed after the sorrowed parents. Throwing an Ember in the air with a sigh, Flare set after her.
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    Yay Blaze!

    Really nice chapter. You have me hooked!:biggrin:
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    Really? I thought it was pretty lame. D: BORING. Thanks anyways...

    ...huh? A childish word was blocked?

    ROFL. :lol:
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    Was the 'local Meowth' Persian's apprentice?

    So Asa knew that Eon was the ending of all Eeveelutions, yet didn't know any of them?
  9. Crystal Hikara

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    No, Asa didn't suggest Eon at all. It was Flare that was talking aloud suggesting things. Asa was blissfully ignorant. She doesn't know a majority of the Eeveelutions, like Leafeon, Glaceon, Umbreon, Flareon, Vaporeon. She's seen Jolteon, but she didn't know it by name. Her father has Espeon, but didn't know what it evolved from.

    And yeah, Meowth was playing hookie. |D
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    Seems like Asa knew that didn't it?
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    Your just starting the book, and any semi experienced reader knows that at the beginning the book is sometimes a little boring. You need to develop your characters and your world at the beginning. That can be boring sometimes, but necessary or you will find your readers lost and very unhappy because they don't know who or what they are dealing with.

    Personally I think that it's great except for a few slow parts which are, as I said, necessary for the book.
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    SHUSH. YOU DID NOT SEE THAT. >_>' Eh he, writer's mistake. I tend to make a lot of them when I really don't have any sort of concept of the story I'm gonna be writing. Little things like that I easily miss. *editedit* Thanks for pointing that terrible boo-boo out.

    Well, finally, it has arrived. I've just not been in much of a mood for writing recently, so the chapters are probably going to be far-spread out, or at least moreso than RQO. (I say this because I already have massive quantities of it written and waiting to be edited, whereas with Enigmatic Star I do not.)


    Chapter 3: First

    “So, slowly again, Mrs. Vaporeon?” Flare questioned as the cool wind whipped through her feathers. The blue Eeveelution sat before Team Blazeon, quivering as she attempted to sober up. Her husband had gone to talk to the Pelliper to send the rescue request. Asa waited expectantly for her to continue.

    “W-well,” she sniffled, fin-like ears drooping with every second. “…I-I was j-just taking a sh-shortcut through the woods to get back home q-quicker in time to make my little Kayla’s d-dinner, but I took a wr-wrong turn. U-Umbree was home, asleep, at the time, and I-I took Kayla out with me to pick s-some Pecha Berries for a pie I was g-gonna make that night. I became lost, and I t-told Kayla to s-stay near me, but I was a-attacked b-by a bunch of Rattata, and, and a weird bird, and, and…” And that was it. She broke into a fountain of tears once more, and there was no end to the water that supplied the source.

    “There, there! I’m sure we can find her! Where is she? Where did you take the shortcut?” Flare cooed, though to no avail; tears poured out continuously. Sympathetically she eyed the mother, then her rescue companion. The human remained silent, watching as the Umbreon teetered out of the Pelliper Post Office, a small pin and paper clenched between his teeth. Gently he jogged over to the edge of the post office, slipping the note onto the bulletin board quickly.

    “Well, we’ve done what we could, Maelstra…the rescue request is up,” he softly noted, and turned to her side as the fire type backed off immediately. His crimson eyes fell upon the two. “…thank you for trying to comfort her in my temporary absence…but, I fear that may be all you can do…” Silently he took his partner off into the town.

    “How sad…I really do feel bad for them…” Asa whispered, and noticed Flare gazing up the board. “…Flare? Don’t tell me…”

    “If you feel so bad, then let’s do something about it.”

    “Where did they lose her? It can’t be anywhere too tough, because then we can’t go-”

    “We can handle it,” she reassured, leaping up with her strong legs. A quick peck to the clip that held the newly-posted note caused it to fall and catch dangerously in the wind. She barely caught it with her hard lips, fluttering down from her invisible stand on the air. “It says that the place is northeast of here, along the coast in the mountain range. I think that’s where Mt. Steel is. I’ve been there before with my grandparents; a lot of the Pokemon are upset about the occurrences, true, but most didn’t bother us. We should be alright.”


    “Hey, come on. We didn’t form a team for any reason other than to help those that do need our help, right? Let’s take advantage of that. Let’s go! I’ll go grab the last thing we’ll need!”

    “I…” Asa found herself unable to continue her sentence as the Torchic dashed off into the town. “…Flare, I don’t even know how to fight…” Slowly shaking her mane, the Eevee followed in her talon tracks, passing brush and few trees along the path back to town.

    “You really need to learn to speak up. Even I could barely hear you.”

    “Huh?!” the transformed hominid whipped her head into the sea wind, fur rustling like a head of hair. Her hazel gaze found its way onto Breeze. Her right wing was extended to its full form, peach-tan feathers shining after they were fixed by the bird’s tongue. “…Oh, Breeze…!”

    “I have to say, what is up with that stupid thing around your neck, though?” Brown eyes glared down at the Eevee. “It’s unrealistically tacky. Really, I woulda thought you’d know better…”

    “It’s…a rescue badge,” she nervously responded.

    “Oh, a rescue badge. That’s all?” With rapid flutters, her right wing slightly delayed in the timing of the flaps of her left, the Pidgey landed upon the ground, and peered in closer for a deeper look. “…looks like an egg with wings. What kinda idiot came up with that symbol?”


    “Hey, I’m just voicing my opinion. You and Worm Breath should know better to wear something red than blue, though. It does not look good on you. Like, at all. Though, what does it matter to me? Not like I’m in on your little team nonsense.” Clicking her beak, she turned feather and tail away from the human.

    “No, come on, Breeze…I’m sure Flare would love to have you on the team, and I’d miss you if you wouldn’t come with us and teach me how to Tackle something…you know I know nothing about fighting still!”

    “Nah, I’m not up to fighting. Have fun trying to find that couple’s kid and all that…” Once more her talons dove under her feathers as she took wing. The Eevee called to her, but the stubborn bird listened not to her.

    “…” Without a second thought in the matter, Asa dashed off in search of her teammate.

    “Eh? How are we supposed to carry this?”

    “Well, there’s two compartments here, see? The bottom one is meant to break off from the top, and then you can wear a bag like mine and use that to tote around the item, you know?” Flare pecked at a latch of the bright white-and-red box; easily the box clattered, the empty upper half falling to the ground. Strong wings pulled the compartment into her cloth sack, though not before a similar sack was flung at the human. Pondering just how to make the sack stay on, Asa threw the bag over her shoulders. The bag hung and dragged on the ground in front of her.

    “Flare, I don’t think this is gonna work like this…”

    “Hmm? Oh, you can’t do it like that, silly! Here, let me show you how most four-leggers do it…” Her beak dragging the satchel off her body, the Torchic was quick to undo the knot holding the loop of the bag together. “Now’s the tricky part…this’d be a lot easier with another set of claws or an extra bag on the side to even this side out or something…” Flare struggled to throw the cords over Asa’s back horizontally whilst holding the satchel to her side. “Mmmph…mmmmphhhh…”

    “Here, lemme give you a hand with that…” Sudden ropes snatched the binds away from the fire bird, and brought them underneath the Eevee’s stomach and through the small holes along the bottom of the bag. Shivers went through her spines as the binds tightened slightly uncomfortably around her ribcage and lower stomach.

    “Oh, wow! Thank you, Chyloris! What are you doing in this part of town?” Flare chirped as she pecked furiously to tie secure knots. The transformed human peered back at the one whom aided them; thick vines gleaming with a rubber texture held the satchel in place from the thin body of a walking fly-trapper. His goldenrod bell-like mouth curved into a sheepish grin at the mention of his name.

    “Ah, I was going to Verde and Vio’s for a Rawst Berry…my Acid’s been a little too thick and more neutral than it should- having a horrible time of digesting anything!- so I figured that would clear me right up. And hey, I owe you a little bit for that one time near Mrs. Whiscash’s pond, remember? …so, aren’t you going to introduce me to your furry friend here?”

    “Oh, oh, of course! Asa, this is Chyloris, a long time friend! Chyloris, this Asa! She’s going to be my rescue partner for the newly formed ‘Team Blazeon’!” Hastily the human rose a paw for a proper greeting, the conditioned reflex burned into her human body. He gawked at it curiously, his tiny eyes questioning her as to what to do. Awkwardly she lowered it.

    “…well, ah, nice to meet you, Mr. Chyloris…” Asa muttered shyly, paw digging at the sand with force.

    “Flare? …nice partner, but I still say you’re absolutely asking for suicide here, making a team at our age…”

    “Oh, stop bein’ a wuss, Chyworis…” Feather-covered bones pressed up hard against Asa’s ribcage as she fought with the next knot. “Yo’ aw-ways were a bittera coward…”

    “Hey, didn’t your Paps ever tell you it’s not cool to talk with your beak full? And I’m not a coward! I’m a pessimist, whatever that means because Mr. Alakazam told me, and there’s a big difference!” he bellowed, mouth flapping wildly. At the mention of ‘Paps’, she twitched.

    “Just a small difference, Chyloris…not a big one. Now, if you’ll excuse me, we’re going out on our first rescue mission.” With a final tug, the bag rested comfortably upon the cat-fox’s side. “Thanks for your help, but we have big Magikarp to fry. See you later…” With a small rustle of her igneous feathers, Flare huffed off in a hurry, forcing the strawberry-furred creature to sprint next to her.



    “What’s the matter?”

    “Hmm? Oh, nothing much,” she lied through her beak as she continued in her swift steps. The hut she allowed Asa to rest in soon came back into view. “Just wrongfully pecked at some old wounds, that’s all.”

    “You sure you’re okay, then?” Olive eyes concernedly locked onto the bird.

    “…yes, Asa. Now, let’s go get Kayla out of trouble. If we stay any longer…we may be too late.” Her head shot to the three-way intersection of the road as once more grass and dirt came under paw. “This way.” Her talons bore her to the left, and with a gaze back to the city, Asa too set down the worn path.

    Cragged mountains reached endlessly and threateningly to the heavens, filled with iron, tin and other hard metals. Tail nearly between her legs, Asa forced down her whimpers of fear as the hands of the peaks slowly reached down to enclose them. Pure blue soared continuously in the sky with only fair weather clouds and the afternoon’s sun hanging in their domain. Flare had kept up with her original pace, feathers occasionally rising with the wind’s cool whispers.

    “Well, we’re here. Mt. Steel…” she nearly whispered; even she felt the might of the colossal landmarks pushing slowly down upon her and oppressing her fiery breath. “…According to the rescue mission note and what Mrs. Vaporeon said, she should be somewhere in the northern section of the mountain, where a few trees grow. That’s where she last saw her, at any rate…”

    “I…I guess…” Teeth chattered lightly against each other, though not to the extent of what they once would have. “…Flare, I’m not one-hundred percent sure that this is the best of ideas…”

    “Why? Why do you say that?”

    “I…I just have a really bad feeling about this area, that’s all…” the human whined lightly, paws nervously twiddling in the earth below. A poor breakfast curled within her stomach.

    “Just probably the sight of all these huge mountains or something. A lot of Pokemon say they get that impression when they first come through here, too. Just stick by me, and we’ll go through this together, alright? We’ve already come this far and taken the request. No point in turning back now…” Blue eyes traveled to the winding path that carried up to the peak. “…well, let’s start climbing…”

    Paws and claws dragged their way up the mountainside. The wind calmed to near nothing, sun pounding upon each’s back. Far off calls from birds echoed down to the attentive ears of the human, whom would nearly jump at each cry. All was quiet.

    “Flare…? There aren’t any Pokemon around…” Asa worriedly noted.

    “I know, I know. I keep feeling like we’re going to walk into an- watch out!”

    Flames erupted from the fire-type’s beak suddenly as a Ratatta shot out of nowhere with several of his relatives. The embers fought off one, but soon Zigzagoon and Furret descended upon the two. Flare forced a hearty song, causing all to flail about in laughter for a moment.

    “Asa! While they’re distracted by the Growl! Gather up the energy within the center of your body and charge into them, using your shoulder at the last second to pull off maximum damage! That’s how you Tackle!” the chick hurriedly instructed, and Asa felt faint with the idea. Unsure of herself, she stayed put, and whipped her tail around viciously in anticipation of any attacks to come her way.

    The group of enemies doubled over at the sight of Asa’s Tail Whip. The animals clutched tightly at their abdomens and others simply collapsed to the ground. The very thought that wagging the tail cutely to protect oneself absolutely destroyed the morality of the attackers. “Asa! What was…well, makes my life easier to do damage!” Flare chidingly chirped, and soon fluttered in the air. The sharp claws of her feet soon raked an enemy Zigzagoon paralyzed in laughter. He didn’t know what hit him, and rolled over. Wide brown eyes caught on the Torchic, before he shot off, limping as he did so.

    “How was he so easily-” Asa began, though had to duck from another Zigzagoon’s attack.

    “Tail Whip! By making them laugh about what they think is you trying to get all fired up about battle, they start not paying attention to their bodies as much. Growl also makes it harder for them to attack strongly when they’re laughing,” Flare instructed as fire burst from her once again. “Now, give me a helping paw here! I can’t take them all on myself!”

    “I’ll try!” the human muttered, dashing to the side once more as the Zigzagoon galloped toward her at full speed. “…I still don’t get what you mean by the energy at the center of my body!”

    “Think of something that you wanna protect! That’s an energy form! Remember when you tackled Breeze? Think of that! Ugh!” the chick grunted as she received an attack finally. Asa watched as the diagonal path of the raccoon lined up with her position again. Something I want to protect…

    Sudden images of the crying mother and consoling father poured into mind. Tears fell like the heavy mid-summer rainstorm, bringing only floods of sadness with it. The sight of Umbree’s happy smile when he mistook her for his daughter built something up within her blood. Faster and faster it circulated through the human Eevee’s arteries and veins. I…I want to protect the love of that family… Something clicked within her, and Asa watched as her paws dragged her body forward. The normal type backed off at the charging red mass, hesitant and wondering why she was just beginning to attack back at that time. Soon the human collided with the Zigzagoon; he whimpered in fear as he quickly took off into the mountainside once more, snapped to his senses.

    “Alright, Asa! That’s how you do it! Hold onto whatever you just thought and get these guys! Their attacks are starting to hurt a little!” Hazel eyes whipped to the bird; too many enemies gained up upon her, and her breath was dwindling. Asa leapt forward, feeling the need to help the family that had already suffered through much, and once more she rammed the side of several of the adversaries. Talons scratched in aid for the battle, but soon the hardy critters were back on their paws, raring for more to get the intruders off their nesting grounds. Hard, sharp claws found themselves against Asa, not to mention the energy from full-bodied Tackles. She screeched in pain as she felt something seeping out of her. A far off cry filled her ears.

    The opponents were vanquished suddenly from a dive originating from the sky. Fierce winds shoved the local Pokemon off angrily. Asa, head spinning from the attacks she bore, forced her eyes to concentrate on the new Pokemon hanging in the air where the other normal types once stood.

    “And don’t even think of messing with this again, else you’ll be messing with the wrong Pidgey, let me tell you that!”


    “And you! Just what do you think you were doing back there! You should be ashamed to call yourself a Pokemon with those moves! I was doing better when I was a hatchling, and you know I have a bad wing!” Angry pecks drove themselves into the happy Eevee’s skull. “No smiling! It’s obnoxious to do when you’re in pain!”

    “Ow, ow!” Paws swept over her head swiftly as she ducked into the protection of the sand. “Breeeeze! I was just being thankful that you saved us, that’s all!”

    “That’s all, the heck with that! You’re bleeding, Asa! Where’s the Oran berry when you need one?!” she continued to screech wildly, feathers falling from her wings with her rampant fuss. “Look, I’m molting, you have me so worked up here!”

    “Now, let me see if I have one in here!” Flare called, and shoved her beak to her satchel’s side. The toolbox soon emerged within her grip.

    “And what on Earth is a stupid little box like that gonna do, now?” Breeze shot her death glare to the Torchic.”

    “This is a rescue team’s Toolbox, though I suspect you wouldn’t know that,” the fire type hissed back at the flying bird, before she kicked it open. “It’s where we can organize and put several things for a mission, including Oran Berries! Now, I think that they came with…yeah, they did. Asa, eat this…” A ginger beak plucked a small berry from the walls of the compartment box with obvious care; the blue skin of the berry shone in the light. Curiously Asa took the berry into her mouth from Flare’s, and she sunk her front canines into the fruit nearly immediately. Juices flowed freely into her mouth; a mix of flavors flooded her sense of taste, though it seemed to have properties beyond just a snack. The human felt energy begin to course through her veins once more as soon as the liquid made its way to her stomach.

    “Mmm?” the Eevee muttered with her mouth full, questioning the berry’s properties.

    “That’s right, she doesn’t know…course she wouldn’t,” Breeze rolled her eyes briefly. “Oran Berries are known for their medicinal properties, meaning they’ll heal your wounds from the inside out quicker than you normally will. Eat one of those, and soon you’ll bleed no more. It’s working as we talk…” Meekly the kit eyed her wounds. Energy zoomed up to the slight lacerations and proceeded to scab over the leaks with Mach one speeds.

    “You’re doing fine, right Asa?”

    “Mmm-yeah,” she managed after swallowing the fruit. She anxiously licked the inside of her mouth and her lips. The berry left a bitter aftertaste that reminded her of some fruit she once knew the name of, but couldn’t place her paw on it. This is awful…I can’t even remember the name of something I know I know the name of… Softly she stretched her legs. “I guess we’re going on…the three of us?”

    “Yeah, yeah…that town’s Dullsville, and I need to work on getting stronger, anyways,” Breeze noted as she stretched her wings out to their full two-and-a-half foot span, before coiling them away. “So what are we doing here anyways? Place gives me the creeps.”

    “I’m surprised, since you’re a flying type and all that. Anyways, here’s the rescue request…I’ll let you read that as we walk. Just keep your wings at the ready for any other suspects…”

    “Sorry, Ms. Flightless, but I don’t think you should tell me what I’m doing here with your team.”

    Rocks tumbled underfoot as Asa leapt up a set of boulders. Nervously she felt her claws skid on the hard rock, slipping downwards as she forced herself up. Heavy pants flew from her mouth.

    “Should just be…over these stairs, I think,” Flare herself breathed hard as she fought to keep up with the normal type. “The place where…Mrs. Vaporeon lost her girl…and I think we should break for an afternoon snack soon, too. I’m famished.”

    “And my wings are sore from all of these stupid Gusts I’ve had to create to save both of your behinds,” Breeze squawked from behind as she rose up the stairs once more on irritated wings. She paused at the near top of the stairs to preen at her right wing. “Gonna be absolutely ridiculous to get down from here. Thank Arceus that there are a lot of good wind bubbles from all of the heat pouring off the rocks, I can just coast on them till I’m way up, and then I can ride the winds back south of here without breaking a sweat like I am now.”

    “Might not even have to resort to that, you know. I heard that these badges have mystical properties to them, and they can sense when a Pokemon nearby is hurt and not hostile, and do…something for them. Maybe they can teleport us all the way to the town. I’m not sure…I didn’t completely read the letter one of the postmen left for me about it.”

    “Great! Well, while you two are surely lugging that Eevee child down the mountain and ignoring all the attacking Pokemon, I’ll be up in the sky without a worry!”

    “Breeze, be nice…” the furred human puffed as she dragged herself to the top of the last rock, her feet giving out in exhaustion. “…you could…at least…have the heart…to help. Ohhh, I need water…”

    “Hope an apple…will do! They’re…in your part of the toolbox, I think.” Flare, too, plopped down on the top of the rock. Flames shot from her mouth away from the other bird and the cat-fox as she fought for her breath.

    “And why are you wasting your flames?” Breeze coldly noted, perching upon a nearby stone. Once again she set to work on her unfavorable wing.

    “Cool down my body just a little,” she breathed out another stream of embers. “I have to, else even my body can get overheated….”

    “Overheated fire type. Hah! That’s a new one…” Regardless of their conversation, the transformed human tugged the toolbox out. Her tooth swiftly unlatched the top of the box, and soon two gleaming red and green Macintoshes filled her eyes greedily. She was quick to pull one out with her teeth for herself and set it aside.

    “…uh, Flare, Breeze? …there’s only one other apple…”

    “What the deuce? You gotta be kidding me, Asa,” the tawny bird disapprovingly clicked her beak, tiny eyes glaring at the Eevee’s apple.

    “Well, I wasn’t expecting you to join us, Breeze, so I only had two packed for us…”

    “Uh huh. Starve the bird that’s doing all of the hard work…I see how it is…”

    “Wait. If you take a third from both of our apples, then it’d be even.”

    “You? Using math skills? Asa, I’m shocked.” Feathers rippled wildly at the spine-chilling thought.

    “Ha, ha, ha. Flare, would you mind if she took some of your apple…?”

    “No, so long as she doesn’t take more than a third of it, like I feel she will…” the differently colored Torchic dove her own beak into the box, bringing the shining fruit out into the open. The Pidgey hungrily gazed at it, her dry tongue running along her beak’s edge.

    “Breeze, take my third first,” Asa hastily ordered, fearing for her friend’s stomach. At the order, the bird hopped over coolly, feathers rubbing up in Flare’s face. The fire type said nothing as she retired to her own spot and began at her apple. Swift nibbles dug into the fruit from the tiny bird, and larger bits came off from the now carnivorous teeth of the human. The air calmed, and the long ears of the Eevee swished back and forth impatiently. Soon Breeze galloped off to the igneous chick’s apple, pecking mercilessly at the fruit. Uneased, Asa continued to nibble away at the Mac.

    “Nooooooooo! Please, let me go!”

    Both apples fell limp to the dusty ground at the cry for help. The Eevee forcefully threw her weight onto the box, snapping it shut, then shoved it into her side satchel. Flare readily rose to her talons, shooting off ahead near the peak. Other claws and paws soon followed after her, but had little time to jump back at the sudden bright flash of silver in the air. The fire type struck a heavy battle pose, flames nearly bursting from her beak, waiting to hear from the creature before her.

    There roosted a bird across the gap, thoroughly plated over with light aluminum that looked sturdy. The bird clicked away, whispering niceties to an auburn-tinted ball of fluff.

    “There, there! Calm down, already! I told you I wasn’t gonna hurt you or eat you! I just wanna be your friend, that’s all!”

    “But, but my Mommy’s really probably worried about me now! Please, Mr. Skarmory, let me go home!” the lump of fur hiccuped as she cried.

    “I’m so lonely here, though, and you’re really nice and furry and friendly! No one says hi to me up here any more! Can’t you stay a little longer with me? Pleeaaaaaase, Kayla?”

    Before she could reply, dangerous flames shot out to scorch the feathers of the bird. He cried in heavy pain as some of the metal down seemed to melt together, and then exuviate off under the high heat of the Ember attack.

    “Owwies! That really hurt!” Skarmory cried, yellow eyes darting to the source of the fire. Asa ran up to her team mate’s side, dangerously gazing up at the bird.

    “That’s the child, all right!” Flare noted, flames still forming on her words.

    “I can see where Mr. Umbreon and Mrs. Vaporeon would mistake me for her…” Asa nodded, taking a defensive stance. “…Breeze?”

    “Yeah, definitely staying far outta this matter,” she yapped from a far off perch.

    “Oh, you’re real courageous!” However, Asa began to wonder if what her friend did was more smart than cowardice; the bird fluttered over on clanking, hot pink wings, hostility within his eye.

    “People never come to visit me for nice reasons…what do you want?” he interrogated, sinking his sharp and well-polished claws deep into the soil.

    “We were sent here by request…to retrieve Kayla. Her parents are dearly worried about her,” Asa gulped before she spoke. “Her mother’s crying badly in fear of what may have happened to her child…”

    “But Kayla’s my friend! I wouldn’t hurt her. I never would!” the steel type clicked his beak. “Not like you meanies, who attacked me right away on sight!”

    “Look, I know she’s your friend, but she needs her parents!” Flare roared, stepping nearer to the airborne monster. “They’ve already suffered a tragic loss, or so I heard, and do you know how much pain you’re causing them by keeping their daughter hostage like this?!”

    “I’m not keeping her hostage! Kayla is my friend, and I wouldn’t threaten to hurt her if she didn’t stay with me!” the Skarmory bellowed back, extending his wings fiercely. “She’s staying with me on her own free will!”

    “Ask her what she wants! She was just crying to leave to her parents a minute ago! You put her in your nest, which is surrounded by heavy ditches! That sounds like holding someone hostage to-”

    However, the bird wasn’t waiting for a response that quickly. With a mutter to the baby Eevee, he soon opened his beak wide. A terrible sound pierced through Asa’s ears, sending pain to her brain and rattling her bones. Paws stepped upon the sensitive ears, but the sensitivity of her hearing receptors were being attacked mercilessly. She cried out in protest about this, but the screeching didn’t end.

    “Flare!” she whined, words barely audible over the Metal Sound. The fire type shot her blue eyes over to her, wings over her ear holes. “Flare! Go and…get him! Use your Ember again! He was really…affected by that! I can’t…do…anything, so go with my…strength!” The cheer seemed to force energy out from her body. The human felt it dive into the skin of the Torchic, as though she had touched her with a paw and melded into one lump. Gladly the fire type rose its beak to the opposition, and flames burst out once more. The flames danced more vividly and with a more aggressive burn to them; Asa was quick to learn from her Helping Hand just how much it helped Flare escalate her attacks.

    The fire had immediate repercussions on Skarmory; feathers burned and fell off his body like ice melting and dripping off an icicle. His cry turned from painful to pained as he shied away from the flames. “Ow! Owwwww! S-stop it! That’s not fair! That really hurts me! You’re going to burn away all my feathers! Stop it!” The small form of Kayla peeked out in horror from the bramble bushes of the nest, tears still falling from her eyes.

    “Release the child!” Asa commanded, still feeling energy sap away to Flare.

    “Nooo! She’s my only friend! How can you be so mean! I know she has parents, but I can give her a great home here too! Stop it!”

    “Let her return home where she really belongs!”


    “NOOOOOOOOO! ALL OF YOU, PLEASE STOP!” The cry from the Eevee ceased the Ember barrage. Flare teetered about violently, breath heavy and labored. The metal bird, too, fell into unsteady footsteps as he noted the words of his sole friend. She hiccuped, her gaze falling on everyone, before she spoke again, though much quieter. “Please don’t hurt Mr. Skarmory…he really is my friend, but, I am really hungry, and I miss Mommy a whole bunch…Please, Mr. Skarmory…if you really are my friend, you know to let me go home, right?”

    “But, but Kayla,” he coughed, eyes saddened. “I…I wound never see you again…and you’re my only friend…”

    “No, no, that’s a lie! You could always come and visit me down at Pokemon Square! Or, or maybe, once all these bad accidents are over, I can come and visit you here on Mt. Steel, and we could have a picnic! Just because I have to go home doesn’t mean our friendship is over! We can still be really good friends, even when I don’t see you! Just, please, let me go with the rescue team Pokemon back to my Mommy and Papa…please? And no more fighting…?”

    “We’re not leaving without her,” Flare almost barked. Asa gazed between the party. Skarmory panted heavily, his footing dangerously close to the edge of the peak. Tears welded up in his eyes as he locked them with Kayla’s.

    “I…I really am gonna miss you though… …!” He let out another metallic sound as his talon slipped. Asa shot forward, speed she didn’t know she possessed forcing her to the edge where she gingerly caught the flying type by his slipping leg with her mouth. She jerked back before she was pulled forward. He waved his wings weakly as he threatened to tumble in, dragging the human along for the ride. Flare dashed up to Asa’s side not too shortly thereafter, and swiftly clamped down on her satchel, digging her feet into the ground to aid in the effort to prevent him from going down and never flying back up. He turned awkwardly silent as he tumbled forward, smothering the Eevee after regaining his balance. Sharp feathers sliced a few inches off her fur and dug dangerously into skin, though none of the human’s epidermis was severed. “… …you…you just…”

    “Saved you? Yeah, but could you get off of Asa, please?! She probably can’t take your weight!” Flare chirped. Groaning, Skarmory rolled off the poor Eevee, and soon Asa coughed for breath.

    “I…I’m sorry…it’s just so lonely up here, and all of the other Pokemon are really mean to me and say mean things about me because they say I’m a softy, and I should be more manly…” Gingerly he fluttered over to the Eevee, claws wrapping effortlessly around her tiny frame. Soon she rested on the larger part of the peak. He clattered to his feet once more.

    “Well, don’t pay too much attention to them! They don’t know what they’re talking about!” Asa breathlessly muttered, watching as Breeze finally swooped in, deciding the danger had passed. “…I mean, I can tell you really don’t mean any harm…I wouldn’t ever mind being friends with someone like you, Mr. Skarmory…”

    “R-really? You mean that?”

    “Yeah! I can…just sorta feel you’re a good person inside, you know?”

    “So are we friends?!”

    “Uh, sure!”

    “Will you come visit me too?!”

    “When we have the time,” Flare nodded. “We just got started as a rescue team, so we’ll probably be really busy, but when we don’t have a lot of missions or if we are doing missions on Mt. Steel, of course we’ll come say hi!”

    “…THANK YOU!” he beamed, allowing his feathers to clatter around. The sound wasn’t harsh, rather more like chimes softly blowing in a light gale. Asa couldn’t help a smile. Kayla, too, smiled as wide as her small mouth would allow for, and pattered over to Team Blazeon’s side. “I hope to see you guys soon!”

    “Hopefully not,” Breeze muttered under her breath, though it was quickly stowed away as Asa shot her a glare. Suddenly the icon of all rescue teams shone upon the Eevee’s scarf as she neared Kayla. The glow floated out in tiny orbs, encompassing the company. The Pidgey annoyedly pecked at one of the lights, only to have it pass right through her and float away like a piece of cotton on the wind. Hazel and sapphire eyes softly noted the lights. The baby playfully batted at one as they gathered.

    “Well, bye-bye, Mr. Skarmory! I did have fun playing with you! Don’t let those meanies get to you!” the little child called out as she brought her paw up to wave him good-bye. He extended his left wing, flapping it gently.

    “Bye-bye Kayla! I can’t wait to see you next! And you too, rescue team Pokemon!”

    “I’m Flare! And my partner’s Asa!” the Torchic swiftly spoke as the glowing intensified.

    “Bye, Mr. Skarmory!” Asa shouted, and then she felt herself moving through space. The light died, and the metal bird waved to nothing.


    Quite an obvious reference to Skarmory of RQO here. *cough* What's originality again? |D Obviously I don't know the definition, stealing so many crossovers from other stories left and right...

    And please, PLEASE help me get this stinkin' story a better name. Enigmatic Star looks fancy, but it's SO hard to say. So ridiculously harsh on the tongue when I'm talking to my friends. -.-' Gimme suggestions while you're waiting for chapter 4, whenever I get around to writing it. (I've started it, but I'm not quite sure where to take this story from this point.)
  13. Crystal Hikara

    Crystal Hikara New Member

    Chapter 4- Disasters

    “Oh, my most, absolute precious treasure, Kayla!” Wails from the mother soon turned into cries of joy as the water type rushed to her child, and child to mother.

    “Mommy!” Kayla cried, leaping into her mother’s tight cuddle. “Papa!” she added as Umbree joined Maelstra’s side. Her tiny head buried itself into his mass of fur.

    “Don’t ever, ever leave my side again, young lady!” sobbed the Vaporeon.

    “It’s alright, Maelstra…she’s back…”

    “I know, Umbree…but I’m just…so…relieved and happy she’s alive! Oh, Kayla…! Your fur is such a mess…!”

    Asa and Flare rested comfortably side by side, enjoying the sight of the reunited family. Once again tears nearly poured over the transformed human at the sight of them being so grateful for what they had, and what they did. A smile spread across her face, she turned her gaze to the silent fire type. She watched on, without a huge smile spread across her beak; again she appeared in deep thought, though Asa had to wonder what it was this time that caught her attention grievously. We got the child back to their parents, and I formed a rescue team with her…so why is she still so angsty?

    “Thank you, you absolutely kind and brave-hearted souls! Really, I’m terribly in your debt!” Maelstra hiccuped, still awash in tears. “I must go and fetch little Kayla a bath right away, and prepare dinner. You’re more than invited to share what little we can offer you as our thanks…”

    “Haha, thanks, but I’m afraid I can’t go. My own family’s waiting to hear how my…our first rescue mission went,” Flare chirped, snapping out of her sour stance.

    “I don’t have any plans, if you wouldn’t mind me intruding…” Asa offered a smile.

    “I’m famished,” Breeze stated bluntly.

    “Intruding? Darling, you must be daft! You two will always be welcome to our humble hut any time you please! Anyways, if you do wish to come to dinner, Ms. Flare, you’re more than welcome to. You know where we are…”

    “Of course, Mrs. Vaporeon…”

    “And Ms. Asa, Ms. Breeze, my husband will be more than happy to show you where we do live, after he has attended to a few things in the Pelliper Post Office. Until then darlings, may your humble wishes be granted by the stars!” Swiftly the Eevee child was scooped up by the scruff of her neck, and off the water type ran into the darkening town. Umbree smiled after her, then turned to the rescue group.

    “Ah, I…must openly apologize right now. You see…we’re in a bit of a financial situation, and we don’t have too much to give right now. I know it’s common procedure to give a rescue team an item to properly thank them, but…I really don’t have anything, at all! It’s really embarrassing…”

    “Well, then, don’t worry about it too much,” the fire type noted. “We need ranking points more than anything, really- we just started Team Blazeon today. And, if you ever do want to thank us and you can, well, you can let us know?”

    “Still, it feels like nothing would ever be enough for the deed you’ve done for us,” the Umbreon bowed his head in honor of the team. “Your team will always have our moral support, and we will fight to get word out about you until your team mailbox is stuffed with letters filled with rescue requests worthy of your generous abilities! Now, if you don’t mind me at all, I have to take care of the legalities of the situation with the post office, to let them know you rescued Kayla and to take the request down…”

    “Of course!” With another humbled sink of his limbs, the dark type dashed off, leaving the team alone. The far-off horizon to their backs showed the glistening sun departing for the night. Flare turned to Asa. “Well, I hope you enjoy their dinner! I myself have to get home, like I said, but I’ll see you tomorrow morning?”


    “You too, Breeze?”

    “Oh, am I suddenly part of your shenanigans? Spare me,” she rubbed her beak parts together arrogantly.

    “Of course you’re a part of the team, Breeze! All three of us got up there. Without your help, we wouldn’t’a made it!”

    “Uh huh. Eavesdropper.”

    “Why are you still so bitter about that?” the transformed human softly muttered.

    “I just have a code of conduct and she just broke the most crucial rule I have, that’s all,” she fluffed her feathers wildly. “So she’s not getting my apology any time soon, no matter how sugar-coated she acts.”


    “No, it’s okay, Asa…” Flare rustled her own coat up. “I can understand where she’s coming from. I don’t need an apology from her, anyways…she is already forgiven. See you two tomorrow, and I’ll order an extra badge.” With that, she about-faced, and left on her tiny, well-worked claws.

    “Uh, not with that tacky blue kerchief, I hope! Cause the pendant is bad enough as it is! I refuse to wear it!”

    “Breeze, I don’t think she can hear you…”

    “YOU HEAR ME?! NO TACKINESS!” she bellowed, and the transformed human couldn’t help but chuckle loudly. “Hey, what’s so funny? Huh, punk?!”


    “What’s that supposed to mean?!” she nearly hissed.

    “Asa? Breeze?” Once more Umbree showed from the inside of the building. His gold rings pulsed excitedly in the darkness. “Still hungry?”

    “Starving, you mean…” the Pidgey corrected.

    “Haha! Come on, then. I’ll show you to our house.”

    “I do apologize again for the lack of room here,” Maelstra fussed as she bustled around. The hut was warm, a flame stoking in a small fireplace. A table meant for four at the most now held Breeze, Asa, and Umbree as the dinner was being prepared. Lavish scents floated up from a stew and pie. She elegantly rose to her hind paws as she needed to, pulling out chinaware and cups for water.

    “No, it’s really nice and homey,” Asa politely sat on a plaid cushion. “The home Flare’s letting me stay in is really empty and dull. There’s so much to see in here, though!”

    “Like food,” Breeze added hungrily.

    “True, I suppose, but we used to have so much more. Oh, why isn’t that girl…Kayla! Supper’s almost ready! Get out of the tub and dry your fur!”

    “Okay!” the childish voice chimed back, though popping sounds and giggles also filtered in from the cloth room.

    “Things have already started to return to normal, thanks to your help,” Umbree noted with a small chuckle.

    “Don’t even mention it, Mr. Umbreon.”

    “Umbree. Please,” he smiled once more, crimson eyes filled with happiness. “…though I suppose all won’t return to normal for a while…not until these natural disasters pass.”

    “Yeah, I’ve heard they’re getting really bad around these parts,” the human regretfully agreed. “Er, I’m new in the area, but…just what has been happening?” At the question, the mother paused upon her hinds. The spoon fell lightly from her mouth into the pan as she seemed to give a sob. Still, her feet carried her off to the bathroom. Umbree’s eyes darted to the ground as well. He only spoke until the bubble-jet was out of earshot.

    “Terrible, awful things…you see, Maelstra and I are still recently a couple. We just were blessed at a shrine celebrating the Forest Protector, to tell each other we were willing to spend our lives with one another, no matter the circumstances. We lived within the beautiful Sinister Woods at the time. Well, I did. She came from the Grand Sea, from a family of pure Vaporeons. To say in the least, our coupling was a little hard on her family…but, love happens. Even if it breaks other’s hearts from tradition, it’s one of those things you have to selfishly do for yourself. At least, that’s what Maelstra told me,” he whispered, and the Eevee couldn’t help but stick her tongue out lightly, amused.

    “Well, we moved into a humble little house close to a river there. It was bigger than this one, but it was, as you say, feeling empty. So, we talked to the local physician, and we agreed we were going to have…children. Maelstra was expecting, and was months along in her pregnancy with a litter, but…something went very, very wrong that day…

    “How’re you holding up, my love?” A soft lick found its way across the heavy water type’s forehead. “Your skin is so dry…”

    “I know, Umbree, but I can’t take in too much water for the children, unless they drown. They’re still going to be Eevees, you know…”

    “True, but our children will be so hardy! I’m sure a little water won’t slow them down when they’re running around, tearing up this peaceful place,” Umbree soothingly chuckled.

    “Oh, I don’t think they’ll be little terrors.”

    “Something says they’ll take after you…”

    “Excuse me, Mr. Umbree, but if I remember correctly, you were the first to woo me, what with your classy midnight sneaks into my house and singing ‘Moondance’ to me! If you’re accusing me of being a bad Eeveelution, you should blame yourself for your antics!”

    “Haha, of course, Maelstra, though I just remembered that one fine evening when you went completely ballistic, running far away from your family to spend a night with me…”

    “Mmm, the night you proposed to me, you darling man. You’re so endlessly romantic, it still surprises me,” she nuzzled him powerfully, and he returned the gesture.

    “But, no. Are you in any pain? Can I get you a cold towel to dampen your skin? Are the little ones kicking?”

    “No, not yet, Umbree, though a damp towel sounds wonderful. I feel so dehydrated, like my skin is peeling off as we speak…”

    “You’re so used to life in the water, I’m sure…” Hastily the dark type bounded to the faucet, turning the blue tap on full blast. Teeth threw a cloth into the sink, and his paw pushed the towel around until, like a sponge, liquid ran straight off the fabric. With forceful paws the nozzle returned to the ‘off’ position, and he forced out excess water by shoving his paws on it. His maw once more dragged the cloth out as he hurried over. Soon he placed it over her head gently, moistening her fins and facial skin; she gave a pleasured sigh of relief, leaning into the liquid’s cool touch.

    A rumble soon interrupted the bath. It started off as a small shimmer, and then grew in amplification gradually. The couple gazed up, worriedly. “Earthquake?!” Maelstra worriedly yelled.

    “Come on! Get with me in the bedroom! We’ll be safer there!” Speedy paws shot to the bedroom door and the heavy drapery weaved from his own fur. He gripped it with his teeth mercilessly and tossed it aside. The sound of crashing plates soon greeted his long ears. The quake still intensified. “Maelstra!” He leapt to her side, though the ceiling crashed down. A pained scream was heard as his vision was cut off from her.

    “MAELSTRA!” he roared, attempting to get near her and dig the crying Vaporeon out, but fire soon erupted; bits of the ceiling that had tumbled down dug into the fireplace, spreading ashes and embers wildly about. The fiery colors shone shockingly in his eyes. “Hold on Maelstra, I’m coming!” he cried, fire singeing his fur. His paws burned in their thick skin as he tried to yank the wood off. His rings were at a constant glow. Poisonous sweat seemed to aid the fire around him. The rumbling only became worse, until a heavy creak from above caused his eyes to shoot skyward. More of the ceiling collapsed. Umbree was right underneath.

    Fire Pokemon barked at others to clear the scenes. Water types hosed down the catching fires with all their might and abilities. Rock and fighting types volunteered in the effort to search for survivors. Worried neighbors spoke in words that meshed together in one large blob.

    Slowly, Umbree regained consciousness as the dead wood was dragged off his surprisingly damage-free body.

    “Hey, this guy’s breathin’ and coming around! Get one of the nurses!

    “Uh…Maelstra…?” he weakly questioned.

    “It’s alright, buddy, you’re going to be just fine…” a Graveler heaved another chunk of the wood out of the house.

    “…what…Maelstra-nngh!” he shot to his feet, though his bones ached and his back left paw hurt something terrible. His spinal cord felt out of place, and his right shoulder felt numb with pain. The Machoke swiftly moved over, trying to soothe him back down.

    “Relax! Relax! The nurse is coming! You’ve been seriously injured…”

    “No! I don’t care! What about my partner and her expected litter?! WHERE ARE THEY?!”

    “Who was she? Calm down, you’re in shock!”

    “Maelstra…she’s a Vaporeon beyond beauty two months into pregnancy! Please, let me see her, let me try to dig her out…!”

    “This guy’s nuts! He’s going to hurt himself!”

    “Restrain him while I move this bit of ceiling outta here!”

    “No! I want to help! Maelstra! If you can hear me, hold on! Hold on for me, love!”

    “Well, when they did find her, she was fast unconscious with a serious concussion. They swept me away to be treated before I could even see her and the damage she had sustained. When they finally let me out of the treatment room, I heard she was undergoing an emergency cesarean section. And then, out of the six she was due to have…only Kayla and she lived, barely…”

    “I’m…I’m so sorry…” Asa nearly wept at the tale, choking her tears back. “Is that why you, you two are here now?”

    “Yes…we heard that Sinister Woods were plagued the worst with this onslaught of disasters, and Pokemon Square the least. So, we went back to our old home, gathered what little was left, and we headed out here. I’ve been working a night job and Maelstra part of the day when I’m awake, but still we’re barely making enough to get by now. Hence our inability to properly pay you back right now…”

    “With a tale like that, even I can find sympathy for you and understand completely your situation,” Breeze cooed, eyes heavily gazing at the table.

    “And trust me, generally Breeze is as hard-of-heart as they come! Really, it is extremely sad, and I won’t ask for a single cent, ever!”

    “But you’ve gone and saved darling Kayla, our one shimmering light left! The loss of a child is so much worse than the loss of a home,” Umbree urged, though paused. Various running water sounds poured out, more than likely from the Vaporeon. “…sometimes I wish I had been there more for her. I wish I hadn’t dashed off like that, to open the bedroom curtain. If I was there, maybe I could have pushed her back and out of harm’s way…”

    “Don’t go beating yourself up about it. It’s in the past, there’s nothing we can really do about it now, you know? I mean, I really do feel sorry about your loss and all, but at least you can truly appreciate your daughter so much through all of these hard times. Haha…I don’t even know if I have a family that wants me. Just that love…that love is something to be happy about.”

    “Ms. Asa…?”

    “Oh, don’t mind her in her weird egg,” Breeze drawled sarcastically. “She’s just a bizarre character. She got hit with some Amnesia spell or another, and can barely remember anything. I guess I was at the Slowpoke party, because I don’t remember much about my family other than they didn’t accept me after I was kicked outta the nest when it came time to learn to fly and I broke my wing, and then Asa returned me to health. They never let me back, so far as I remember. So, yeah. Sad and all, your children dying, but don’t linger on that thought. You’ve got a wife and a child that need your love, and you can’t give it to them if you’re moping. We aren’t cryin’ bout our problems, but working through them. Let’s hope you and Mrs. Vaporeon can to, Umbree.”

    “…your beak, though harsh, is filled with wisdom, Ms. Breeze. Haha…maybe I have been holding onto the ‘what if’s for too long. I think I’ll really cherish my child and Maelstra after all of this. Thank you, both of you, and Ms. Flare, as well. I’m glad I got to meet all of you. Really.”

    “…and I swear, you need to learn to rub your fur deeper in the towel, because otherwise you won’t dry by bedtime!”

    “Yes, Mommy…” Kayla and Maelstra strolled out in toe from the bathroom. Maelstra’s fine, waterproof fur glistened lightly its moist state, and several strands of fur clumped together upon the Eevee’s body. The child swiftly teetered up to her father, giving him an affectionate lick on his cheekbone; the father followed suit. Curious brown eyes glanced over to Asa as she scooted over to her. “Mind if I sit with ya?”

    “Not at all,” Asa kindly beamed. Unexpectantly, the child nuzzled her shoulder. Such contact felt…odd, foreign, and the human nearly shied away from it in surprise. However, Kayla didn’t seem to notice or care.

    “You must be really strong to already know Quick Attack,” the child chirped.


    “Quick Attack! Don’t you know?” Kayla appeared genuinely shocked. “Mommy and Papa said they had a really hard time learning to shoot forward with really great speed to attack another Pokemon. That is Quick Attack, isn’t it, Papa?”

    “That it is, Kayla…” His eyes questioningly rose to his guest.

    “Don’t you remember using it to save Mr. Skarmory, Ms. Asa?”

    “Uh…vaguely. Really, I said I don’t remember too much…”

    “Guess that includes your moveset, huh?” Umbree interrogated. “Still, you must be a fairly skilled battler- or at least once were- to know Quick Attack and use it subconsciously as you did, by the sounds of it.”

    “Honestly, I don’t even remember what I did to run as fast as I did. I just saw his claws slipping, and then…” she paused. It still feels so weird, talking about such things as movesets as a Pokemon… there was a sudden clatter, and her gaze turned up towards the Vaporeon. The dishes had been set, and now steaming hot stew poured out of a wise-nosed kettle. Delicious aromas filled the air, and Breeze greedily gazed over at Asa’s plate. Soon enough, though, she delved her beak down into the soup, pulling back immediately, squawking vividly about her scalded tongue. Asa allowed herself to laugh with the others.

    “Haha, Breeze! Relax!”

    “Haw, haw ah sah!” she cried, sticking her tongue out. She fanned it wildly with her feathers.

    “I’m sorry, Ms. Breeze,” Maelstra apologized with a weak smile. “I’m afraid I don’t know any ice moves that I could have used to cool it down- I haven’t gone in for a battle in a long time, nor have I the money for a technical machine.”

    “And I can’t learn a single ice-type move myself,” Umbree nodded.

    “Nah a hobem,” she muttered, appearing irritated. Her feathers fluffed wildly. Suddenly, sharp blue eyes shot to the Umbreon.

    “That’s how we could repay them, Umbree!”

    “Hmm? What now?” he gazed up as he blew on his stew.

    “We could help Ms. Asa, Ms. Flare, and Ms. Breeze learn to use moves we commonly share like Quick Attack better!”

    “Darling, that is one of the most brilliant ideas I’ve ever heard from anyone in my life,” the dark type leaned over and licked her affectionately. Kayla made a distinct ‘blech’ sound and buried her head into Asa’s fur to avoid the romantic scene. Asa felt her blood running to her face lightly as she herself turned away from their intimate moment. “Would you care for that, our guests?”

    “I alreay oh Hick Ahhack,” Breeze huffed, before she turned her feathers to her dinner. She moved them gently, as a fan, cooling the liquid down.

    “Do you, now? What about Sand-Attack?” Maelstra’s face grew duller.

    “I oh at one doo,” she sighed, closing her beak finally.

    “Maybe I could teach her Pursuit or Faint Attack,” Umbree hopefully questioned. “It’s a great, physical dark attack to use, and I’m sure I’ve seen other flying types around here besides the Murkrow use it to retrieve something that accidentally flew off in a Gust.”

    “Mahbey,” she nodded, before her eyes turned to the soup once more. Coils of steam still flew off it.

    “What of you, Asa?”


    “What do you know so far?”

    “Hahaha…I can’t really say for sure, but by the sounds of it, I could always use a helping hand practicing Tackle and Quick Attack until I get those down…”

    “No worries, then. I’d be happy to teach you the basics of that,” the moonlight Pokemon’s fur gleamed with golden markings.

    “Well, there is one thing I’d like to learn, if possible, from Mrs. Vaporeon, too…”

    “Oh? What is it, dear?” Her vision turned.

    “…this is a bit embarrassing to tell the truth, but…” Asa shot her eyes to her stew childishly. “…could you teach me how to swim?”

    The entire family weighed their gaze upon her.

    “You…don’t know how to swim…?” Kayla asked, about to run her mouth before her mother interrupted.

    “But dear, nearly all Eevees and their evolved forms know how to swim, minus Flareon and maybe a Jolteon!”

    “I know, but…I just can’t seem to hold myself above water. It’s like when I try and push the water down, it pulls me down quicker,” she felt her fur turn to a bright vermilion. Umbree brought a paw to his child’s mouth to prevent her questioning.

    “…well, I suppose I could, then…” the Vaporeon whispered. “I could start teaching you as early as tomorrow by Whiscash’s pond, if you’d like…”

    “I’m not sure. We could get another rescue mission. I’d have to ask Flare first.”

    “Oh, that’s completely fine. Just pop by any time you’d like to ask! I’ll drop what I can and help out in a heartbeat.”

    “Well, thank you.”

    “Can I eat yet?” Breeze whined. “My tongue’s recovered and I’m sure this has cooled down plenty.”

    “Why didn’t you start without us, then?”

    “Because it’s rude to,” she irritatedly stated.

    “Breeze, you really confuse me some times…” Asa shook her head slowly with a chuckle. Her feathers ruffling as she took the comment as an insult, the Pidgey dunked her beak in a little less eagerly than before, as the family followed suit with their jaws. Asa paused, gazing at the soup. Something felt amiss, sticking her head down to lick at the liquid, though once again she couldn’t put her paw on it. I hope I remember soon about my other self…I can’t stand the sense of deja-vu any more. Reluctantly, she dipped her head. Her chin fur landed in the stew. Slowly, though she picked up the pace, she began to eat like the others.

    “Hey, I brought in the copy of the Square Times!” a cheery female voice called out in the dimly lit room. It was muggy, as always, from the small pond near the end of the shack, but it never got to her or any of the other members.

    “You and what money? We’ve been out of ressssscue missssssionsssss for sssssso long there’sssssss no money to go around…” a slick voice chimed in. He slunk out into a bead of the moonlight, revealing his violet skin. It was the Ekans that had rescued Asa.

    “Well, I imagine we are starting to get a rep because of our high prices,” the female shortly noted. “There aren’t too many missions that give a high enough reward to our liking.”

    “Thissssss issss true…” the Ekans hissed.

    From the shadows, a figure tapped lightly on a warping desk. They almost seemed impatient, though the creature didn’t even sigh in the least.

    “Well, at any rate, this issue…I just couldn’t pass it up. Get a load of this little article I found in the back of the Newbie Rescue Team Section.” Near human like hands held it up to the beacon of light. It was clear the figure was having difficulty reading the newspaper. “‘Today we welcome the new teams Blazeon, Diggers, and Kaleidoscope to the Rescue Team organization. Each of these brave teams came in last night with their leaders Flare Torchic, Dennis Dugtrio, and Aurora Dewgong-Walrein for an application, filled them out promptly, and were given the Normal Rank Rescue Team badge this morning.’”

    Something caught a gleam of the moonlight from the desk. It sounded like a coin flipping in the air, and appeared like it as well, until the glitter was gone. Taps continued on the desk.

    “Flare Torchic…that’ssssssss Apollo’ssssss granddaughter, isssss it not?”

    “I think it is, from the rumors I’ve heard, Slick. The weirdly colored one? Well, anyways, it goes on. This is where it gets interesting. ‘Most teams have a difficult time even getting one rescue done within the first week of receiving their badge, sadly. Not Team Blazeon, though.’”

    The tapping paused, as though now paying closer attention.

    “‘Maelstra Vaporeon-Umbreon and Umbree Umbreon, as you may have heard in previous issues, had suffered the tragic loss of five of six children. While Mrs. Vaporeon-Umbreon was taking a stroll on Mt. Steel to collect berries with her daughter, Kayla Eevee, the locals of the mountain attacked her, and her daughter was taken in the confusion. The couple was seen weeping for their child early this morning as the request for a rescue was sent up.

    “‘Most requests aren’t done quickly enough, as there is a severe lack of teams at this point. As you all know, these recent disasters have authorities and scientists baffled as to their sudden cause and uprising. However, sensing the dire tone of the situation the couple was in, Flare Torchic, along with teammates Asa Eevee and Breeze Pidgey, took the request.

    “‘Mt. Steel is no place for a beginning team. Teams are more expected to start out within the calmer Tiny Woods or Thunderwave Cave, where Pokemon that are unnaturally aggressive about the disasters damaging their home, are weaker than most and can be easily fended off. Despite all odds, Team Blazeon climbed to the very summit to confront one lonely Skarmory (first name unknown). Only a few Embers and one Quick Attack from Flare and Asa needed to fly before the metal bird surrendered and handed over Kayla to the team, but only on the promise that the team would visit him again in the future.

    “‘The ecstatic family was reunited at sunset. Team Blazeon received ten rescue points for their heroics, and now the happy parents have only one thing to request to others in need, and we quote: “If you’re in need of a request, don’t overlook this small team! You will be entirely grateful and satisfied by their help.” Team Blazeon, without much doubt, will rise to greatness like Team Wisdom before them.’” As she ended, she gazed down to her partner. “Sounds like Flare’s got some pretty powerful partners for her team, finally.”

    “What a wasssssste of a good team name possssssssibility,” Slick distastefully noted. “I don’t know why that article caught your interesssssst, Jojo…”

    “Well, I’m just saying we should probably interfere with this team. They’ll probably be getting a few, good rescue requests delivered right to their door, if you know what I mean,” Joanna smirked lightly.

    “This...Asa and Breeze,” a chilling, gruff voice came from the darkness where the tapping originated. “Just who are they? I’ve never heard of either of them.”

    “Yeah, neither have I, to tell the truth. All it gives is their name here.”

    “Sssssssoundsssss sssssussspicioussssss to me…” the snake rose his bald eyebrow.

    “I think I would have heard of an Eevee that could use Quick Attack around these parts too,” the human-like figure added. “I heard it’s a fairly uncommon move, given its learned after a lot of experience is gathered.”

    “Something…something rings a bell with Asa,” the dark voice pondered.

    “Doessssss it, bossssss? What doesssss it ring?”

    “…deja-vu. I don’t know her at all, but, eh, you know me. Always jumping to conclusions…or perhaps jumping to scare others,” he added with a cold chuckle.

    “So, what do you think we should do, Akuba?”

    “…I’ll be back shortly. I’m gonna go and spy on this Asa for a while, get to know just what scares her,” Akuba wittily allowed teeth to shine from his position. “And hey, if you don’t see a smile on my face when I get back, feel free to kill me.”

    “Hahaha! You’re always so comical, Akuba!” Jojo gave a flighty laugh.

    “Sssssilly, master-minding thing you are, indeed!” Slick rattled his tail in agreement.

    “I know, I know, I’m just too good! Oh, how it even hurts me to be so perfect!” A semi-transparent hand flew over his head sarcastically. “Well, at any rate, don’t get too much done while I’m gone, and remember to take pictures if I don’t come back, if you know what I mean.” However, before either member could even huff a response, the smile vanished.
  14. meditite rox

    meditite rox New Member

    Should be "paw", not "maw".
    Doesn't really make sense, wouldn't it be "when", not "until"? And shouldn't it be bubble-jet Pokemon?

    Great chapter!

    Who are Flare's grandparent's? Are they Blaziken, Combusken, or even Charmeleon? What?
  15. charmander rox

    charmander rox New Member

    So, about the last names, are they always just what the Pokemon is?
  16. Crystal Hikara

    Crystal Hikara New Member

    Meditite-rox: No, maw. It's another word for 'jaw' (Hence Mawile). Umbree couldn't have carried it over with his paws unless he wanted to get their house all wet. :X

    Yes, that would be 'when', but why should I have to, HAVE TO say 'Pokemon'? You can say, the legendary, leaving out 'Pokemon'. *shrug*

    Wouldn't you like to know. |D

    Charmanderrox: For the most part, yeah. Short, simple, and I don't have to think too heavily on things. |D
  17. charmander rox

    charmander rox New Member

    Well, the problem is, a Pokemon's last name obviously wouldn't be fixed, changing upon evolution, but then you have Aurora Dewgong-Walrein. ???
  18. Crystal Hikara

    Crystal Hikara New Member

    It's sorta like taking a man's last name when you marry to them. You can keep your maiden name, hypen with your partner, or take the name completely. With Pokemon, often times they will take a child name which changes, similar to Native American culture, when you enter adulthood and the like. Evolving, to them, is a change into adulthood, but only happens when you get to stage 2 if you evolve that far. XD

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