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    Hey I am posting the introduction of my story: Eon
    PS I am using a fan made pokemon that i do not own, (Celesteon)


    Everyone believed it to be true. Celesteon and Arceus were the creators of the world! They controlled, and protected the people and pokemon of the Earth. All evil was eliminated from the world, not a bit of bad in the world. The people and pokemon were in peace and harmony for all eternitiy. Until one fateful day, someone, or something, came to challenge the Earth and it's life.

    Celesteon was paniking. Her people were in danger! She and Arceus couldn't be everywhere at once, saving people and pokemon! They had to do something and FAST! So they did the only thing they had the power for. Creating more pokemon. Together they made the powerful Legendaries and Mythicals, and sent them to drive away the darkness that raided upoun the Earth. Celesteon and Arceus were forced to go into a deep sleep to regain power. They knew that if they woke up, the world would be safe. They realised though, the people would be on their own now.

    About a millenia later, Celesteon awoke from her sleep up in the clouds. She sighed in relief. The Earth was safe, and in control, but no other Legendary or Mythical pokemon was awake. This puzzled her. If she was the only one awake, what was she supposed to do? Surely there was nothing that only she was able to do. A couple of miles away, a cloud of thunder crashed, and lightning soared. A spot of glowing black magic surrounded the cloud, then vanished. Memories popped in Celesteon's mind. That was the sign of the darkness from the last time I saw the Earth. But how could it return? Did the Legendaries not entirely destroy it? Was it slowly growing back? At last, she knew what to do... Do as she had done the last time she needed to save the Earth. Create more pokemon!

    Celesteon didn't have enough power to make Legendaries and Mythicals, so she made seven forms of herself. To the people, they were known as Eevees. She carefully created them as powerful as she could, ready to explain to them their destiny to save the Earth, but it was too late. The darkness curled on her body, making it impossible to even breathe, and the Eevees being confused lost the connection of their mother, and fell down from the sky. Celesteon had no more power, giving it to her children, so she let the darkness grasp her. When the darkness at last let go of her face, she said heavily, "Good luck my children. Fulfil...your...destinies..." and she fell into another sleep. The darkness carried her away, to the master that would be pleased that she was nearly dead. Although, he would not be pleased at the fact that her children had been brought to the Earth. He watched as each Eevee seperated, going to a different location. The darkness snickered, and said, "What brains she gave to them. They'll never figure out their true powers! Hah!" And with that he left.

    And with that, the war began.

    Thanks guys! I'll make chapter one really soon! I hope you guys enjoyed!!! Please give me feedback!!!!!

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    I know I know... it's a short work-in-progress!
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    Eon: Chapter 1, Hail

    Here is Chapter 1, Hail.
    Enjoy and please give feedback!

    "C'mon Hail," A girl named Emeriah called. Hail was the name of her female Glaceon. Her best pokemon, and her partner.

    Hail proudly ran up to her master, Emeriah, giving her a warm smile. They had been together for years. Hail remembered when Emeriah first got her. She was still an Eevee at the time! Emeriah must've been thinking the same thing because she asked, "Do you remember when I first got you?"

    "Gaalllay! Galllay!" Hail replied. Emeriah giggled.

    "Of course you do! You were the star of the show when I got you!" Emeriah explained. "It was a normal day, and I was only nine years old, when I walked into Professor Elm's laboratory, when I saw something. It was a Pokemon! Only, it was the Pokemon that I instantly loved so much, that I carried it into Elm's office, and asked if you could be my partner," Emeriah started.

    Oh! Here comes my favorite part!!! Hail thought anxiously.

    "Elm said, 'Well I don't know Emeriah, she looks kinda...Wild and....scared'," Emeriah paused to look at Glaceon. She looked fidgety. Emeriah continued, "But I said, 'No! She is not wild and weird looking, she is the most wonderful Eevee in the world! And I'm gonna make her my partner and train her, nad make her the best Eevee in the world!' So I stomped off out of the lab, and put down Eevee," emeriah paused again Glaceon was jumping now. She really wanted Emeriah to continue! Emeriah laughed and said, "But then, I realised why you were so fidgety! You werea wild Eevee, and you werealready trained, and you evolved right in my hands!" and Emeriah and Glaceon started laughing. Emeriah told this story every day, but never got bored of it. Emeriah wasn't finished though, so she went on, "And I walked into Professor Elm's lab, showed him the Glaceon, and he siad, 'Well, you're a better trainer than anyone I've ever met, making that Eevee evolve. I'm sorry for doubting you,' and he left with a puzzled look on his face, and we left, laughing our heads off!"

    "That was the greatest day of my whole life!" A voice said. Emeriah stopped laughing. Who was that?

    "Wh-Who said that?" Emeriah asked to the open forest.

    "Well duh, it's me! Hail! Your Glaceon!" Hail said.

    Emeriah shrieked. "H-How c-can you t-t-t-talk?"

    "Wait...I can talk? But how? Emeriah? What's going on?"

    "I have no idea. But I'm feeling kind of...woozy..." And Emeriah fainted of shock.

    Emeriah woke up, looking up at Hail, who was emitting blue energy from herself, onto Emeriah.

    "What are you doing?" She asked.

    Hail stopped the energy flowing from her and answered, "You fainted, so I did a healing movement that I just magically learned to wake you up,"

    Emeriah nodded, understanding. She felt lots better. She sat up, and questioned, "Can you do anything else cool like that?"

    Hail nodded. "While I waited for you to awake, I decided to go and get help, so I started running," She started.

    Emeriah nudged on, "And?"

    Hail shook her head, then smiled. "Let me show you," and she began to sprint.

    Emeriah screamed, "No! I can't see you from here!" and ran after her, but she was too fast. She sighed, and decided to wait. Emeriah looked up, watching hundreds of Altaria fly in the sky. She laughed and said, "It's not like Hail can fly or anything," Then heard a zooming split in the air. "Oh my gosh!" She exclaimed. "She can fly!"

    Hail wasn't "flying". She was running on the air. She first ran on the ground, to pick up pace, then that same blue energy allowed her to run on the air! It was an amazing feeling! How was it possible though? She shoved off the idea, and continued soaring in the air. It was amazing, yet so familiar. She sprinted past the Altaria, not loosing a bit of energy in herself. She looked down, and saw Emeriah, screaming that Hail was amazing! She saw other people gasping, and taking pictures. Hail went higher, and higher, through clouds, and over airplanes, and found something. A casle. Made of clouds? She was getting nervous. This looked so familiar! A dark cloud rushed up behind her, and Hail darted away, outrunning the cloud, and she returned to the Earth, heart-pounding, not because she was tired, because she knew this cloud. She had seen it. But where? She searched her memories, and finally. A flashback hit her mind.

    "Good luck my children, fulfill your destinies," And down down down went all seven Eevees. Hail remembered the feeling of falling, almost like flying. noticing a dark cloud taking someone away. The first of the Eevees fell in the bushes behind a lab, and fell asleep. She awoke, finding a little girl, taking her to the lab, evolving shorly after that.

    "I-I-It all seemed so real!" Hail was explaining to Emeriah what had happened. "I-I-I thought you were the first person I ever met! But th-th-then in the air, it all seemed so familiar! But who was that Pokemon talking to me and the other Eevees? And th-th-the dark cloud? It took that person! Oh Emeriah! Who am I? There is something horrible going on! No wonder I can talk, heal, and run on the air!" Emeriah took hold of Hail. Emeriah looked like she was going to cry. "Please don't cry Emeriah! This is my memory, you don't have to feel sorry for me!" Emeriah shook her head.

    "I think that was your mother Hail," Emeriah whispered.

    End of Chapter One

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    Umbreon was a wild Pokemon. For the sake of his survival, he hid wherever he could. He was extremely rare around these forests, so he adapted to living in secret. He was worried he would be caught by a human, and tried to be "caught" in "PokeBalls". He did not want to be a slaved fighter, he did not want to die like that. He did not want a human to "train" him and one day just leave him. He used to really want to be someone's partner, but in his past, when he was still an Eevee, he was living with an Umbreon family that adopted him. You see, when the Umbreon family found him, he was knocked out, so they took him back to their cave. When he awoke, he had no memory of who he was, so they had to make up that they were his family. No one came to ask if they had seen a missing Eevee, so they kept him, and raised him. Until one day, the Eevee woke up finding his parents and older brother being fought with nets, and weapons by humans. They told him to stay back, and go before they captured him too. His family was wounded badly, so they had no power. His anger, and urge to fight with them, caused him to evolve into an Umbreon. His parents were getting worried now that the humans discovered he was an Umbreon too. His older brother was completely dead now, his parents still fighting to make sure their son was still safe. Umbreon eventually drove off the humans, leaving his parents and brother. He was unharmed. Umbreon rushed up to his parents, he was crying. His father died first. His last words were, "Keep yourself safe son," His mother was crying silently as well. Shortly after his fathers death, his mother said, "We adopted you. I'm so sorry we never told you," She gasped for breath and continued, "You said you fell from the sky," Again, she gasped for air, " I'm very proud of you. I...I..," and she was gone. Umbreon kept his mother and fathers ways, to stay hidden and be safe. He had to leave the cave, because he expected the humans to return. Ever since, that memory has haunted him, and he has been searching for his purpose in life. He had been searching for information on who he truly was.

    Umbreon was sleeping under the trees when he heard the crack of the wind. He woke up instantly, aware and alert. He heard echoing crashes, and whips of the air. He looked up, and saw something flying. No, it was something running on the air. He stood up, feeling curious.He decided to get a closer look at this Pokemon, so he began running toward the Pokemon. He called, "Hey! What are you doing?" And he didn't even notice he was being lifted by a black energy while he was running. He ran faster, making the same air whipping noises as he had heard a while ago. He gasped. It was a Glaceon! The Glaceon was landing, so he followed, still not realising he was running on the air. When he landed, His eyes widened. A human! He panicked and yelled, "Stand back human! I cause no harm to your kind!" then he stopped. Oh no. how had he just spoken the human tongue? And.. how did he get here? He had ran on the air! He smiled widely and introduced himself, "I am Umbreon, and I'm confused how I am able to talk to humans and run on air, " The Glaceon smiled as well, the human kneeling down.

    "I'm Hail, and I don't know why I can talk to humans either," Hail said.

    "I'm Emeriah. And don't worry, I won't capture you," The human called Emeriah said gently.

    Umbreon sat down and shook his head. "How is this true? All I wanted to do is find my purpose, and I thought that if I found the pokemon that could run on air, I would. But no," Umbreon sighed, "I've found out nothing except I can do it,"

    Hail walked over to him and sat down. "Do you remember anything back when you were an Eevee?" Hail questioned.

    The Umbreon nodded slowly. "I prefer not to speak of it. my adopted family was killed by humans wanting the rare skin of Umbreon. When they die, my mother told me that I claimed that I fell from the sky. Now I'm searching my memories for some background knowledge. I can't recall anything," Umbreon explained.

    Hail stood up, and said, "Let me take you somewhere that you may remember," Emeriah stood as well.

    "I'll be waiting for you guys!" She said calmly. Hail and Umbreon went on their way, up in the sky. She sighed. How could she be so calm on this wacky day? She found out that her Glaceon may be more powerful thatn any ordinary Glaceon. She found out that her Glaceon has memory of a darkness, and memory of possibly her mother! She found out that there are others like Hail, and that Glaceon could heal. In the distance, lighning crackled. She hoped that Hail and Umbreon were going to be ok. She squinted at the cloud. It was a dark cloud! The purpleish cloud came towards her. She didn't know what to do! Ugh, what are Pokemon for? She thought. "Buneary, I choose you!" And out came her Buneary. "Buneary, now use Cut!" Her Buneary extended it's claws, and slashed at the cloud. Just as she predicted, a Pokemon Emerged from it, having a big slash on it's front. It was a Koffing! A man followed the Koffing, ready to attack.

    "Koffing, use Smog to that girl and her worthless friend," The man comanded. Emeriah, and Buneary were poisoned, and the dark cloud took the two of them. The man directed his Koffing to the cloud, and they flew away. The man smiled. "Poor Glaceon. Don't you think she's had enough surprises today?" He chuckled. This was too easy. He thought capturing the trainer of the Legendary Glaceon, and Celesteon would be the hard part.

    End of Chapter Two
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    Eon: Chapter 3 Part One

    Hail had showed Umbreon the cloud castle, and the dark clouds, up in the sky. Umbreon was facinated by it all! He was slowly begining to remember everything now. What he was really curious about, was where his other siblings were. They could be anywhere...and anyone! As they made their way down to meet back up with Emeriah, they noticed she wasn't there. Umbreon shook his head. He was going to let Emeriah catch her since he decided he trusted her enough, but now she had disapeared. Humans! Umbreon thought. He noticed that Hail was acting... Panicky. Her trainer had vanished, and she should've been there to protect her! Hail knew that Emeriah had always kept her promises to her. She would've never just wondered off! Umbreon watched Hail skim the skies for Emeriah, Umbreon just waiting for her. This is why I don't have trainers to, "look after". He thought. But when he eventually realised how important this was to his sister, he decided to help her search.

    They looked for hours, and she was no where to be found. Hail felt like crying, but she hated it when her tears froze, so she held it in the best she could. "How could I let this happen?" She asked herself.

    "It wasn't your fault. She probably...She....Um....Oh I don't know Hail," Umbreon started. He smiled again though, and continued, "We'll find her, and our siblings though," Umbreon said firmly.

    Hail sniffled. "And mom?"

    "And mom," He answered. Hail stood up, feeling much more confident, and strong.

    "Let's go. Oh, and I need to give you a name. I just can't keep on calling you Umbreon," Hail added.

    Umbreon thought. "Hmm... How about Scars?" He suggested.

    "Scars? Why Scars?" Hail asked.

    Umbreon Shrugged. "I dunno, I just like it,"

    Hail smiled. "Okay then Scars. Let's go Eveelution hunting,"

    End of Part One of Chapter 3. I promise I'll get more done tomorrow! ENJOY!!! Please give feedback!

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    Emeriah awoke with Buneary at her side. She felt dizzy, and couldn't stand or see correctly. Buneary must have recovered completely, because Buneary was trying so hard to wake her. Emeriah couldn't even talk. All she could think about was Hail and the Umbreon. She was worried that the figure had got them too. If he hadn't, then Hail would be so worried! Emeriah felt like crying, but the numb pain in her eyes was too much. She wouldn't give up trying though. She hoped her Buneary would help her. With a large effort, she lifted her head, and saw something that almost made her scream. Was it an animal? Her vision was too blurry to tell. It was pure white, with various colors at the feet. It was in a trap it seemed. It's eyes were closed, probably asleep. It was probably the prettiest animal she had ever seen. It's eyes suddenly opened, and it stared at her. EMeriah instantly healed, and stood up. "Buneary return," Emeriah said calmly. She again looked at the creature once more. SHe felt silly asking, "Are you okay?" The creature smiled suddenly, and nodded. Emeriah assumed that this Pokemon spoke English too.

    "You know Hail, and Scars don't you?" The Pokemon asked.

    "I know Hail, but I don't know who Scars is," Emeriah replied.

    The creature nodded. "Scars is the Umbreon you met,"

    "How do you know all this?" Emeriah questioned.

    The Pokemon smiled wider. "Because those are my children. I am Celesteon, and I really need your help.

    End of Chapter 3 Part Two Part 3 comes in a couple hours!!!
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    Eon: Chapter 3 Part 3

    Sorry I haven't got to it... must've slipped my mind! Here we go!

    It was like a desert where Zap lived. No food, no water, no shelter. Correction, it was a desert. Zap was an orphaned Jolteon and was the weakest Jolteon in the pack. He lived with about fifty other Jolteons, and he was always the last to get food, water, and always the one to sleep on a rock. At first, Shock, the leader of the pack, didn't want to let in the wounded Jolteon that had apparently fell from the sky, but somehow a change of heart came to him. He let the little runt in the pack, but he told him to expect little food, water, and shelter. And the Eevee just thanked him. As a relief, he evolved into a Jolteon. No one's really liked him, but they all called him Zap. Just because he was a weak, not very shocking, Jolteon.

    It was sundown when they saw them. Two brightly colored Pokemon racing in the skies. Everyone was asleep except Zap and Shock. The two were staring at them. Shock looked so...well, shocked! Zap looked like he'd just been awayfrom food for a week. Or was that real? The two Pokemon darted downward from the sky, and at their feet. It was an Umbreon, and a Glaceon. Shock had retreated, sending all of the Jolteons away from the mysterious duo. Zap stayed though. The two stared at him a minute, then the Glaceon nodded. The Umbreon smiled.

    "What do you want with me?" Zap panted.

    "It's simple Zap. We want you to run as fast as you can, towards the sky. You can do that right?" The Glaceon requested. Zap nodded quickly, and started to run. Faster, faster, the Umbreon and Glaceon by his side. He felt himself go up. Was this flying? No. It was his destiny.

    He had at last found his real siblings.

    End of Chapter 3 Chapter 4 comes soon I promise!

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    The Pokemon called Celesteon fell asleep once again. Emeriah wasn't sure how to help her if she was asleep. Emeriah! It's me, Celesteon and I am asleep because I am very weak. I will give you instructions through telepathy. Just do as I say, and everything will be fine. I promise. Shaking her head, Emeriah stared at Celesteon. This is one strange situation. Okay. First I need you to escape! Oh, like that's the easiest thing in the world. How do I even do that? Just follow your instincts.

    "Follow my instincts?" Emeriah thought aloud. A man suddenly walked into the room. It was the same man who had knocked her out! "What do you want?"She said angrily.

    He gave an evil chuckle. "I think you and I both know why you're here," The door! Now Emeriah! Instantly, she darted toward the door, and ran down the hall. She heard, "After her! Don't let her escape!" Koffings, That's it! Now, in about 10 seconds, jump out the window! Trust me! I must be crazy. Emeriah thought. And she did it. The wind whipped her skin, and stung her eyes.

    And she landed on three Pokemon running in the air.
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    Eon: Chapter 4 Part Two

    Hail, Scars, and Zap caught the unconscious Emeriah. The three of them were highly confused why she was on their backs, but they had to keep on going. They ran as fast as they could, leaving a trail of Light blue, black, and yellow. They landed, placing Emeriah on the ground. She slowly woke up. Hail was shaking.

    "Hail! Scars! And... Jolteon?" Emeriah exclaimed.

    Hail nodded. "Brother number two out of four. His name is Zap,"

    "Zap? Well welcome Zap," Emeriah welcomed.

    Scars cleared his throat. "Where were you Emeriah?"

    "I was captured by the dark cloud you were talking about Hail!" Emeriah explained.

    Hail shuddered. "So, it is real then?" Hail asked.

    Emeriah nodded. "But you guys, I also saw your mom. She helped me escape, and find you guys. She's in trouble," You need to find the other Eeveelutions before you save me. Emeriah gasped. Celesteon's voice was back.

    Zap clenched his jaw. "We need to find our other siblings. They'll help us get stronger against the Darkness," He added as he began walking towards the ocean. "And heck, I know where to start,"

    If you're an Eevee falling from the sky, and landing in the ocean, then you'll know what this feels like. A confused mind suddenly filled with water. Yow, And being rescued by a bunch of Alomomolas and Finneons isn't exactly the comfiest thing in the world. Then of course, you are dumped in the sand all alone, and hungry. Yeah, I'm used to that. Sharpedoes swearing that they won't take a bite out of you while you cross to another island. Yeah, that's what I do. And it ain't fun. The Pokemon in the ocean call me Misty, and I like it. For an ordinary Eevee, I am pretty awesome. Okay I admit I'm not normal at all really, I fell from the sky for goodness sake. I thought that was the weirdest thing I ever saw. That was, until I saw Pokemon running in the sky.

    End of Chapter 4 Part Two Part three comes tomorrow!
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    Hey Guys-
    I know I promised i would post the next part, but something busted in my computer and it was all erased!!! I had all of chapter 5 done, but it busted. I'm so sorry, and I will get it done tomorrow, I'm just so mad right now, I worked all day on it.
    I promise I'll get to it tomorrow. Sorry!

    Ok, I posted it! Ah, I feel much better now! I didn't post the whole thing, I'll do more tomorrow.
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    Eon: Chapter 5 Part one

    The man was pacing. Emeriah hadn't escaped on her own, and he knew it. He stopped to look at Celesteon. She was fast asleep like she had been for the past five years. He grinned. But his grin almost instantly faded as thought of Emeriah telling Hail and her friends about what he was doing. His Koffing had failed hime once more. The sudden sound of a Buneary startled him. Emeriah had accidentally left her Buneary here! The poor Buneary was so scared. "Koffing! Test our Darkness on this creature!" The man commanded. THe Koffing did as he was told, and poured the solution on Buneary. Her eyes instantly grew dark purple, and she didn't look as sweet as she normally would. The man got a plan. "Koffing, send out the Darkness to all the Legendary and Mythical Pokemon you can find. Make sure none of them spot it, you got it?" The Koffing bobbed it's head in agreement, and went out into the world. So far his plan was working out perfectly. He hoped it would stay that way.

    All of the Shaymin were transforming, ready to fly off to their new home. They just had to wait for the last Shaymin, who was out checking up on Ash, to make sure he was ok. They hated when she took so long, but they understood how important this was to her, so they let her be. She was gone longer than usual though. "Ugh! We have to get going, what's taking her so long?" One Shaymin asked. The others began to argue on how long she was taking. They were too busy to notice the Darkness sneeking up on them.

    The Shaymin was running so fast. She had to get back! The others would be so mad at her. She stopped when she got to the garden. Where were the others? Had theey left without her? She began searching for them, and found no sign of them. All she could see was a big dark cloud in the distance. Uh-oh.
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    Hey Everyone-

    Not posting next part til January 2nd. Need a break with family! ;)


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