Evil Um-Geller

Discussion in 'Random Topic Center' started by Dunjohn, Nov 14, 2003.

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  1. Dunjohn

    Dunjohn New Member

    ...Otherwise known as Dark Alakazam.

    I was just reading a tabloid earlier today, and Uri Geller - he of the bending spoons - had a piece on the astrology page. It reminded me; didn't he have some beef with Alakazam a while back?

    As I remember it, he pointed out that Alakazam was clearly based on him, what with the psychic powers, the spoons, and the name in Japanese, Um-Geller. He didn't mind that too much, but he did take offence when the Team Rocket expansion was released, which included an evil version of the critter. Apparently, there was a lawsuit threatened.

    I never did find out what happened with all that. Does anyone know?
  2. Joe Monkey

    Joe Monkey New Member

    Please, Alakazam is a 1,000 times more psychic than he. And a lawsuit, the guys just has a big ego.

    Alakazam:" I'm going to have to agree"
  3. Dunjohn

    Dunjohn New Member

    :D Don't insult Alakazam; 1,000 times 0 is still 0. I don't believe anything on the astrology page, but these guys just feel so good about themselves that it's a good laugh to read. So nothing came of this? I know Dark Alakazam still saw print in English...
  4. Postdog2Gengar

    Postdog2Gengar New Member

    Wasn't there some lawsuit over basing Sabrina on someone, too, or is this the same thing, and I am confused?
  5. Orange Soda

    Orange Soda New Member

    The way I remember it, it wasn't Alakazam, it was Kadabra. And it had something to do with the Pokedex in Japan saying something about eating babies/babies minds.

    But I'm working off really old knowledge.
  6. SailorClef

    SailorClef New Member

    that sounds more like drowzee of hypno oo;

    but i do think that it was KADABRA and not alakazam that the lawsuit was about..

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