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  1. Archonn

    Archonn New Member

    This is a small set (45 total cards) based around the legendary birds, Articuno, Zapdos and Moltres. Also, while it has influences from the newest Pokémon products (lv x mechanic, DP trainers), it is more of a showcase for many of The Guide's wacky mechanics, including a brand new usage of the experienced mechanic!

    Some guidelines first. Various cards have this [...] text next to them. These are individual, obrigatory characteristics for the card next to it. Rarity is only a fancy embellishment to the set list, ignore it when actually doing the card. Other than Experienced and !!, the mechanics are simple, just search The Guide (or current format cards for the newer stuff, such as Holon's and LV.X) for the descriptor, that should provide you information enough to do the card. Anyone is free to reserve or do a card, but this set may only have 1 copy of each card. Done cards will be bolded, reserved cards will be italicized.

    For the cards that say only "Must be an Articuno/Zapdos/Moltres", be creative! BTW, their title isn't "????", change that to something that has Articuno/Zapdos/Moltres on it. Include extra descriptors/suffixes if you want. Also change the "???" on "???'s Articuno/Zapdos/Moltres" to whatever owner you choose.

    As for Moltres-!!... by now, you must have read The Guide and figured out that "!!" isn't an actual suffix, but instead a common expression for all mechanics that involve a Pokémon that gives 3 or more Prizes once knocked out. So, when you make this card, you must change that "-!!" to an actual mechanic that makes a pokémon give 3 or more prizes. It doesn't need to be one of the currently existing ones (and if anything, it shouldn't be, BT doesn't like people who mess with his mechanics), so what you should do is create the Moltres first, balancing its power with the number of prizes it gives, put two capital letters together to the right of your new Moltres' name, and then call that pair of capital letters a new mechanic that makes the pokémon give the number of prizes you defined for the Moltres.

    Experienced isn't much complicated, really, but newbies may have problems getting it. If this specific post from the guide isn't helping much, try reading the original thread on it and then reading that post on the guide again. For your convenience, the few pokémons that may gain a experienced version already have a ID, so reference that when creating the experienced articuno and moltres.

    Since this is a small set, let's try to focus on creativity and quality! My CaCing skills are very rusty (not that they were any good to begin with), and as my first actual set in a long time, i expect to see some good ideas being posted so the newbies and me get to (re)learn a few things about CaCing.

    Finally, the set list itself!


    Galactic's Lugia-*
    Articuno Lv.X
    Experienced Zapdos [Must evolve from a Zapdos NOT on this set, so reference it correctly. Any Zapdos is eligible, as long as it's not from this set.]

    Light Articuno [Must have the "Experienced Articuno Pokémon" trait and evolve from a Articuno (either the C type or the other) from this set, so reference the correct ID.]
    ???'s Articuno [The card creator must replace the "???" with an suitable owner name, like Pryce or Falkner. Who exactly is the card's owner is up to the card creator.]
    Zapdos Lv.X
    Zapdos ex
    Moltres Lv.X
    Dark Moltres [Must have the "Experienced Moltres Pokémon" trait and evolve from a Moltres (either the RC type or the other) from this set, so reference the correct ID.]

    Bertha's Articuno δ [Must be (F)-type.]
    Byron's Articuno δ [Must be (M)-type.]
    Galactic's Articuno
    Maylene's Zapdos δ [Must be (F)-type.]
    Candice's Zapdos δ [Must be (W)-type.]
    Galactic's Zapdos
    Gardenia's Moltres δ [Must be (G)-type.]
    Roark's Moltres δ [Must be (F)-type.]
    Galactic's Moltres

    Articuno [ID: TRD-AR1-N01]
    Articuno [Must be (C)-type.] [ID: TRD-AR2-N01]
    Articuno [Must be (I)-type, yes, the Ultima Ice type, as described in the guide.] [ID: TRD-AR3-N01]
    Quick Articuno
    ???? [Must be an Articuno.]
    Moltres [ID: TRD-MT1-N01]
    Moltres [Must be (R)(C)-type.] [ID: TRD-MT2-N01]
    Holon's Moltres [Like other Holon pokémon, it must have the pokémon/energy dual card mechanic.]
    ???'s Moltres[The card creator must replace the "???" with an suitable owner name, like Blaine or Falkner. Who exactly is the card's owner is up to the card creator.]
    ???? [Must be a Moltres.]
    Zapdos [Must be (L)-type.]
    Zapdos [Must be (Y)-type, yes, the Ultima Flying type, as described in the guide.]
    ???'s Zapdos [The card creator must replace the "???" with an suitable owner name, like Lt. Surge or Falkner. Who exactly is the card's owner is up to the card creator.]
    ???? [Must be a Zapdos.]


    Sky Blizzard
    Peal Of Thunder
    Eternal Flame
    Potion-IC [IC stands for Ice Crystal.]
    Pokédex-OC [OC stands for overcharged or overclocked.]
    Pokéball-BC [BC stands for Burning Catch.]
    Legend TM #uno [Must be a Technical Machine providing the attack Cold Feathers.]
    Legendary Storm [Must be a Stadium card, either a Trainer/Stadium or like the newer Stadium-only cards.]
    Torch of the Legends [Must be a Pokémon Tool.]
    Três, Dois, Um, e... [The english translation would be "three, two, one, and...", so create this card based on the translated title.]


    Feather Energy

    And that's it for now. Expect some cards soon.
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  2. Blassari

    Blassari New Member

    Dark Moltres HP70 :fire::dark:

    :ppowr: Damaging Flames
    When your opponent makes Damage to Dark Moltres, you may put 3 Damage Counters on the attacking Pokémon.

    :dark::fire::fire: BlackBurn 50
    The Defending Pokémon is now burned. Put 4 Damage Counters on the Burned pokémon, instead of 2. The Special Condition Burned can't be cured by Evolving, Devolving or retreating.

    Weakness: :water: +20
    Resistance: :fighting: -30
    Retreat Cost: :colorless

    Too broken?
  3. turbler

    turbler New Member

    heres more

    321 and

    you can only play this if you have pokedex overcharged potion ice crystal and pokeball burning catch in your discard pile and have a moltres a zapdos and an articuno on your side of the field discard one of each of the named above to play this card as aticuno zapdos moltres and lugia hp 300:water::lightning:fire::psychic:

    body holy guard any damage above 30 done 2 this card by opponent does 20 damage instead this pokemon is worth all your oponents prizes for ko all attacks on this pkmn do 20 dmg to itself this body cannot be shut of

    L static the defending pkmn is now paralized

    R fireball the defending pokemon is now Burened

    W gentle snow defending pkmn is now asleep

    P confuse ray the defending pkmn is now confused

    WLRPC deadly toxin the defending pokemon is now paralyzed and burned and posioned when paralyze is removed the defending pkmn is now asleep when sleep is removed the defending pkmn is now confused if confuse is removed then burn does 3 dmg counters and poison does 2 also in any case poison and bur from this attk cant be removed by any means though they do not effect a benched pokemon
    this pokemon does 20 damage to itself this attack also does 30 damage to the defending pokemon

    PPP psy wave discard all energy attached to the defending pokemon and discard 2 P energy attached ro this card

    CPRWL MYTHICAL WAVE your opponent choses one of there pokemon all of there other pokemon are koed if u were to win in this way you have one prize card left instead discard all energy attached alll of your pokemon discard all of your other pokemon then put 3 must recharge counters on this card at the end of a turn in which a pokemon has a recharge counter in play 1 of them is removed while a pokemon has more than one recharge counter on it that pokemon cant have any energy attached to it and a pokemon with any recharge counters cant attack or retreat this card does 50 damage to itself and the pokemon that was not koed by this attack gain 50 max health and have all damage counters removed from them

    {RAINBOW} rainbow wave 70 damage to each of your opponents pokemon this card does 10 damage to itself
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  4. Blassari

    Blassari New Member

    I'm sorry, but you can't Paralyze without flippin' a coin, or rollin' Dice...
    And that cards is WAY TOO BROKEN!!!
  5. Archonn

    Archonn New Member

    Blassari: Not sure if it's broken (told ya i was rusty), but i kind of like it. However, Damaging Flames has a weird grammar ("opponent makes Damage", that's as bad as "Absol is now sleeping"), it should read: "If Dark Moltres is damaged by an opponent's attack (even if Dark Moltres is Knocked Out), you may put 3 damage counters on the Attacking Pokémon." I took the correct grammar out of a Carvanha's Rough Skin pkBody, and btw, you should consider changing Damaging Flames into a Poké-Body.

    Also, it has the power of a Stage 1 Pokémon, which would mean that you managed to understand what's the idea with Experienced pokémon, but neither the trait nor any indication it is a Stage 1 pokémon appears on the card... Just put "Stage 1 Pokémon -- Evolves from Moltres (ID: [insert the ID of the moltres you want this card to evolve from here])" somewhere in the card, then put "Trait: Experienced Moltres Pokémon" too. Easy, ain't it?

    turbler: Sorry, the card titles aren't to be changed (except for the ones with ??? on them). Yeah, i know i should have made myself more clear earlier, but whatever. So that trainer is to be named "Três, Dois, Um, e...", and its own text is to reference its own title, not an english translation or an abbreviation like "3, 2, 1, e..."

    Anyway, the card's so weird it probably doesn't even physically fits on a real card. I mean, you're trying to do a Pokémon-XD within a trainer! Creativity is one thing, but i think you're crossing the limits here. If you really want to go on with the idea, then change the card title to what it is supposed to be, drop the perfect paralyzis, improve the grammar (capital letters at the beginning of a sentence are your friends), and then we'll talk.

    Zapdos // HP: 80 // Type: (L)(C)
    Basic Pokémon

    (L) Zapping Touch -- Base Damage: 10 -- If you haven't discarded an Energy card from any of your Pokémons during your last turn, you may discard a basic (L) Energy card from Zapdos. If you do, treat the next coin flip as heads. Flip a coin. If heads, the defending Pokémon is now Paralyzed.
    (L)(C)(C) Electron Flow -- Base Damage: 30 -- You may move any cards attached to Zapdos from it to their owner's hands or discard piles. You may shuffle any cards attached to Zapdos into their owner's decks.

    Weakness: (W) + 30 // Resistance: (G) - 30 // Retreat Cost: None

    Simple but effective. Or is it?
  6. turbler

    turbler New Member

    ahem it paralyzes BUT the body says it hurts itself in all attacks so really it hurts itself in the process and yah have u ever heard of multi technical machine 01 doesnt even damamge user
  7. stalkerex

    stalkerex New Member

    Its a tm that gets discarded, and its a one time thing

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