EXTRA EXTRA!!! New Prizes added to EX-Sandstorm in Plano, Texas!!!

Discussion in 'Archive' started by Master Professor Birch, Sep 8, 2003.

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    :clap: EXTRA EXTRA!!!!! The "EX-Sandstorm Prerelease Tournament" in Plano, Texas is proud to announce that the owner of "Creative Gift Baskets" (Chris Hunt) has added trophies for the winner of each age group (10-Under, 11-14, & 15-Over). :thumb: These trophies are about two feet tall stating "Winner of EX-Sandstorm Prerelease Tournament / Creative Gift Baskets/September 14, 2003"!!!
    Take home the "BRAGGING RIGHTS" of your age group on September 14th!!! :D
    Each Pokemon League Player that beats Mr. Hunt's League Players in their age group will receive their trophy. Mr. Hunt says, "We challenge all Pokemon Leagues that think that they are the BEST". :p

    So, come on Houston, Fort Worth, Arlington, San Antonio, and Oklahoma and make Mr. Hunt eat crow!!! :confused: No Free Hot dogs for him just crow!!! :mad:

    Information on this "EX-Sandstorm Prerelease Tournament" in Plano, Texas please check posting: "Who Is Coming To EX-Sandstorm Prerelease in Plano, Texas?" Hope to see you there. :)

    BIG player numbers could mean a tournament in Houston and or Oklahoma City for the next Prerelease Tournament!!!! :thumb: (We need you here to justify a tournament in your city.) :clap:

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