Fairfax, VA City Championships Masters Report

Discussion in 'City Championships' started by kevstoy, Dec 9, 2007.

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  1. kevstoy

    kevstoy New Member

    Report by: kevstoy
    Deck: Gardevoir/Gallade/Furret
    Event: City Championships
    Location: Fairfax, VA
    Format: Modified (HP-on)

    Hey everyone. My daughters and I first started playing the game a year ago at our local city championship and now I have the privilege to post my first top cut and tourney win. Before I get to the details I wanted to thank all the other PokeParents involved for their support. My daughters were very proud of their daddy actually going undefeated. :) And thanks to Tim for being a great league leader!Hope you all enjoy the report.

    Some background on my deck. At our Secret Wonders pre-release, both my daughters pulled Gardevoir Lv.Xs out of their 6 packs. Amazing! Given the large amounts of Blissey and Lucarios running around our area in Battle Roads, the Gardevoir and Gallade Combo seemed like a good idea, plus the Gardevoir had cool powers like Telepass and Teleport. So I worked on putting together a deck and tried some second line Pokemon to support the main ones. Well my first attempt was what I played this week Gardevoir/Gallade/Furret SW but my test games kept getting sentret donked so I tried Gardevoir/Gallade/Banette SW. Well my daughter and I went to Rockville, MD's tourney last week with the Banette varient and I went 2-2 (w/bye) and only got 5 basics out the in 3 rounds. Ugh. After some more testing, I went back to Furret but added Corsola SW just cause I didn't want to bench out ever again. :) Anyway, so I ended up playing:
    Ralts, Kirlia, Gardevoir, Gardevoir LVX, Gallade, Sentret, Furret and Corsola all from SW

    Basically the deck worked like this:
    - Start with Corsola or Sentret
    - Corsola to build a bench
    - Sentret/Furret to Keen Eye for 2 of anything for as long as I can
    - Build a Gardevoir quickly to utilize Telepass to continue setup/getting cards
    - Then depending on matchup build a fighter or two out of Gallade, Gardevoir and start attacking

    Here's what I remember/noted from the matches:

    Round 1: vs. Blissey/Delcatty
    Gallade had the huge advantage this round. We started my Corsola vs his Chansey. He attaches and passes, I rally with Corsola, and next turn retreat and bring up Furret and Keen Eye. I think he was slow to get a Delcatty or Blissey up, but T3/T4 I evolve a Gardevoir then a Gallade. Gallade then goes to town Psychic Cut-ing his Blissey and Skitty. He KOs my first Gallade, but I have a second ready, Down goes another Blissey and a Delcatty EX, FTW.

    Round 2: vs. Gallade-Dusknoir-Qwilfish
    This was against another of my fellow league PokeParents so it was nice to see a friendly face. :) Funny enough we both start with Corsola with Ralts on the bench. Both rally. He brings up a Stantler and Leads. I think I rally a couple for turns or just sit there and stall. He bring up his Gallade first to KO my Corsola and I bring up my Gallade with a DRE to KO his Gallade with Psychic Cut. I take out a Qwilfish and maybe his Stantler? But at some point he builds his Dusknoir and Dark Palms my fully charged, healthy Gardevoir LVX to my deck. Grrr... Though I did still have a Gallade and was able to rebuild my Gardevoir quickly. Towards the end I Sonic Blade his Dusknoir, he brings it back up and KOs my Gallade, but I get Gardevoir LVX on the field and Bring Down his Dusknoir. I think I was up a prize or two and win on time.

    At this point, I find myself in the midst of all the really good players in the area that I rountinely see doing well at the tournaments so I take a deep breath and head to round 3.

    Round 3: vs BanBliss
    This was the deck that gave me fits in testing cause Banette kept doinking my sentrets T2. Anyway, My Corsola vs his Chansey. I have no energy so I pass. On T2/T3 he's got a Blissey with some energy. I did get off a Rally or two and build a Gallade and Gardevoir with Rare Candy. I continue to Telepass for Supporter help out of his discard. After a few turns its my Gallade vs his Blissey and I KO his Blissey. But my Gallade has damage and he brings up a shuppet with two energies and Tackles me for 50 dmg and KO. I LVX my Gardevoir and Bring Down his Shuppet and Minun. He's only got a Chansey left and I Teleport my Gardevoir LVX for my 2nd Gallade and PsyCut his Chansey FTW.

    Round 4: vs Gardevoir/Gallade/Stantler
    This against Rockville's League Leader so the gauntlet of top players continues. We knew from earlier rounds that we both had roughly the same deck just different supporters (Furret vs Stanter) and we were ranked 1-2 at this point. We both have simliar starts he with Stantler/Ralts, me with Corsola, Ralts. He Leads for a few turns and builds. I Rally and get a Rare Candy first to get my Gardevoir up and Telepass to continue setup. Most of the rest of the match is a blur with us trading KOs and building our 2nd/3rd Gardevoirs or Gallades. Comes down to me up 1 prize to his two. My opponent could have won by playing his Professor Oak's Visit because he would have gotten a Plus Power and something else he needed in the top 3 cards. But in the end he only could do 120 dmg to my Gallade (10 dmg short) and I win.

    Round 5: vs Absol/Honchkrow
    Another really good opponent, ah the pressure! He begins with an absol and I can't remember what I had Corsola or Sentret. After a few Baleful winds my hand is destroyed and He's got Honchcrow LVX up and starts KOing my Pokemon. Somehow I survive a few rounds but his Absol with a Cessation Crystal prevents my Gardevoir from Telepassing. I did finally get a Gallade up with a Scramble and was able to surprise his healthy Honchkrow LVX with a 1-hit KO. From there he rebuilds his Honchkrow LVX with Night Maintence but by then I had recovered from all those Baleful Winds and win to go perfect through prelims. Not to bad for a 2nd year PokeParent.

    Top 4:
    Rematch of Round 4: vs Gardevoir/Gallade/Stantler
    (Other match up was two BanBliss decks, one was my Round 3 opponent)
    Unfortunately, by this point 3 hours in my brain was fried and I stopped taking notes just to focus on the games. Don't remember much of this match other than it being close. At one point he starts Psychic locking my Furrets so I can't Telepass or Teleport, I end up Baton Passing with my Furrets with a Double Rainbow between them. Somehow I win round 1. Second match I get a better start and he's playing catch up and running out of time. I think I go up on prizes and he can't win so eventually he self destructs his hand and scoops. Yea, I'm on to the finals! Other highlights of the match were a 8-something streak of TGW/RPS ties, me almost knocking his Gallade out with Corsola's tackle, and me withholding playing Celio's in a match that he really needed to Telepass it,

    Top 2: vs other BanBliss
    First match I think he got stuck without much energy. But he did played more Banette's than Blissey on our matches which wreaked havoc with my double Psychic weakness. He kept using the PP Spiteful attack more than Ghost Head which just ate up my Pokemon. In one of the matches I try to Baton Pass my Furret with a Double Rainbow to kill a Banette with 20 HP left only to realize he's got -20 Colorless Resistance. Oops! So much for knowing the cards. That set me back, especially when instead of using DRE I had a scramble I couldn't played for the KO. I did end up winning the first match. The second match he starts really fast and goes up in prizes. I think he had only 1 prize left to my 3 or 4 when time expired.

    Phew: 8 hours, 9 matches, 0 losses. 1 new PokeParent City Champion!

    As I said earlier all the support from the other PokeParents, hope I represented well
    All the top-quality opponents in our area I faced. I've watched you all battle over the tourneys and learned so much from you all. It was awesome battling you all.
    A great Tourney Organizer who's made Pokemon such a great experience that we kept coming back
    My two daughters cheering on their dad.
    All the great judges and helpers to run the tourney, being a judge for previous tourneys I know you all did a lot of work.
    Pokemon Candy Canes that a fellow PokeParent brought for every one
    Big Props to the PokeMom who is starting a League which began as neighborhood kids playing in their driveway. :)
    And lastly, pulling another Gardy LVLX from the winning Boosters, maybe now I can give my girls' Gardy LVXs back to them since I have my own. :)

    Something happening with some players and the Store's management, not sure what happened, but I hope it got resolved
    Not able to count to 130 to KO a Gallade and falling 1 PlusPower short (which I could have KeenEyed the previous turn)
    Me not answering my wife's frantic calls of "Where are you guys?" during top cut. Sorry honey!
    No Victory Medal Card or whatever :( Guess those are just for Battle Roads, but was hoping to get one

    Overall, this was definately my best day of playing. The girls had so much fun despite losing some of their matches too. They also got the spoils of daddy's winning booster packs. Hope you all enjoyed the report. Go PokeParents!
  2. totoro

    totoro Active Member

    Way to go, Kevin! :thumb:
    (although no "whatever" Hmmm, I think I know some BR winners who would trade a Victory Medal for 18 sealed boosters and the other bling!)
    Last edited: Dec 10, 2007
  3. SuperWooper

    SuperWooper New Member

    We had some good games in the finals. The no energy start in the first game was a bummer but I managed to get going - your deck was resilient, though. Congrats on your first premiere tournament win! =)
  4. Fox McCloud

    Fox McCloud New Member

    Excellent job!:thumb:
  5. ShadowCard

    ShadowCard Active Member

    We're going to need a 25+ division soon, and this is evidence of it. The top prize at Nats could be a car :cool: (well, speaking practically, maybe a computer, tv, game console, etc)

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