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  1. DelcattyEX

    DelcattyEX New Member

    Mew Lv. 33 - HP 90 - [Psychic]

    [Poke-BODY] Invisiblity
    Once during your turn, if Mew is damaged by an opponents attack.
    Flip a coin, if heads. Prevent all effects of an attack, including damage done to Mew.

    [P] Health Pain
    You may discard up to 3 energies from your hand, if you do, for each energy you discarded. Move 1 damage counter from one of yours pokemon to one of your opponents Pokemon.

    [PPC] Shadow Line
    Choose one of your opponents pokemon. This attack does 70 damage to that pokemon. Dont count Weakness, Resistance, or any other thing. Done to the opponent.

    [Weakness [P]+20] [Resistance] [Retreat Cost [C]]

    Mew Lv. X - HP 120 - [Psychic]

    [PC] Energy Tornado 20+
    This attack does 10 more damage for each energies in play, its also do 20 more damage for each energy type in play.

    [Weakness [P]x2] [Resistance] [Retreat Cost: [C]]

    Shaymin - HP 80 - [Grass]

    [Poke-POWER] Meadow Energy
    Once during your turn, you may attach as many energy as you want from your hand to 1 pokemon. If you do, put damage counter on Shaymin for each energy you attached. Or discard 1 card from your hand for each energy you attached. You cant use more than 1 Meadow Energy once during your turn.

    [.] Healing Genes
    Remove 2 damage counters from one of your pokemon.

    [Weakness[R]+20] [Resistance] [Retreat Cost [C]]

    Mew * - Lv. 27 - HP 90 [Water]

    [.] Metronome
    Choose any pokemon's attack in play. Mew * performs that attack, that attack does nothing if Mew* doesent have the necrassy energy attached to it.(You must still do anything else in order to do the attack.

    [WW] Energy Pool
    During you next turn, if you attach a Basic energy card to any of your pokemon. This attack does 50 damage to the Defending Pokemon.

    [Weakness: Psychic+10] [Resistance] [Retreat Cost: 1]
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  2. PokePockets

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    Mew needs about 60 HP if it is going to have the "Invisibility" body\
    Shadow Line is kinda broken, it needs to have some sort of con, like discarding energy are not attacking next turn.
    I don't get Energy Tornado, but the way the damage adds up you might want to tone it down.

    Shaymin probably shouldn't have the Healing Genes attack if it has Meadow Energy, because then you can just attach lots of energy to 1 pokemon, and then heal Shaymin

    Mew* seems to be fine, other than the fact that it is Water, which is kinda odd, but, it still is good

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