Feliz Día de Los Muertos... (Day of the Dead)

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    I dedicate this thought:

    TO all those who have past away.
    Friends, acquaintances, & loved ones.
    Those close and those far away from us but in our heart shall always remain.

    For those who suffered from chronic debilitating diseases
    Who we had to see endure pricks & tubes & medicinal side effects
    Grateful for modern day Medical Miracles
    leave some to be desired about the dignity, comfort and peacefulness that some no longer lived with.

    For those who in their peak of life
    Are with us no more,
    For those children who did not YET reach their peak of life
    and are no longer with us
    For those who lived life to the fullest
    and are no longer physically with us
    For those who may have died in their squallor, loneliness, and forgotten by the rest of us *and/or shrugged of by us while still with us.

    For those who have died due to political, economic, and social agendas.
    There are the powers the be & those who allow those in power that be to push agendas that DO NOT put 1st and foremost the WELL-being of its people but a few, or for a matter a fact ANY people anywhere so long as their own ego, enrichment, relatives & friends (the few) benefit.

    This year, I dedicate this thought to MY Godfather who just past away from a very aggressive form of Diabetes. He was still living in his peak, doing EVERYTHING prescribed and yet was not enough in the long run.
    HE fought it off for quite a few years but the last few were difficult to witness.

    May he be in a much better place, resting and full of vigor and life.
    Glad to have left taxes, bad TV, war, intolerance, hate... *well, perhaps missing us, for now...

    MAY the DEAD also pray for US the living.
    STILL having to endure BAD TV, taxes, war, intolerance, & hate...
    For those who live forgotten and ignored, with broken hearts, who suffer from debilitating diseases and social illnesses.

    We shall meet again sometime soon.

    Rosalío Nava

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