Feraligatr d - my first deck posting

Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by Poke Granny, Mar 21, 2008.

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  1. Poke Granny

    Poke Granny New Member

    This is my first time posting a deck

    4-3-3 Feraligatr d DF
    2-1 Fearow d CG
    2-1 Cloyster d DF
    2-1 Porygon 2 GE
    3 Stantler SW
    1 Budew DP (1 is all I have )

    2 Team Galactic's Wager
    1 Professor Oaks Visit
    2 Rare Candy ( 2 is all I have )
    3 Night Maintenance
    3 Roseanne
    3 Bebe
    3 Celio’s
    1 Holon Adventurer
    1 Holon Lake
    1 Super Scoop Up

    1 Holon GL (1 is all I have )
    4 d Rainbow Energy
    4 Multi Energy
    1 Basic Grass energy
    7 Basic Lightening energy

    Strategy: Hopefully start with Budew or Stantler. I figure Fearow, Porygon 2 and Cloyster will sit on my bench forever. Fearow to draw Delta Species, Cloyster to protect my bench from sniping and Porygon 2 for Supporter power. The remaining two bench spots for building Feraligatr. If I can get all 3 in play that gives my attacks a +30.

    I have 0 Double Rainbow energy, I had 1 but it mysteriously walked away from my playing table at League last week. I quess that's what I get for turning my back on it while I went to help my kids.:redface:
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  2. furrymuskrat03

    furrymuskrat03 New Member

    +1 feraligatr -1multi energy -3 bebe +1 celio +1 TGW +1 POV -2-1 fearow(already enough searching) and 1 porygon for a 2-2 claydol. hope this helps,
  3. charchar

    charchar New Member

    - The fearow line
    - The cloyster line
    That's 6 down
    -1holon adventure
    +1 Prof Oak visits
    -1Night maintenence
    -holon lake
    -grass energy
    -2 multi
    +1 lightnig
    +3 pluspower Furret gets setup fast.Try to get more candies, you need them. Good luck!
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