Final Clearance on MD Rare, Holos, Trainers, RHs

Discussion in 'Auction & Sales House' started by Zapditto, Jun 19, 2008.

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  1. Zapditto

    Zapditto New Member


    1. Shipping to the US is $3.00 via First Class mail in a bubble mailer. International shipping is $4.00.

    2. Minimum Purchase of $5.00 or more

    3. I accept PayPal, PayPal payments can be made to [email protected]

    4. If you wish to purchase cards, please PM me and I will reply.

    5. I also have tons of uncommons, commons, ect. so just ask if you need anything.


    3x Articuno $2.00 each

    2x Cresselia $2 each

    2x Glaceon #5 $2 each

    1x Leafeon #7 $2 each

    3x Manaphy $1 each

    1x Mewtwo $2

    1x Rotom $2

    6x Flareon $1
    2x Glaceon #20 $1
    3x Hippowdon $1
    1x Darkrai $2
    2x Dialga $2
    5x Kabutops $2
    3x Jolteon $1
    1x Minun $1
    1x Mewtwo $2
    1x Omastar $1
    9x Unbreon $1
    2x Unwon p $1
    1x Toxicroak $1
  2. pokemonmike

    pokemonmike Active Member

    Moved here from buyers house as I do believe you want to sell these.
  3. crazy trader

    crazy trader New Member


    do u have any warp point rh from md, lmk, just send me a pm, thanks
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