Final Storm- Chaz(Me) vs. Paul

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    This story has Beyblade and Naruto character, and Naruto attacks. If this story breaks any rules, let me know and I will change accordingly. I hope you like it.

    Paul and Pokémon
    Zangoose (Gaara Jr)
    Zangoose -Shiny(Genis)
    Articuno (Frost)
    Zapdos (Storm)
    Moltres (Fira)
    Vaporeon- one shiny (no names)
    Latias (no name)
    Latios (no name)

    After the Pokémon tournament when Gaara Jr beat his opponent Weavile using Sand Burial and winning the tournament, me, Kai, Tyson, Max, Gaara, and Brooklyn go down to the park to meet up with Daichi and Lee. The plan was to have a picnic if Gaara won the Tournament and she did. Daichi says “hey, what’s up Chaz, we just got finished setting up the party for you”. We all started to take out all of the food and stuff out of the plane and set up the tables. We worked for about 2 hours setting everything up because, we all knew that she will eat anyone out of house and home so we brought enough for her and everyone else. At this time it’s about 2:30 and things are all set. The party is available for anyone who wants to come. Gaara is all like, “if Jr does not like this, I’ll kill her myself, this took too long to set up”. We all just look at him.

    I started to walk down to the water fountain and at the corner of my eye I saw someone that looked familiar to me and I turn around and see that it’s Paul. I walk up to him and said”what’s up Paul” and he looks at me and says “what do you want”. When Paul said that, I said “nice to meet you too Paul”. I can see that he had just finished a battle with someone. “So, who did you battle today” I said, he responds with, “Ash, that loser”. I decided to challenge him. For some reason I did not like the way he came at me and decided to put him in his place. He can talk to Ash like that, but not me. Paul says “sure, I’ll battle you with using 6 Pokémon; I hope you can keep up”. I said “sure, I’ll whoop you the same way Cynthia did”. At that point I can see the look of hate and fear in his eyes and he could not say anything. I knew I had an advantage of him since my Pokémon work for the X-Organization and they are 50x stronger than their species allows. I say, “Paul, I’ll let you choose the one Pokémon You want to battle”. “One” Paul says. I respond with “yes, one”. I show him my Pokémon: Talon, 5 Vaporeon, Frost, Storm, Fira, Genis, Latias and Latios. I can see that Paul is like d***, where did you get most of them. He finally says “Talon, I can beat a Pidgeot”. So the battles is about to start and we draw a crowd. Kai says “this punk has no idea what he’s up against”. Talon say “that’s that boy that thinks he’s bad a**, right Chaz. I know I won’t lose and I have a video crew recording so I can put this on YouTube.

    The battle starts.” Stand by, Weavile”. Paul throws his Poke ball and in a red-flashing light appears Weavile, ready to go. “Paul you can have the first attack”, I said. “Weavile, Ice Beam!” , Weavile opened his mouth and started charging ball of ice and fired it at Talon. She dodges the attack and counters with Wing Attack, nailing him in the face. Weavile’s Ice Beam redirected into the crowd from the impact. Talon knew she could not let that hit because she would have to take full responsibly if were to hit and hurt or even kill someone. She jump in front of the Ice Beam and took the hit. She says,” that was close”. The Weavile is laying on the floor and Paul just looks at him.”Weavile, return”. Weavile returns back to its Poke ball. Paul look surprised that a Pidgeot knocked out his Weavile in one hit.

    Magmortar was sent out next. “THUNDERBOLT”, Paul said at the top of his lungs. Magmortar can’t move. Paul says, “Magmortar, what’s wrong, Thunderbolt”. Talon says,” look at the ground”. Paul sees Talons shadow extending into Magmortar shadow. “What’s going on” Paul said. I respond, “this is the Shadow Possession Jutsu, Shikamaru taught it to her”. Talon Says,”Now your Pokémon are at my mercy”. Talon taunts the Magmortar for a little bit before hitting it with Hyper Beam, knocking it out.

    Paul sends out Honchkrow. his Honchkrow looks at Talon likes he wants to hit on her. Talon looks at him and says, “oh please, you’re out of my league” and shrugs him off. She hit that Honchkrow with Thunderbolt and knocks out Honchkrow. Paul says,” Okay stop, How the h*** did that Pidgeot get Thunderbolt”. I respond with” when you work for the X-Organization, you have to be able to do things that you would not be able to do. “X- Organization” Paul says.” Yes, the X-Organization is a secret group of people, higher than the Government, and we handle thing they can’t. Cynthia is part of the X-Organization at the highest rank, there was no way you were going to beat her”. Paul has the look of shock on his face. He mumbles” there is no way I can win. Paul returns Honchkrow to it ball.

    He sends out his Gliscor. “Gliscor, Night slash”! He starts to charge at Talon. Talon felt sorry for Paul an lets Gliscor hit her. Gliscor hit her harder then she though and starts bleeding at her right wings. I was just a little pain and she shook it off. “That will be the only time I let you hit me” She said. Paul knows she is going to do something weird that no Pidgeot can do. Pidgeot uses Ice Beam, a move Haku taught her how to use. The blast of ice hits Gliscor so hard that it blew up and knocks Paul back onto the ground. The crater was small in the ground so I know talon held it power down. Talon is getting riled up and she starts glowing and gets a blue flare. I can tell she wants to go into her super form, but she knows she can’t do that. Not against regular Pokémon. Paul gets back on his feet. His shirt is ripped on the middle. Paul looks and Gliscor and does not know what to say. He had never seen a Pidgeot this strong. The recording crew is say” this is the best Pidgeot I have ever seen”. The crowd is getting excited, yelling and cheering on Paul, “you can beat that Pidgeot”. Paul starts to doubt his Pokémon and their abilities. Paul now has two Pokémon and only one donated hit on Pidgeot.

    Paul gets a grin on his face and sends out Ursaring. Ursaring extends his claws at Talon. “Ursaring, Giga Impact!” Ursaring flares up with a yellow aura and charges at Talon at blinding speed. Talon holds her ground and holds back Ursaring. Talon says, “this is the strongest Giga Impact I faced”. You can tell Talon is putting her power into holding this attack back. Paul is speechless. Ursaring stops the attack and slams Talon on the floor and gets on top of her. She can’t move. Ursaring is exerting all his weight on her and bares his claws. Talon knows this is not a good situation to be in. Ursaring bites her in the neck and she stops moving. I am not worried about anything. Paul says, “it’s over”. Out of nowhere, Talon hit Ursaring with Brave Bird, knocking him down. A smoke cloud appears around the Talon on the ground and turns into a log. Paul says nothing after seeing that. Paul thinks to himself, I should have picked another Pokémon, I thought I could beat that Pidgeot. Ursaring gets back up. Ursaring is bleeding from his mouth. Talon says “is that all you got, Paul?” “DON’T YOU MOCK ME PIDGEOT!!!” he said in rage. “URSARING, DO WHAT YOU HAVE TO DO TO TAKE HER DOWN!” Ursaring run and jump into the air. Talon just looks, charging her power. Ursaring start glowing again. As he is coming down, Talon launches her signature move, Crystal Flash. The sky turns black and then glow light blue and white. The explosion turns everything a blinding white. The explosion can be seen from space. The light subsides and Ursaring falls to the ground lucky to be alive. Paul starts crying because there is nothing he can do. I tell him to stop crying because it does not look good on camera. He whips his face and calls back Ursaring to it Poke ball and puts it on his belt.

    Torterra, his last Pokémon takes the field. “Easy” Talon said. “Torterra, Frenzy Plant!” Talon redirects the attack into the air. While off guard. Talon Hit Torterra in the head, knocking him out with Brave Bird. She did not want to do Ice Beam. The media says” IT’S OVER! Paul calls back Torterra to his Poke ball. Paul walks away. He did not want to lose like that again. He did not know Cynthia was part of the X-Organization. That’s the reason her Garchomp was so strong. Paul did not take the defeat as hard as I thought he would but rather as a lesson. With that done, we all return to Gaara’s party, sit down and eat.


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