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Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by master1116, Aug 28, 2007.

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  1. master1116

    master1116 New Member

    This is the list I'm using for BR's. I originally had 3 Rare Candy, but i prolly won't be able to get the other 2 before Battle Roads (The person i'm suposed to trade is buisy with school. i am too), but if i get the other 2, i'll put them back in. Not really looking for Fixes, but they're welcome (i may use your suggestions anyway if possible).

    Pokemon: 24
    4 Spheal [2 MT, 2 PK]
    4 Sealeo [2 MT, 2 PK]
    2 Walrein
    2 Walrein ex
    3 Snorunt [2 MT, 1 PK]
    3 Glailie MT
    1 Remoraid
    1 Octillery
    2 Mantyke
    2 Chingling

    Trainer: 21
    4 Plus Power
    3 TV Reporter
    2 Celio's Network
    2 Glacia's Stadium
    2 Holon Mentor
    2 Steven's Advice
    2 Warp Point
    1 Rare Candy
    1 Bebe's Search
    1 Night Maintenance
    1 Time-Space Distortion

    Energy: 15
    10 Water
    3 Holon WP
    2 Scramble

    Main Pokemon

    Walrein- One of the Main Attackers of the deck. His Poke-Power, Freeze-Up, allows you to discard 1 of your opponents Active Pokemon if you flip 2 heads. Even though it only works 1 time (when he comes into play) it still comes in handy. His attack is pretty good, too. 70 for [W][W][C], and unless your opponent discards a card from their hand, their Active pokemon is Paralyzed.

    Walrein ex- Another great attacker of the deck. His Poke-Power, Chilling Breath, keeps your opponent from playing Trainers, Stadiums and Supporters from their hand on their next turn. Like Walrein (MT), the power only works when Walrein ex comes into play. Walrein ex's Poke-Power isn't the only thing good about him though. What makes him a good attacker in the deck is, of course, his attack. For [W][W][C] he does 70 (like Walrein), but if a Stadium is in play, he does 100 damage. Sure you have to discard the stadium, but that comes in handy if the stadium is hurting you.

    Glailie- This is the Secondary attacker of the deck. His Poke-Power isn't that special. If your opponent attacks Glailie with a stage 2, the attack does -20. His attack is why he's in here. He does 50 damage for [W][W][C], and if you flip heads your opponent can't play Supporters or Trainers from his or her hand on their next turn. Works good with Walrein ex's Poke-Body.

    Octillery- He's a good tech in this deck. Unlike the others, he has 2 attacks and both require less than 3 energy. His first attack, Crush Bomber, does 30 damage, but if the defending pokemon has a Special Energy attached to it, the attack does 60 and the Special Energy gets discarded. For [W][W], his second attack hits one of your opponents bench pokemon with 40. Comes in handy against "delta" basics. (most of them have 40 HP or less)

    Mantyke/Chingling- My Starters. Not much to say about these 2. I tried their evos in the deck, but they don't really help.

    Main Trainers/Supporters/Stadiums

    Plus Power- Extra damage never hurts

    Rare Candy- Helps get the Wally's out faster

    TV Reporter/Steven's- Help get extra cards

    Celio's Network- For searching for Glailie/Walrein/Octillery etc.

    Glacia's Stadium- To get rid of the weaknesses and for walrein ex wreckage.

    Holon Mentor- Gets basics on the bench if i don't start with Mantyke.

    Warp Point- Can get rid of Cessation Crystals.

    Bebe's Search- Same as celio's, but get's rid of a card i don't need in my hand

    Night Maintenance- Used to get energies from the discard pile. (occasionally pokemon)

    Time-Space Distortion- Used to get pokemon back from the discard pile


    Holon WP- Used so the pokemon it's attached to can't be switched out by effects of an attck from your opponent.

    Scramble- Incase i need an extra boost when I'm down a prize (or more)
  2. Regis_Neo

    Regis_Neo Moderator

    I dunno about Mantyke...maybe ditch them both for 1 more Chingling and a Chimecho? I mean, Chimecho has good draw when evolved. Also, the 1-1 Octilery seems random, but if it works for you...
  3. master1116

    master1116 New Member

    Octillery does work. i don't think i'll be able to get more Chings. almost everybody is using them in their decks. Mantyke works just great for the deck
  4. Dark Weedle

    Dark Weedle New Member

    how are you going to kill anything? i would play 4 prizes cause ur always gong to be down on prizes dong 50-70 a turn with no setup pokemon
  5. clement30

    clement30 New Member

    I agree. having 70 as your Heavy Damage, just seems pretty weak.
  6. master1116

    master1116 New Member

    @ Dark Weedle: what??? It's easy to kill something. it's called "attacking the pokemon". How do you know i'll be down a prize al the time. you haven't played with or against this deck.

    @ Clement: 70 is not weak. Plus wally ex can do 100 at least 2 times a game. There's a thing called weakness too
  7. fragnito

    fragnito New Member

    what happens if you play ray ex d?
  8. clement30

    clement30 New Member

    What happens if 1 or even both of your stadiums are prized. Your pretty much screwed the rest of the game.
    As for Weakness, I don't think many people will play Infernape with the rise of Empoleon and Feraligatr. The only Fire Pokemon you might see, is Magmortar Lv.X

    If you really want to do 100 on a constant bases, the deck should be nothing but Walrein ex, Stadiums, and Scotts. The other stuff is just wasted deck space. If you really want to play a Walrein deck, it should be a turbo ex deck, not this.
  9. master1116

    master1116 New Member

    @ Clement: i'm not trying to do 100. not likely that both stadiums are prized. even if they are, 70 is only 30 away. I don't think anybody in my area is even playing Gatr or Empoleon, so Ape might still see play. i don't have scott and i only have 3 Walrein ex, so i'm not going straight ex. Glailie is useful and so is Walrein

    @ Fragnito: If i play Ray ex d i can try to KO it. simple as that.
  10. Mewchou

    Mewchou Member

    I would play a different stadium, like Speed Stadium. Since you are going to discard it with Walrein ex, you might as well get some use out of it.
  11. master1116

    master1116 New Member

    that was in the other version i posted, but they said it was useless, cause if it stays in (if i don't use wreck) it helps the opponent. So i used Glacia cause it doesn't help them.
  12. The Phenom1993

    The Phenom1993 New Member

    Remove mantkey and 4 plus power and put in 4-2 chimeco line as your start pokemon. I don't see plus power working here.

    With only 1 candy i don't see this deck working fast. Try to get other 3 from internet or trading with members from pokegym(or at your leauger).

    I would reduce the glalie line to 2-2 and put in 2 DRE.
    And -1WP
    +1 bebe's search
  13. master1116

    master1116 New Member

    I'm trying to get the other 2 Rare Candy. almost everybody is using chingling, so i don't think i can get more. 2-2 Glailie? those can get prized easy. and why another bebe?
  14. The Phenom1993

    The Phenom1993 New Member

    1 bebe isn't consistent. and youy have 2 walrein ex and with bebe you can get all pokemon. so 1-1 octillery can't get easily prized?
  15. master1116

    master1116 New Member

    most of the time Wally ex is either in my starting hand, or it's drawn. I never ever have to search for it. 1-1 Octillery can't easily be prized. 2 out of 60 cards and that's what gets prized? don't think so.
  16. The Phenom1993

    The Phenom1993 New Member

    :nonono:...If 2-2 can be easily prized, 1-1 ARE easily prized. And if you want to depend on your luck go on and play 1 bebe's.
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