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Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by samurai_soldier, Oct 1, 2007.

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  1. samurai_soldier

    samurai_soldier New Member

    Battleroads is next week in my area (I don't know if its happening everywhere) and this is what I hope too finish and bring, and would like help fixing it and tuning it too win. So without further ado, here is the deck:

    Name: Torterra.dec
    Card Total: 60
    Color: Grass/Metal

    Energy: 18
    9 Grass
    5 Metal
    4 Special Metal

    Pokemon: 23
    4 HootHoot (Lv 7)
    4 Turtwig (Lv 10)
    4 Magnemite (Lv 10)
    3 Grotle (Lv 21)
    3 Magneton (Lv 35)
    2 Noctowl (Lv 40)
    2 Torterra (Lv 45)
    1 Torterra (Lv X)

    4 Pokenav
    4 Pokedex
    4 Warp Point
    4 Switch
    1 Poke Ball

    Supporter: 2
    2 Copy Cat

    I know this deck might not be good, and thats what I would like too change, if anyone has tips and or changes are appreicated.

    I don't have the access too the supporters that are in this format, so I went with stuff that is good in another game I play (Hint: Its not Yu-Gi-Oh! and its huge). I went with Pokedex and Pokenav, Pokedex nets me card choice, which may not be even ok in this game, but I think its a huge thing. Pokenav digs 2 cards deep, draws you a card and lets you "stack" your next two draws, netting you the knowledge that you'll be getting what you want in the next few turns.

    I included Warp Point because it can totally wreck an opponent if played at the right time, and can save one of your Pokemon from dying, also is voids the retreat cost of the Turtwig evolutionary line. That is the same reason why I included Switch, as it can save a Pokemon you control from being knocked out, and lets you retreat Torterra or its Lv X form without losing all the hard work you put into getting it too the point of using its attack.

    Poke Ball is an all purpose Tutor for Pokemon if you win the flip, if you don't, you most likely wont be caring, since you have so many draw tools.

    The only Supporter I included is Copy Cat. This is because its the only one I actually own, outside of the very bad Rival (which is a bad Fact or Fiction, an amazing magic card). Since decks that draw a lot of cards in a single turn are large in my metagame this card has the potential to be very good, which I like about it.

    HootHoot was included because of the first turn Hyponsis, which can set you ahead of your opponent in both terms of advantage and damage, in the next turn with Kickshot. Magnemite was included for nearly the same reason, since if confuses an opponents active Pokemon, which can set you ahead in the damage race. Noctowl was included for its semi-high HP at 90 and the resistance too fighting, which is also big in my meta. The main reason Noctowl was included is too reveal my prizes to me, which I find could be potentially amazing, I haven't used its second attack but once or twice, and it really wasn't that great, since my hand size fluctuates so much. Magneton is used for both its first and its second attack, since both can be very good at times. I mainly used its second attack Magnetic Ray, becuase it messes with what energies are on an opponents benched pokemon, that attack is especially good when knocking out the defending pokemon.

    The Turtwig line was included because I think its a good evolution line. Grotle is a very good stage once, since if tutors energies out of your deck, and it can deal 50 damage without a drawback. Torterra and its Lv X counterpart are both included becuase they are the top of the evolutionary line, and they both are good.
  2. Mew*

    Mew* Active Member

    If you have any, Rare Candy is a key card to Stage 2 decks. If you can get your hands on any, I'd add them! I don't really know what Magneton does, but I don't think it is any good since I can't remember what it says. I'd try to get two or three Magnezone, an evolution of Magneton, to make playing Magneton more worthwhile. Magnezone can give the super-hefty retreat cost of Torterra a break! Good Luck with you deck!
  3. samurai_soldier

    samurai_soldier New Member

    I was actually thinking of going with something completely different, the Bastiodon line, too prevent myself from getting my back bench sniped at. The line would probably be 4-3-2, is that configuration correct, since I don't have access too Rare Candy? Also, I learned that Pokenav isn't legal, so I've changed my trainer line to look like this:

    Trainer: 16
    4 Switch
    4 Warp Point
    4 Pokedex
    3 Pokeball
    1 Energy Search

    Supporter: 3
    2 Copy Cat
    1 Fieldworker

    Does that seem good? I don't have access too all the very good cards since I'm just starting out modified, so I'm working off of knowledge from another game.

    Again, tips/changes are appreicated.
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