Fishing engine v/s Soviet Engine, Which is better?

Discussion in 'Cards: Strategy and Rulings Discussion' started by megatron007, Feb 25, 2008.

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  1. megatron007

    megatron007 New Member


    I see in this forums post about the Fishing engine ( very good in basic-stage1 decks) and the soviet engine (good in stage 2 decks).

    With the release of claydol, I combine his power with the fishing engine, and the results of this are very amazing. All of the decks that I combine the fishing engine set up very quickly, claydol accelerate the engine to colossal proportions. Try yourself the combination with your decks. obviously, the deck have 0 SUPPORTERS. Supporters Delaying the effect of the fishing engine. Prof Birch helps a little, but claydol is better.

    With regard to the soviet engine, the effect are similar. Infercatty + porygon 2 + felicity drawing + tv reporter is mor fastest than the old infercatty (use 2 delcatty 2 porygon 2 and 1 delcatty ex). Set up the Stage 2 decks as septerra, gardylade and thyplosion-blaziken decks set ups his pkmn very quickly with a good combination of seekers cards (celio for example) and draws cards with the help of porygon 2.

    The problem of the 2 engine that I mention before is CESSATION CRYSTAL, so don´t forget put some windstorm in the engine.

    with regard to the question: Which is the better engine?? The answer is for you.
  2. Pinsir52

    Pinsir52 New Member

    Could you clarify what exactly the "Soviet Engine" is?
  3. megatron007

    megatron007 New Member

    I Read That soviet engine is a combination of draw sopporters, search supporters, and other useful supporter in combination with a 2-2 o 3-3 line of porygon 2. you can use up to 4 supporters per turn, even 5 (if you use a 4-4 line of porygon 2). That is a soviet engine. You can set up your strategy more faster with soviet or fishing (do you known fishing engine??). Fishing works well, but with the release of claydol, fishing works more faster than before.

    The 2 question for the players is:

    1) Claydol is a real help for the fishing engine??
    2) Which is better??

    PD: Sorry for my bad english, I talk Spanish because I ´m from Chile.
  4. Pinsir52

    Pinsir52 New Member

    With this "Soviet" engine, you can REALLY abuse scott. and to me the "Fishing" engine is garbage, but I've only played against it, not with it. So, IMO, playing 3 supporters per turn is better than playing Pokénavs.
  5. DarkJake

    DarkJake New Member


    Until I see otherwise, it seems people are too blind to disregard both "engines", as they're both bad (albeit 'fishing' is somewhat superior, like that matters), so I'll only point out that any answer you'll currently receive can't be trusted because as proven by Pinsir52, it is quite the partial one.
  6. aggromaster94

    aggromaster94 New Member

    Like you said: Fishing Engine for Basic, Stage 1 decks and Soviet Engine(hate the name) for stage 2 decks. It depends on the deck.
  7. holoncastform

    holoncastform New Member

    I AGREE:thumb:
  8. Pidgeotto Trainer

    Pidgeotto Trainer New Member

    Multiple Porygon2s aren't worth it. No supporters is a very bad idea.
  9. DarkJake

    DarkJake New Member

    Enigma solved: Both extremes presented, and defeated.
  10. Darkwalker

    Darkwalker New Member

    I actually built a no-supporter Claydol based fishing engine for a Dragonite Ex d deck, just to test Claydol and see if it can hold the deck together. I have to say it was pretty easy setting up multiple Stage 2 Pokemon once a Claydol hit the table. The problem with using no supporters though is you don't have that almost automatic T2 Claydol unless you play a 4-4 line (which is overkill). By dropping down to a 2-2 line and adding 4 Bebe's the deck set up rather quickly and fairly consistently. Unfortunately Draggy Ex just doesn't hit for enough damage to make it worth all the effort, in my opinion, but it's still fun to play at league and annoy people with. I haven't really started messing with the Porygon line to see what it's strengths and weaknesses are; but the obvious cons are having to load your deck up with Supporters, usually having to replenish your Supporters back into your deck, the lack of any really good utility Supporters (Mr. Briney's would be great), and being stopped by Battle Frontier along with Cessation Crystal. Porygon 2 still looks pretty amazing, you just have to find the right set up and support for it. Not to mention, you have to fit a main attacker into the deck as well.
  11. Regis_Neo

    Regis_Neo Moderator

    ,,,how is Porygon2 soviet?

    Seriously, 1-2 Porygon2 on the bench + Scott = mass findings of whatever you need. I mean, it makes perfect sense without having to give it some weird name. Play Scott (or use Download to play it), get your 2-3 Supporters, then use both the other Porygon2 and/or your own playing of a Supporter to get what you need. For example, use Scott, then Celio's to get a needed evolution, then some draw Supporter to pick up some other cards. Good candidates for this "engine" I guess would include Scott (obviously), Roseanne (serach out basic or needed energy), Celio's (for the needed evolution line), and Steven's or something for draw. Basically, run heavy Supporter lines with Scott to search them out. Nothing soviet about it imo.
  12. Chromecatz

    Chromecatz New Member

    i agree with regis, what does the soviet union have to do with porygon2?
  13. hectagonman

    hectagonman New Member

    I personally don't like either of them. The fishing engine gives no guarantee to get what you want, making it completely luck based. Soviet engine relies on you wasting countless spaces in your deck to use a few extra supporters.
  14. greenzangoose

    greenzangoose New Member

    The Soviet part has nothing to do with the cards... It's the mad scientist, the supes, that created it (or at least took credit for it.) and their team *Takes long breath* United Soviet State Pokemon Cardgame Republic *Whew* or U.S.S.P.C.R who are responsible for the name. :lol:

    Link to origonal Soviet engine thread. :biggrin:

    About the Soviet Vs. Fishing, both have their own place, I find it matters not only on the maker of the deck (Less lucky people don't like the fishing engine as much) and also the deck itself (Hard to fit the Soviet into a deck with 20 pokemon already needed in it.) But not at least thinking about each of them the next time you are going through your trainers for a deck is either lack of brain cells or lack of cards. :thumb:
  15. Dr. Mason

    Dr. Mason New Member

    I never actually expected anything to be attributed to me, I was just pointing it out. I called it that as a fun name. It caught on, surprsingly(why does no one pay attention to me when it MATTERS?) >.> but whatever.

    Meh, sounds like being picky to me though. Claydol is just as luck based as Porygon 2 or fishing engine. Welcome to Pokemon;luck IS involved.

    In fact, all draw cards ever are luck based.Heck, even Celio's is luck based. For all you know, all your pokes are prized. Emrace the Souther tradition people! "KWIT YER WHININ!"
  16. Regis_Neo

    Regis_Neo Moderator

    Uh yeah...I'm sure there were several decks out there using Porygon2 as the main draw engine, heck I had a deck list out there with Porygon2 as the main engine way before that (granted, it was a Porygon-centered deck with Z as the final evo, but yeah, still the main useage with Porygon2...).

    Seriously, the number of people out there who didn't realize Porygon2's Download and its potential is shocking. Are there that many people out there ignorant of the fact that Download is stackable, and there's nothing limiting it to one use per turn total?
  17. Prime

    Prime Content Developer<br>Blog Admin<br>Contest Host

    I don't know if you could call splashing in a 2-2 line of Porygon2 and adding in a few more supporters a new engine. The fishing engine WAS different, and the trainers for the decks that used them had to change a lot. But the "Soviet Engine" just has you put in more of the already good supporters and throw in a small 2-2 line. It's not as big of a chance, and it just seems like like splashing Porygon2 into decks. It's like when people starting putting Pidgeot in all kinds of decks. Was it a new engine? No, it was just Pidgeot splashed into a lot of decks.
  18. Ardoptres

    Ardoptres New Member

    The Soviet Engine is obviously a joke.
  19. Mob2099

    Mob2099 New Member

    IMO, the Soviet Engine is better represented as this (which I have been running in my Hurricane sine the prerelease of porygon 2):

    3 stantler
    2-2 porygon 2( maybe 3-3)
    2 scott
    3 rosannas research
    4 celio

    X oaks visits/tv reporter/felicity/mars
    X stevens advice
    X copycat/oaks research/TGW

    Stantler gets the deck set up with rosannas, and starts thinning the deck, one of the added things this engine does is thin the deck and allow you to play trainers that would actually take you 2-3 turns to play.
    Also IMO, the combo of stantler, porygon 2 and scott is whats makes the engine different then what we have had in that it brings scott back to the lime light.

    Not to steal the thunder of the name, but I like calling it the supporter engine or the download engine, just realing can't get a name for it that sticks like glue.

    As for the fishing engine with cladol, it is great in my turn 2 Magmortar deck.

    And it is real hard to compare the 2 engines when they are for 2 different types of decks.
  20. MrMeches

    MrMeches New Member

    I feel it is not which is better, but which feels more comfortable. For some, the engine I posted (won't say created as I am sure there were others using a similar style) improves Stage 1 speed and allows for alternatives in what has been a HEAVY Gardy format! The new GE style I posted makes things even more intersting!

    The Soviet Engine is splashable in many decks and doesn't alter the current style to much that it is unnatural feeling! Many are used to the ScottAway Engine and P2 just improves on that! It is nothing more than a Pidgeot for Supporters which people have longed for since RG was rotated. P2 allows Scott to be downloaded to 1.) thin the deck and 2.) allow for more search via additional Downloads or just straight out playing the Supporter!

    They are unique t oeach players that uses it as some things get tweaked here and there for style of play. It is nice that the Fishing Engine caught on and the name stuck (Since my last name is Fish) but the more thrilling things is watching people use it and fun playing again! Winning is secondary to me, though it is nice, as SOTG is more important! Enjoying my hobby and spending time with my kids is what is all about and one of the reasons I went with it. It was also the fact that these cards were cheaper to get, found in Precon decks, and most younger players had them but didn't know how to use them in a proper engine.

    There are no BEST engines, just better players. They are equal in the hands of someone that has taken the time to use them!


    ~Prof. Fish~

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