fix my amphraous deck please

Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by mpliers, Nov 30, 2003.

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  1. mpliers

    mpliers New Member

    here is my deck

    Ampharos ex X3
    Flaaffy X3(2dragon 1 christmas 1)
    Mareep X3(dragon)
    Dragonite Ex x1
    Dragonair X1(dragon)
    Dratini X1(dragon)
    Girafarig X3
    Trapinch X2(dragon bind)
    Vibrava X2(1dive,1Dragonspark)
    Flygon X2(1Airslash,1rainbowburn)
    Treecko X1(dragon)
    Grovyle X1(dragon)
    Sceptile X1(Ruby i think its the one with 109 cards in it)
    Roselia X1 (dragon)

    TV Reporter X2
    Low Pressure System X1
    Professor Birch X1
    Professor oak's Research X1
    Copycat X1
    Buffer Piece X1
    Balloon Berry X1
    Moo-Moo Milk X1

    Electric x11
    Water X1
    Grass X11
    Rainbow X1
    Multi X1
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