Flippin' Flingin' Fighters (modified)

Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by penguin_master, Mar 1, 2004.

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    Okay. This deck looks a little rough, as it should considering I built it in two hours. I used this deck in the Winter Haven CC and did very well. I went 4/1. I lost to a Gardy/ex because of a crummy draw, so I ended up with 5th in my division(I HATE tiebreak percentages!). I was very proud of how this quick deck worked. I built this with the cards at my disposel (sp?). This is subject to change when I get more cards. So on to the deck!

    4x Machop (2 exp, 2 sky)
    3x Mackoke (2 exp, 1 sky)
    3x Machamp (2 exp, 1 sky)
    3x Wynaut
    3x Wobbuffet (SS)

    2x Bill's Maintenance
    2x Desert Shaman
    1x PETM
    3x POR
    2x Master Ball
    3x Energy Search
    2x Copycat
    3x Switch
    3x Potion
    2x Mr. Briney's Compassion

    3x Rainbow
    7x Psychic
    11x Fighting

    The strategy I will break down:

    The Energy:
    The psychic do not really need a lot of energy, so they have less energy of their type.
    The fighting have more pokemon and energy requirements so there are more fighting energies.
    The rainbows are to power up Expedition Machamp, and can also be used in a pinch(Wynaut especially).

    The Pokemon:
    Machop from exp. has the opportunity to deal 40 damage, sky can switch out and has a chance to deal 20 straight off.
    Machoke from sky can hit for a solid 80 after using focus energy, exp can deal a good 50.
    The exp Machamp can re-arrange the deck, and work with rainbows to power up his attack. The skyridge Machamp combats special conditions, can switch, and can deal up to 120 damage in one helping. They both have 120 HP.
    Wobbuffet can protect from EXs and Gardy (if you get it out! grr.....), and most other Psychics. A straight 50 with a 10 backlash isn't bad either.
    Wynaut is good early-game, with his attack and power.

    The Trainers:
    Not to hard to understand. Lots of shuffling. Desert shaman really fixes those oracle-users. :) Briney takes care of a tough situation, if you need to retreat or heal. The others are pretty obvious, so...

    So there it is, help me!
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