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Discussion in 'Electronic Games' started by Ultramew, Aug 16, 2003.

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  1. Ultramew

    Ultramew New Member

    Hiya Guys,

    I've just got 2 questions about this attack.

    A) I've read somewhere that there's a combo with FocusPunch and Protect, can someone tell me what this is?

    B) Who learns it naturally??

    Thanks for your attention.
  2. TheDeuce

    TheDeuce New Member

    I don't think there is a combo between those 2 moves... but, Focus Punch and Protect are both TMs, so I assume a lot of pokémon can learn both...
  3. Spectreon

    Spectreon New Member

    Shouldnt be combo'd with Protect, but Double Team.

    Focus Punch is a highly powerfull Fighting type move. Your Pokemon will start by "tighting its focus", then your opponent goes. If your opponent doesnt score a successful hit, then you will end the turn with Focus Punch.

    This all takes place in 1 turn, so you cant start it, then Protect, then finish. The actual Strategy is to Double Team up a couple of turns, making it more difficult to be hit, that way Punch is successfull. Btw, if you are hit while waiting to use Focus Punch, your Pokemon will Flinch
  4. Ultramew

    Ultramew New Member

    Double team eh? Thanks a lot ^_^
  5. Red5bv06

    Red5bv06 <a href="

    Spore is another move combo'd with Focus Punch, on Breloom. Most special conditions can be used to help Focus Punch, but I still don't think it's worth it.
  6. Ultramew

    Ultramew New Member

    Does anyone learn focus punch naturally?!
  7. invisible

    invisible New Member

    IIRC, the slaking line learns it... and just him i think...
  8. TheDeuce

    TheDeuce New Member

    Yep, invisible's right and not even the whole Slaking line learns it. Vigoroth learns it, and only Vigoroth, level 43...
  9. Spectreon

    Spectreon New Member

    Who are you wanting FP on? I am sure a chain breed line may be possible. Not always, but alot of times it is.
  10. Tonu

    Tonu New Member

    Focus Punch is also good for S-sonic and t-wave....
  11. Canadian Bacon

    Canadian Bacon New Member

    i cant find the focus punch tm. i know it is on route 15 but where exactly?
  12. Spectreon

    Spectreon New Member

    You need to Surf up to the second beach, where Jigglypuff is. If you head north of Rustburo and Surf up, skip the first beach, stay to the left side and keep going up. There is a second beach up there, where you can explore, catch Jiggly, find TM01, and Iron, and some Kelpsy berries, aslo 2 trainers
  13. Ultramew

    Ultramew New Member

    Isn't that convenient? I was looking for a Slaking with Focus Punch ^_^ BTW, if I let a Vigoroth learn Focus Punch, can Slaking still learn slack off?
  14. TheDeuce

    TheDeuce New Member

    Slakoth gets Slack Off at lvl 13, just don't get rid of it, then make sure Vigoroth gets Focus Punch at 43
  15. Ultramew

    Ultramew New Member

    Oh dear god, I'm not thinking straight today X_X Thanks for all guys.
  16. Spectreon

    Spectreon New Member

    Worse case scenario, once you evolve into Slaking, just use a Heart Scale at the Move Tutors house. If you accidentilly removed the attack already. Note this wont work while it is still a Vigoroth.

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