Fort Wayne Regional Championships October 17/18

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  1. farbsman

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    Regionals Information Links:

    Online Registration TCG Only:

    We can only guarantee a spot to play for those who register online ahead of time; not at the venue the day of the event. We will be unable to add space the day of the event due to keeping the online schedule for streaming. We will be set up for those who have registered before 9pm on Friday Oct 16. Those who registered after that may not play due to space. Registration has been up for over a month, there is no acceptable excuse to not be registered by Friday October 16.

    Regionals TCG Info:
    Facebook event page:

    Information also available at

    League Challenge will be held on Sunday October 18 Registration 11:00am-11:45am Seating will be limited. Expanded format Cost $5

    Regionals VGC Info:

    Online Registration VGC Only:

    Facebook Event Page:

    Premier Challenge will be held on Saturday October 17 Registration 5:30-6:00pm Seating will be limited. Cost $5
  2. wanbi123

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    Will the dealers be there on Friday, or only Saturday and Sunday?
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    October was a few months ago...

    Please do not gravedig old topics.
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